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It was a difficult decision I grappled with when I decided to write this post. You might have noticed that updates of screencaps have been a little sporadic, if not lacking and I truly have to apologize for that lapse. The reason is because I’m really having a difficult time with Tamara’s return to DAYS OF OUR LIVES in her Emmy Winning role of Ava Vitali. That difficulty has been not with Tamara’s work, but with the story line in general. When word came last July that Tamara was coming back to the show, I was so overjoyed. Considering what happened to me earlier in the year, the death of my mother, being able to see Tamara again was that salve I needed for a wounded soul. So like I know most of you I waited patiently for her December return date. I admit I was a little dismayed at the lack of press for her return. There was once a time when a big return like this would get the full court press and all the remaining soap publications would feature a return article. There was one major interview in SOAP OPERA DIGEST, but for the most part they all have been pretty thin in terms of any excitement. Certainly with the waning interest in soap operas in general, one would have hoped that there would be some modicum of interest given how much Tamara is respected within that community, or that her Emmy win would be reason enough to warrant a few articles instead of just one major one. But then comes this article on Daytime Confidential‘s website about DAYS being told to shut down writing until a deal can be reached.

Days of Our Lives writers, put down your pens, er, keyboards. I’ve learned the team led by Josh Griffith and Dena Higley has been told to stop writing until a new deal is reached between NBC, Sony and Corday Productions. The 50-year-old sudser has been written through September 2016.

Last month, NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt and Entertainment President Jennifer Salke told TVLine they were happy with the soap ahead of starting negotiations this month to keep DAYS on the Peacock network. Here’s hoping a new pact can be reached soon.

Despite the positive hope for renewal there is little to be hopeful for from the message boards I’ve visited and or post(ed) to daily. Some are saying the show is done, and I really can’t say I care. With the exception of the actors, stage hands, and other crew who would be out of work, I have to say with the absolute unoriginality of the current stories as well as the lack of coherency of many of the characters and their motivations, most acting out of character I’m not surprised.

I belonged to the Soapcentral message board until today. After five days of debating whether Ava raped Steve (Stephen Nichols), I’m left with a profound state of ennui. Yes they’re calling it rape. Apparently according to many of the posters most of them Steve and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) fans, they believe that Ava raped Steve. This fills me with both anger and something akin to confusion as to what direction Ava’s return was to go in. Given her previous run as Ava (February 8 2008 – August 04 2008) I was hoping for something for Tamara that would push Ava into a bit of human conflict in who she’d be this time around. With Tamara’s run as Taylor in 2011 and how much that story line fizzled with unfulfilled promises and again from 2008, I had hoped the powers that be at DAYS, NBC and Sony would have realized the gold they have in Tamara and the possibility of an Ava and Steve pairing enough to dare to break up the iconic Steve and Kayla in order to bring together two amazing talents who’d be capable of shaking the show up. Instead was I was given was a sham yet again and a huge sense of disappointment at the end of today’s episode. The utter lack of concern from Steve for Ava and the devastation Ava felt at finding out their son was dead. While Tamara killed it, as she always does, I felt a break in me that has left me feeling very disillusioned.

I said that I belonged to Soapcentral up until today. Well the reason is because apparently for some reason of which I’m totally shocked at, I was banned until May.


As you can see it was for “poster bashing, baiting and fighting”. It was with a rabid fan of Steve and Kayla who seemed to believe that Ava was nothing more than a crazy, repulsive, and unstable bitch. Apparently the brainwashing of the writers worked like a charm. Everyone is believing it. This one poster as well as many others on that board sincerely believe that what happened between Steve and Ava was rape. When I tried to counter that it was what I term hate sex, I was summarily told that it was rape and that if I didn’t believe it, there was something wrong with me. However, when I told them that I myself had been raped, they seemed to think that what I had to offer wasn’t relevant. When others braved the many to say they didn’t believe it was rape either, they were shouted down by the pitchfork carrying villagers who don’t want to listen to reason. They just want their way. End of story. A poll that was taken on the site was quite shocking in light of Steve telling Ava it “was just sex”.


