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I’m going to start a weekly thing in The Picture of the Week in which I’ll post a picture from the gallery and anyone who wants to discuss it can. I’ll do it on every Sunday, but I’ll post the picture I am tonight and then choose one for next week on Sunday. Okay for this week I’m choosing this one:

Tamara Braun and Thorsten Kaye from the ABC soap opera ALL MY CHILDREN. Braun played the part of Reese Williams and Kaye the part of Zach Slater. This image is from 12/09/2008 in which Reese tried to comfort Zach during the time his wife, Kendall (Alicia Minshew) was in a coma after a freak storm swept through Pine Valley.
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The photo above is from 12/09/2008 where Reese tried to comfort Zach after the freak storm that swept through Pine Valley leaving Kendall (Alicia Minshew) in a coma and fighting for her life.

For me I’d have to say it’s the sense of parity between both Tamara and Thorsten. I loved their chemistry. I know the chemistry was supposed to be between Reese and Bianca (Eden Riegel) but I just adored the way both Tamara and Thorsten just keyed into each others rhythms. I also loved that Tamara was acting with someone who was her equal. I came to love Thorsten through his scenes with Tamara. So feel free to comment.

I also know the site has been down for most of the day. Apparently my host has been performing maintenance on their servers and it was necessary to deactivate those sites on those servers. Everything is back up and running. Thank the gods for that.

2 Responses to “Picture of the Week – Week 1”
  1. cindy says:

    Makes me really miss amc, miss what the character of Reese brought to the show. And of coarse seeing a fantastic actress like Tamara on my screen. 🙂

    • tamara obscura says:


      Yeah, I agree with you. I really don’t think the producers or writers (eh, em Charles Pratt Jr.) knew what to actually do with Reese and Bianca. I think they thought they knew, but I don’t think they actually knew the ramifications of what the significance of that storyline was going to be. While I loved the chemistry between Tamara and Thorsten, I really wish instead of the ‘soapy’ nature of the storyline, they’d just straight told it. I also agree, I really miss Tamara on a regular basis a la a soap every day. I think we get greedy.

      Thanks for your great comment.


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