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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: August 09, 2011
There is a post over at the SoapCentral board, a poll actually, asking who you would like to see Tamara return to GENERAL HOSPITAL as. So far Carly is winning, though the anti-Tamara forces are winning…slightly. It also seems any positive thread about Tamara is deleted in support to LW and her verison of Carly. If you have an account there, please go to the link I’ll supply and vote for our girl for as long as the post remains up. If you want to post something positive about Tamara, please do. Be courteous and explain why Tamara is needed back on the show. It can only help.

ETA: 08/10/2011 – Well, it appears the thread was again deleted. As I said anything in any way positive toward Tamara on SoapCentral seems to find itself deleted. Bank on it, if another appears, it too will be deleted.


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  1. Ce'Ron, 9 August, 2011:

    I voted and commented. Tamara will be back soon!

  2. tamara obscura, 9 August, 2011:


    Thanks for supporting our girl. And that ‘back soon’….. Do you have some inside information you’d be willing to share?


  3. Scott, 18 August, 2011:

    If Tamara goes back to GH, she should be a new person. Laura is Carly now, and has gained herself the rights to the role over anyone else.

    Tamara won’t be back as Carly. Laura Wright has certified herself as Carly, especially under 2013. There’s no Tamara returning as Carly.

    I don’t see Tamara returning to GH in any incarnation.

  4. tamara obscura, 18 August, 2011:


    I’m sorry you think this way. I’m about to speak some truths that will seem harsh, but I can tell you from the many message boards I visit or post to no one but Laura Wright’s very small fanbase and those she brought with her from GUIDING LIGHT love her. There are some very crass nicknames Wright has received from these message boards due to the way she ‘portrays’ her version of Carly…that bears no resemblance to the one originated by Sarah Brown, and continued by both Tamara Braun and Jennifer Bransford. And in no way has Wright ‘certified’ herself as Carly. No actor or actress are a sacred cow on any soap opera. Just ask Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott from The Young and the Restless about that one. Or how about Maura West who was just let go on Y&R as Diane Jenkins. I could also mention Crystal Chappel who plays Carly on Tamara’s current gig DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Chappel has been off and on that show for a good 20 years and has an Emmy to her name, yet she like Tamara has been let go. Wright has been playing PodCarly for about six years now, and in that time she’s done more damage to the part than any recast I’ve seen on any show.

    My reasons for not liking Wright is due to her sense of what acting is and what a recast is compared to what it’s supposed to be. When Tamara came in to play Carly in 2001, she had long brown hair that she was asked if she’d cut and bleach to match Sarah’s look. Tamara did that. that’s what any good actor or actress does when becoming a character. Actress Jenette Goldstein played the part of PFC Vasquez in director James Cameron’s Sci-Fi film ALIENS. Vasquez was an Hispanic character. Goldstein had long red hair down to her waist and blue eyes. When she auditioned and subsequently was awarded the part, she cut her long hair to an almost buzz cut and donned brown contacts in order to look the part she was being asked to play. She also began a rigorous work out regime in order to put on a certain bit of muscle mass to look the way Cameron wished the character to be.

    In order to play the part of Bridget Jones, actress Renee Zellweger gained weight to look like the titular character from the book BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY. Nicole Kidman had to undergo two hours of prostetics in order to resemble writer Virginia Woolf for her Oscar Winning film THE HOURS. For her role as the Cajun Marie-Louse LeBauve in LITTLE CHENIER, Tamara dyed her hair to become that character.

    The reason for the above? Simple….Laura Wright has done nothing to make the character in any way likeable. She has to be the most one-note actress I’ve ever seen. There’s no difference between Cassie Layne or Cassie Layne, er Carly. She did nothing to make herself look like Carly. The one line I always remember is this from Luke when he went to get Carly to get out of town way back in 1996: “I’m not going to kill you little girl. You have your mother’s eyes.” When last I looked, Bobbie has brown eyes. I should avail you of something Wright said when she first came in to play the part: “I’m going to be playing my Carly closer to the original.” Ergo, she has negated the entire four year run of Tamara Braun. When Tamara Braun came in to play the part, she took every single aspect of Sarah Brown’s five year run into her version…as any good actress does. Wright even had this to say, “I’m not going to wear brown contacts because my Carly is a different Carly….” Prophetic words were never spoken.

    Lastly, I’m going to avail you of a post over on Wright’s IMDB board by someone who watched her on GL for her entire eight year run. I should say, his words have come to pass: Thank You Laura Wright for KILLING My Favourite TV Show.


  5. Deb W, 18 August, 2011:

    It’s too bad your comments are always being deleted. Surely someone wants to undermine Tamara’s reputation, though I don’t understand why–she seems like a very lovely person. Anyhoo…to the comment about Tamara shouldn’t return as Carly: I don’t feel Laura Wright has done much of anything to really flesh out the character like Tamara did. There’s no depth anymore, no real thought behind her approach to such a complicated young woman. She just seems to grimace and stomp, pout and shriek her way through her lines. Tamara at least did her best to give Carly some shades other than a mixed-up trampy gold digger hellbent on getting into trouble with anyone who crossed her. Carly became a woman with layers and reasons for her actions–albeit not always sensible, but you knew why she did what she did. I wouldn’t miss Laura Wright as -‘sort of Carly but not quite’. Bring on Tamara anyday. 🙂

  6. tamara obscura, 19 August, 2011:


    I really don’t think it has anything to do with undermining Tamara’s reputation, rather, I think it has more to do with maintaining Laura Wright’s status. There are a few sites out there that provide spoilers and other things that favour Wright to Tamara. It all has to do with who kisses which butt the best.

    As for what you said about Tamara fleshing out the character more, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with what you said about Wright’s inability to really understand that she’s playing Carly without Tamara’s four years of growth. There are a whole host of colourful monikkers Wright has acquired from various message boards due to her ‘acting choices’. Tamara gave Carly heart and a human/humane side that has been missing since Wright took over from Jennifer Bransford. Jennifer had the right mix of vulnerability and grace to being Carly into a different space than Wright’s one-note characterization. There is nothing recognizable about Carly and the only way I believe Garin Wolf is going to bring back the real Carly is to bring back Tamara….but then I’m partial.


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