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“Ahhhh, wadda ya tryin’ to do? Be on time or something?”Told you I was caught up. Finally!I absolutely enjoyed the scenes with Zach (Thorsten Kaye) while he was watching Reese and Bianca (Eden Riegel) trying on their wedding dresses. I loved how Thorsten was interacting with Haley Evans who plays Miranda. I had to get the shots of Thorsten with the crayon in his mouth. As usual, the hype surrounding the ‘towel slip’ was built up as being something smarmy or calculated on Reese’s behalf, as if she did it on purpose to try to seduce Zach. It was really something innocent…however, Zach took a good long look at Reese. Interesting development indeed. This one is on Zach this time, not Reese. So any of those Reese haters and Zach lovers who think she’s after Zach, he didn’t look away now….did he?I’ve included some new articles for you to read. Enjoy.

13 Responses to “TAMARA OBSCURA II 01/27/2009”
  1. kathy says:

    I agree they are making far to much out of the Reese Zach thing its kinda insulting not to mention a waste of what could have been a great story line

  2. Tamara Obscura says:

    Kathy: I agree. And what\'s worse, Tamara is getting most of the blame here. And that is most insulting to me. I just don\'t understand why they couldn\'t have signed Tamara and Eden to a longer contract and given the viewers a true love story. Meaning, seeing the beginning of the relationship, or at least, filmed flashbacks to tell that story so these critics could be more invested in the story. Instead, they\'ve squandered the time by injecting Zach into this. What I want is either commit to Reese and Bianca, or commit to Reese and Zach and blow the lid off of the Kane women\'s security. But I\'m tired of seeing Tamara and therefore Reese getting crapped on because of either shoddy writing or a perceived wrong based on the so-called spoilers.

  3. cher says:

    I think you were right about Pratt doing to TB on AMC what he did on GH. If you read the brand new spoilers towards the wedding than it will prove what Pratt is doing. Again Reese will make a mistake and will have to grovel afterwards. Soon Kendall,Erica, and Bianca will hate on Reese. I don't doubt later on Zach will hate Reese for some reason. I am finding this starting to be offensive. There is no real reason to have Reese start to be confused when TB stated from the beginning and recently that Reese is a lesbian. Now Pratt is going to have TB take the brunt of hate from all sides. As a Bianca fan, I am upset that Bianca has become a supporting player the Zach/Reese stuff. I know in the end it will be Bianca/Reese but TB deserves better. TB has been clear that Reese is a strong lesbian and committed to Bianca and now Pratt has to have a male in a lesbian love story. It the so called "groundbreaking" story has all been about Zach. I trust TB but I know she cannot be happy with what Pratt is doing to her character. TB is going to again have to do some major damage control and all because of Pratt's crap.

  4. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: Funny thing is, I KNEW this is what Pratt was going to do to Tamara. This is "Wash, Rinse, Repeat" of Carly. When Carly was taken by Ric and imprisoned in the Panic Room, when she was finally returned to her family, the storyline SHOULD have been about Carly's trying to get over what happened to her. Tamara said she'd wished Carly had gone into therapy in order to deal with what she went through. Instead, the storyline was all about how it all affected Sonny. How he felt, how it reflected on him. And along with it came the requisite Carly grovelling. Tamara has stated without question who she believes Reese is. She has stated that Reese is a bonafide lesbian. The only place I disagree with you on this is Bianca becoming a supporting player to the so-called Reese/Zach stuff. Bianca will be able to ream Reese for this, and you can take that to the bank. So far it's been All Reese's Fault All The Time. She even had to be sorry for Bianca's little plan to test more Reese than Zach. The fact that Bianca was even allowed to look at Reese the way she did speaks volumes as to Reese's place in all of this. She's the Blame Bucket. Everyone can dump on her without question and that sets up the requiste grovelling once more. Reese isn't allowed her voice without it being overrun by Zach, Kendall, Erica and Bianca's. The only ones who actually care for Reese, and don't make me have to say it, are Ryan and Greenlee. They're the only ones who have given Reese any kind of purchase in this storyline. Erica can rip into Reese anytime she pleases. Zach can, Bianca can and by the looks of it, Kendall will.

