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Welcome to TAMARA BRAUN ONLINE a site dedicated to Emmy Award Winning actress and activist Tamara Braun. Known for her best known roles as Ava Vitali (Days of our Lives), Reese Williams (All My Children) and Carly Corinthos/Dr. Kim Nero (General Hospital). Tamara as quite a few prime time credits to her name including Bosch, CSI, Saving Grace, Supernatural, Freddie, Castle, Without a Trace, House and including the films Little Chenier, Limbo Lounge, Fallen Arches, Pretty Rosebud. Tamara is also an activist lending her name and time to many charities and causes to create change in the world. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS POLICY. To read that please click the link.

But teacher, my dog really did …..”I used that one before, haven’t I?Some explaining here. My apologies for not having updates up for the past almost week, but I’ve had almost the entirety of the ten plagues from Egypt erupting almost simultaneously. With the water I had coming into my apartment last week from the pipe rupture in the unit above mine, to the intestinal bug I’m STILL suffering from, to my computer crashing on me last week, it’s been one hell of a few days. I’ve been working to get caught up for the episodes this week. I’ll get to the update so as not to belaver the issue….. Lots of news. I read on a couple of message boards that Tamara may have confirmed she’s leaving in April. I’m not totally sure about this, but when I find out for sure, I’ll post here. This does concur with a short-term contract of about six months, about as long as her contract on Days of our Lives ran.Reese’s mother has been cast. She’ll be played by an amazing actress named Laila Robins who’ll play Claire Williams. Ironcially, Claire was the name of the character Tamara played in the Pretender: Murder 101 episode. Laila is an accomplished Broadway actress who has been in many independent film including one called The Blood Oranges starring British actor Charles Dance. It was a really beautiful movie. If you can rent it from your local video store or from Netflix, I highly recommend it. Laila also guest starred on a very good episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit called A Single Life, playing a woman whose sister commits suicide in order to rip open the family secret that her father molested them as children. I have the episode and took the liberty of clipping up Laila’s main scenes for you to check out her work. You can find it here: L&O: SVU. Laila is also married to Robert Cuccioli, the star of the hit Frank Wildhorn/Leslie Bricusse musical Jekyll & Hyde. He played both of course. I’ll have the article listed below. My only gripe about Tamara’s short stay on AMC is that we won’t get any scenes with both Laila and Frank Runyeon with Tamara as a family. Also, we’ll never know if Reese has any siblings. I’ve also added an interview of Tamara’s to OBSCURE MEDIA that she did back in February 2008. It was a radio interview she did on Gulf Coast Radio with Walter Jay, Lou Vickery and Randy Berger. The interview was for Little Chenier and I had it up at the old OBSCURE MEDIA site and only just found it. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll have it up at the update below.I’m also in the process of moving my main files to another external drive and getting some order to my Tamara Braun files. I have so much material it’s been difficult to get it all together to get it up at both the main site and the media files up at OBSCURE MEDIA. I’m hoping to get the bulk of Tamara’s episodic television roles posted, then work on getting the rest of her ALL MY CHILDREN, DAYS OF OUR LIVES and her GENERAL HOSPITAL material up. I’ve had a few emails from visitors who’ve never seen Tamara as Carly and who are eager to see her as the former Mrs. Corinthos. I have several new articles for you to read and as usual, all the relevant scans are up in the gallery plus on the main article pages. Remember you can click on the thumbnail to bring it up larger.

4 Responses to “TAMARA OBSCURA II 01/27/2009”
  1. marcella says:

    I can't get past the thing you said about Tamara staying on AMC after April?? As much as I apprecitate her work and the character of Reese, WHY…OH WHY…IS REESE/TAMARA STAYING AFTER BIANCA/EDEN LEAVES?? It's been out there from day one that Eden is only in it for 4 months which would put her leaving sometime in Feburary? She (reese/tamara) would have no reason to stay unless they are going to go on with the Reese/Zach crap? Why would she stay after she just got married???!!!!(if it actually happens) OK…now I'm worried :crying:

  2. Tamara Obscura says:

    Marcella: So far, this is all rumor. I'm not certain this is correct information. All I know is that Tamara and Eden both signed on for the same amount of time. According to what was stated in an interview with Tamara, the length of the contract is longer than a short stay, but shorter than a long stay, BUT amenable according to the actresses' desire to tell this story. This is all contingent, I would believe, on whether both Tamara and Eden are happy with their storyline. Both Tamara and Eden said they'd be willing to stay for a longer period if needed. So if this April exit date for Tamara is correct, then one would have to assume Eden has also signed for a longer period as well and her exit would coincide with Tamara's. Don't get upset okay? My feeling is that there may be something going on behind the scenes we're not privvy to. Meaning, either this is the end of the story for Reese and Bianca and after the wedding, they'll BOTH head back to Paris with GAbby and Miranda. Or, they're both being enticed to stay longer. Until something more concrete is released, be calm. It's just I know Tamara's contract on DOOL was for six months. I really don't think four months is sufficient enough time to wrap up this storyline. I would bet that April is the date for both Tamara and Eden to leave. It's just when I saw that April exit, I just thought it was well in line with Tamara's contract with DOOL. And April would give Tamara that time to get herself geared up for pilot season. I also know that Eden has said she has her committment to Imaginary Bitches and that she and her husband want to start a family. So one never knows. But again, this is all speculation based on what I've read on other message boards and what happens in the wake of Kendall's awakening.

  3. Sandy says:

    I found a site in which has some pictures of Tamara from November 2010. If you can email me I can send you the link or I can post it here.

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