As you can see 67% believed what happened on screen was rape. This is coupled with the many posts starting back in December shortly after Tamara’s return that Ava was looking to bed Joey (James Lastovic). After the New Year’s Eve episode and the one where Ava was being playful with Joey to the episode where Joey was forceful and kissed Ava, the call was that Ava was a rapist and a pedophile even before a kiss was seen. They’d already made up their minds that Ava was something of a monster, who according to many was way worse than anything seen on this show. When I cited Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) and even Victor (John Aniston) I was told it wasn’t the same. See it seems like everyone else on this show are paragons of virtue, but Ava is somehow this debauched and disgusting wretch of a thing undeserving of any care or compassion even after finding out her child was dead. The collective cheer went up when Steve turned and left Ava crumpled on the floor crying over the photo of their child. I find this very disturbing because again they’ve been told to feel this way by the characters engaged in the story and by the silence from DAYS and the writers and producers. Usually after a bomb like this is dropped they usually come out with some kind of an explanation of what we just saw, but there’s been nothing. When I tweeted @Greg Meng, @Dena Higley, @DaysOfOurLives, @NBCDays and @OfficialNichols about needing some clarification on what happened and what they’re terming it, I got nothing. This made me make a follow up:

I know I’m done the moment Tamara’s last scene airs. I have my Stephen Nichols site that I’ve been posting daily screencaps to, but I’m really considering mothballing that site. After today’s episode I just can’t say I like the character of Steve Johnson anymore. It seems that it’s perfectly fine for Steve to have the revulsion and hate for Ava, however, when I pointed out on Soapcentral that I felt Steve’s aggression towards Ava was a bit alarming in how he would grab her, shake her, and was quite abusive to her, that was ignored. One person told me that Ava deserved it. Deserved all that? How? It also seems that her father’s actions are being excused as if it’s okay for Martino (Joe Penny) to have kept Ava drugged up. And this leads me to think about how repetitive the writing has been.

I had hoped for some progression in Ava’s character. Considering where she was when she left Salem back in August 2008, there was a lot of speculation as to where she might be now. I had posited that perhaps she might have had a child and that I thought it would be interesting if DAYS tore a few pages from GENERAL HOSPITAL‘s playbook. What I said was that I was hoping Ava had been pregnant by Steve either back when they were together while Steve had amnesia, or she became pregnant due to the scenes at Ava’s house when she held everyone hostage. I posited I thought it would be interesting if Joey was the Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) and Ava’s son would be the Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) in the story. I said that I would love to see Ava as mama bear and she and Steve would perhaps bury the hatchet and find some sort of middle ground so he could get to know his son. I was told that the only children Steve should have are those with Kayla. It’s as if these two characters are protected by this force field where nothing can come into it and nothing will tear it asunder. I was also told that nothing could come between “Patch” and his “Sweetness” because this was a golden couple, an iconic supercouple that will not be broken up. It was as if I was some child who needed scolding. I was told that Ava should have come back for John (Drake Hogestyn) since that’s who she was with when she left. When I tried to explain that according to both Tamara and Stephen Nichols in the article The Dynamic Effect (scans can be found here THE DYNAMIC EFFECT in the gallery) it had been premature to move Ava onto John and away from Steve. I said I felt that what was happening this time around the writers were trying to finish the story they couldn’t tell the first time around. But the only comments I received were that they should never have brought Ava back to begin with, as if they had the right to make that call. Apparently it doesn’t matter that Tamara has her own fans who have been following her since her GENERAL HOSPITAL days, we are somehow aberrations. Posts praising Tamara’s work and general appreciation threads are deleted and or purged within hours of them being posted. And I have no idea why. Some have said they admire Tamara’s work, but still continue to state that Ava wasn’t needed and that the character either needs to die now or just go away and never come back. It’s really perplexing and disturbing.