  5. cher says:

    Do you think TB had a feeling Pratt would do this but still signed on to tell the Bianca and Reese love story. It is hard for me to even call it a love story since it has been about Zach in the middle of day one. Bianca's insecurities about Zach and now the Reese being confused about Zach. It must be hard for TB to have to played Reese as being confused and dealing with the Zach issue. Amazing how the only grand tension Pratt can come up with for Bianca and Reese involves a man. TB deserved far better and I hope she never works with Pratt again. He has done the character no favors. Reese should not at all be confused right now. This is becoming insulting and why I have dislike how AMC writes the Zach character. Reese appears as a strong lesbian and committed to Bianca. But, Zach is the man with some special powers that will make Reese doubt her sexuality. She never had a problem being a lesbian before but she had never met the irresitable Zach Slater. I just find it insulting for AMC to promote the idea with Reese that all a lesbian needs is the right man in her life to turn her straight. Reese turns to Zach a man for comfort and not Bianca. It is a man that Reese needs to confide in and help her. AMC and Pratt are promoting a dangerous idea to viewers who do not understand the gay community that even coming out does not mean you are really gay. It just means you are confused. That lesbians are just waiting for the right man.

  6. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: My personal feeling is that Pratt pitched this \’groundbreaking\’ storyline to Tamara and Tamara jumped at the chance to play it. She\’s always looking for challenges. Given how she feels about the Gay/Les/Bi community, she wanted to be able to tell THEIR story in a positive light. Which this story started out as being. I truly don\’t think Tamara knew that there\’s be this twist to the story. It\’s funny with her, you can tell when she\’s struggling with the story because she begins to hold back a lot. Look at how she was in the beginning with Bianca when she first came on. She was so natural with her acting. It showed she was loving the direction of what she was playing. This happened on DOOL when she signed to play Ava. Her acting in the flashbacks and with Stephen Nichols was so wonderful and natural. When they paired her with Drake Hogestyn (John Black) she was still giving it her all, but she was more restrained with how she reacted. I\’m noticing this with the whole Simon element. When Frank Runyeon came on as Forrest Williams, I noticed how really, and I know I keep using this word, natural she was with Frank. Now with this crap with the confusion and stuff with Zach, it\’s coming off as less than natural. Tamara\’s still giving it her all though. She can\’t do anything else but. My personal opinion on this is that I don\’t think Tamara knew Pratt was going to change the playing card. I think what Pratt is insinuating is not only dangerous, but setting up that catch 22 and the reason the gay/les/bi community are having such problems in gaining that foothold in the \’hetero\’ community. This confusion inside Reese, though brilliantly acted by Tamara, is not what we were promised. We were promised a loving and committed relaitonship to show the realism of lesbians in this day and age. Also making Zach be Gabby\’s bio-dad and having it be Reese to ask him also set up the wrong precedent. In the end, it\’ll all come down on Reese. Bianca, Kendall and Erica will be blameless and Zach will be forgiven because he\’s part of the uber-super coupling of Zendall, but the one who\’ll take the brunt of it all, will be Reese. This is pro forma with Pratt. I knew I shouldn\’t have trusted him. He\’s Bob Guza\’s evil twin, so that tells you about Bob Guza.

  7. cher says:

    Thank you for your responses. It always makes me feel better about this whole Bianca and Reese storyline. You are right about noticing something different with TB right now. I think both Tamara and Eden are struggling. I began to notice as you said after Simon and at the beginning of Bianca insecurity part that there was something different about TB. I hated how Pratt made Bianca into being so insecure and the entire "test" part. Bianca has always been the most trusting character on AMC and Pratt just stomps on that to make her look like a fool. That was when I begin to see TB just as you said stop being natural but more of having to do the scenes because she has no choice. I miss the spark I saw Tamara had when she and Eden were working on their story. I feel for Tamara because you are exactly right that Tamara looks like she is holding back. Hopefully soon Tamara will be excited again. I swear I smell Brian Frons hands in this Zach/Reese stuff. He always has some male tension for a Bianca story. First, Bianca is raped then she had the Maggie flip flop of wanting a man or not, also the awful transgender of Zarf/Zoe stuff, and now the Reese/Zach crap. Pratt did write great for Bianca and Reese in the beginning and it was not until the end of December and Janurary that everything went AWOL. I just find it odd as to why Pratt would seek Tamara out and suddenly do this Zach stuff to her. Make Tamara have to do damage control for her character and defend the Bianca and Reese love all the time. Honestly, I believe the storyline pitched to ER and TB was that Bianca was suppose to get close to Zach and become his confidant and Reese feels left out of the bond those two have with Gabby. Alica Minshew even talked about that storyline at Super Soap Weekend as well as Eden. There was that one episode where Reese tells Bianca of feeling jealous about the biological bond Bianca and Zach shared with Gabrielle. The storyline was suppose to be Reese not liking Zach overstepping his role in Gabrielle's life and Bianca and Zach get close.That would have been an honest story that affects lesbian couples when one is not biologically related to the child and dealing with the donor.Instead Pratt took that away from Tamara and Eden and went for the cheap route. No matter what I just love Tamara and waiting to see that joy come back in her performances as Reese.

  8. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: I'm just glad this discussion is being had. I've noticed it's very forbidden to speak your mind on message board without having to censor oneself. It's too confining. I can state without a doubt, I'm hating this storyline right now. Instead of it being about something positive, it's being turned into something sordid and has jumped so far afield of what it was supposed to be about. My feelings about Tamara and her 'changing' is because I sense this is not the story she wanted to tell. According to what I read, Tamara was at the Emmys last year with her DOOL cast mates and Pratt approached her with this idea of this groundbreaking storyline. I'm not sure if he told her exactly what it was, but she left DOOL in August and then went on vacation to London, Paris and other parts of Europe. She was actuall in London, England when both Pratt and Hanan Carruthers contacted her on the possibility of joining AMC. Apparently contracts and such were exchanged when she was in England and she was set to come back from her vacation and relocate. I think this is the thing that maddens me. She had to relocate for this. Her home is in California and Pratt gives her this?! I feel sorry too for Eden because she came back hoping Bianca would get something of her own. Meaning, a story that included her instead of it being under the table. I remember reading how really excited she was in Tamara's casting and she said, "Nothing but the best for Bianca." I was thrilled with that comment. Now it seems as if Pratt doesn't know what to do now. This 'groundbreaking' story is turning into something sordid and I'm not looking forward to Her Highness Kendall awakening to subject Reese to more abuse. What I don't get is why Pratt thought this Gabby story would be a good one. He should have known the Zendall fans would have a hernia about it, and it makes Bianca looks disingenuous in the whole suspecting Reese is having it on with Zach. So far all the spoilers have proven out to be overblown tidbits. But it's getting tiresome. I'm also tired of all the knee-jerkers on message boards who suddenly think Reese/Zach is going to happen. And you can't tell them any different. You try and you get your hand slapped rather hard. The addition of Simon just happening to stroll into Pine Valley was a little much. I could understand Forrest's arrival, but I really got angry with the fact Bianca went to him. And when he told her about Simon, I thought that wasn't something she needed to know about. What I would have loved to have seen, and from what I've been told, would have been more Bianca-like behaviour, is for her to have taken Forrest back home to talk to Reese and tell her what he really feels for her. Have Bianca be the catalyst for Reese and Forrest to form some kind of truce so that Reese could get these ghosts out of her head. Then bring in Claire and have the Williams family come to a peace with Reese. Not necessarily one big happy family, but something akin to on speaking terms. I don't know why this 'wedding' is being touted as this great big thing. This current storyline is doing nothing to quell those fears of this groundbreaking storyline actually happening. And if the things I've been reading about Tamara is true and she's leaving in April, not a lot of time to really bring this storyline to a fitting conclusion. If Frons is behind Reese/Zach, then again, it'll doom both characters because the Zendall fans will blame Reese and it'll be another time where Tamara gets the shaft in being the third party as she did with the Steve and Kayla fans with DOOL. Oh god do I remember that episode where Reese said she felt a bit jealous. It's the one that got people thinking that there was something wrong with Reese. How furtive she was around Erica. I truly do wish this was all over and Tamara was free to do other things. The longer this goes on, the more people can speculate and spread the rumors. Thing is, Bianca, Kendall, Zach and Erica will come out of this all unsoiled. Reese won't. She'll get the blame for everything and it'll all become prophecy that Reese was a bad seed. That's my greatest fear.

  9. cher says:

    I am hoping that whatever blowup is to happen right before the wedding that Bianca and Reese will be stronger for it. I am looking for Bianca to be on Reese's side after the wedding when Kendall and Erica will be hating Reese still. Even as bad as this storyline is I still feel Reese is the right one for Bianca. Pratt's need to even have Reese confused was just wrong and he has made it offensive. Both SOW and SOD as well as many other editorials online have called out AMC on this storyline for Bianca and Reese. I knew even if I feared it the most that Pratt would have Reese and Zach kiss. It is only a slight comfort that it happens before the wedding and not after. At least finally Reese will be a confident lesbian and in love truly with Bianca. Yet, Pratt has just done so much damage to the character of Reese that even with Bianca and Reese married, many will still doubt Reese and attack her on the boards. The only good thing to come out of this is a stronger and confident Reese who will stand up to Erica and Kendall. I can see a Bianca/Reese vs Erica/Kendall. It is just stunning to see why Pratt would do this to the Reese character. Reese was confident as a lesbian and in love with Bianca to suddenly become weak and confused. I felt for Tamara when she had to use the Reese has never had a close friendship with man as an excuse for Reese feeling awkward after that infamous NY eve kiss on the cheek. Never could that be really believable when Reese is suppose to be a confident and successful architect. That is a male dominated profession, Reese had to have no problems being around men and forming close friendships to become sucessful in the architect profession. It just dumbfounded me that the idea of Reese never having a close friendship with a man was used. It is just cheap to have Reese who was once confident in who she is and then because of Zach she is confused. I have never seen a story about a lesbian where she is confused as to what a close male friendship is all about. Now it is not even Reese being confused about her sexuality but confused about her feelings for Zach. Reese states in the beginning to Bianca as well as Zach that she knew she was a lesbian but lived in the closet. That is just what is most offensive with this storyline right up towards the wedding. AMC is making this confusion now no longer about sexuality but her feelings for Zach. Even with Reese still being a lesbian after this Zach stuff is done and she is with Bianca, her credibility has been damaged by Pratt. That is just sad and never had to happen in the first place. The one thing I am thankful for is that if Tamara had not come onto AMC I would have never gotten to known about her. Tamara has a new fan in me. Funny thing is that ever since the start of January. The ratings for AMC has gone downhill. My belief is that there were alot of viewers who tuned in just for the Bianca and Reese story and tuned out when the Zach stuff started. I always say Bianca and Reese is where the ratings are at.

  10. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: I am so tired of this 'hating' on Reese. I'm not a regular AMC watching and admittedly, I only came to the show because of Tamara, but from what I've gleaned neither Kendall nor Erica should be hurling stones at Reese's glass house. They're not perfect and I do not understand why there is this need to make Reese out to be this bad person. And whatever blowup will be coming, why does it have to be all Reese's fault? And if Bianca doesn't take Reese's side, then I think Pratt may have erevocably blown this 'groundbreaking' storyline completely. The thing that I don't get is why make her have these doubts about herself in the first place? I can understand the need to explore this aspect of 'coming out', but not like this. Pratt has more or less made Reese the whipping girl for all that is wrong with the coming out process. All that work Tamara has put into her character is kind of been muted by Pratt's continual strumming of the 'is she, isn't she' ish. And it's no wonder Reese/Tamara is getting a drubbing on these message boards. The blame lies squarely with Pratt. I agree totally about this confusion being less about the reality of sexuality. But I sometimes don't think Pratt remembers what he writes from one day to the next. We already had that issue addressed when Simon waltzed into town. I would have thought it would have all been cleared up in order for all that 'stuff' to be out of the way for this groundbreaking wedding. Instead, we have this threat to the Zendall fanbase who isn't liking Reese for coming in between their 'golden' couple and it's not boding well for Tamara. Like you said, there is this saftey net built into Bianca, but it doesn't cover Reese. And all of this will fall to Reese. She'll be blamed for it all and if anything does happen with Zach, it'll all be put on her. That's what I meant when I said what I did about Reese being the one to ask Zach for the sperm. I'm even wondering if this wedding will happen. The long-term spoilers I've read are that a wedding will happen. Now with the knowledge that Rebecca Budig is leaving, everyone is assuming it'll be Reese and Bianca that will marry. What if this blow up in the Kane/Slater home is the thing that will denote that there will be no wedding between Reese and Bianca, but between Ryan and Greenlee? Because I seriously doubt they can wrap up Reese and Bianca's storyline much before May sweeps, let alone late February. There's not much time left on Tamara and Eden's contracts and I doubt with the scheduled leaving of Rebecca, that they're going to dare lose Tamara and Eden so shortly afterwards. That's the reason I think this April exit for Tamara is setting up for their story to come to an end by May sweeps. Just my speculation.

  11. cher says:

    What is your take on this SUDS REPORT RUMOR by Nelson

  12. Cher says:

    Actually, the Bianca and Reese wedding and marriage has been confirmed by Brides.com interview and article. I can send you a link to it if you like.

  13. Patty says:

    I love Tamara Braun. I want Reese/Bianca to have their happily ever after with their family, but from what I've been reading on the Internet is that Tamara will be staying longing and TPTB are bending over backwards for ther to sign a long term contract. Does this mean that Reese will become bisexual and stay on to have a romance with Zach? This is all so confusing, because I'm going by what Tamara has said that she signed on to do a same sex couple who get married and raise a family together. I'm not seeing that on my screen. Why was it necessary for Pratt to go in this direction with Reese having romantic feelings for Zach, which means she could very well be bisexual. Is Tamara really going to stay on AMC long term and go from being a Lesbian to bisexual? Darn, I won't Reese/Bianca to go back to Paris together when it's time for them to leave not Bianca leaving Reese behind after they have married. What kind of same sex marriage and family is Pratt trying to tell here?

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