I have to say this, Tamara once said that soap opera viewers are smart and intelligent. I have to say that some are. The ones who actually get it. However, I have to say from my experience from posting with some of those fans I can truly state it’s not true. While I do understand the escapist element of these shows is both enticing and at times compelling, the overall story telling has gone in the crapper. Ava’s return could have been more considering Tamara’s profile within that community, but I have a feeling they (NBC, DAYS, et al) just wanted our viewership and not our trust. Trust they’d give her a good story and not resort to doing what ALL MY CHILDREN and DAYS itself did in 2008 and 2011 with giving us worthless lip service. There was a time an actress like Tamara would generate huge press and story potential. Now it’s just a series of scenes with no connective sinew to carry it. We have vignettes, not a fitting arc that can be considered in any way fulfilling. I’ve been reading for a while that the soap genre has to change or die on the vine. That is to say that Ava’s return could have marked a shift in the what is known as the “classic” soap opera paradigm. As I said before, why not have had Ava return and she and Steve find some sort of peace and have Kayla still reticent to reunite? With all the bitchiness Kayla showed Steve when he returned to find Bo (Peter Reckell) she was pretty much cold to him, until he brought Bo home to Salem. It’s as if in one instant all had been forgiven and suddenly Kayla was back to sleeping with him and then offering up a key to the new home all without even giving us a fitting reunion. It was too easy, but the agenda I feel was to assuage the Steve and Kayla fans to let them know “it’s okay kids, we know you want Mom and Dad back together again so we won’t make you wait.” But since Tamara’s return we’ve been told constantly that Ava is unstable, a bitch, crazy, delusional and the last one now a rapist and the coup de grace, a pedophile. The brainwashing has taken hold because all those monikers have been acknowledged and accepted as if like mind controlled idiots, they can go off and spread the word. And most have. I’ve seen at least three or four of them on different message boards posting the same things as Steve, Kayla, Joey, Roman, John, Marlena, et al have said about her. It’s like a huge psychological experiment going awry. The pedophile and rapist monikker is the hardest to take because no where in the story did we see Ava act in any way inappropriate with Joey, yet here it is. And that was without provocation from the story. It was all self generated and propelled.

It’s been reported that Robert Wilson who plays Ben and Daniel Cosgrove who played Aiden Jennings are on their way back, the former to likely wrap up Kate Mansi’s (Abigail Devereaux) story. There is a huge fan response in they can’t wait to have these two back. However, they cannot wait for Tamara/Ava to be gone, in fact, no one wanted Tamara back to begin with as Ava, but rather Taylor. When you try to explain to them that Taylor was ill received even with Natalia Livingston playing her, they don’t care. They wanted Taylor because Taylor was safe…and EJ DiMera (James Scott) is nowhere to be seen but bet you if Sami (Allison Sweeney) and EJ were still there, their fans would be gunning for Taylor. But the amount of vitriol aimed at this decision for whatever reason has reached an astronomical level to the point that the common mantra is “get her off of my screen”, as if everything is generated solely to please them inside their little safe snow globe world. Cue the angels ringing their bells.

I hadn’t meant for this post to become as long as it’s become or to be a treatise on human behaviour, but it had to be said. I know the existence of these fansites is to be one of fun and to celebrate our love (and as webmaster) create a space for the fans of the subject to come and find resources you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise in a consolidated place. But conversely I think these fansites can be a place of transformation and change. I’m not sure how to remedy this injustice that has been done to Tamara yet a third time. Had the writers of DAYS the first time out not had Ava responsible for the death of Papa Shawn Brady (Frank Parker) I don’t think the vitriol would be quite so bad, but since the decision was made to make Ava responsible for that, no matter if the writing says it was her father keeping her drugged up, or having her find out her son is dead, there is no redemption for her. The amount of apathy I read on these message boards for Ava’s loss was stunning. With views ranging from “I don’t care her baby’s dead” to “Good, we don’t need a Vitali spawn on our screens… the one we have is worse enough” I feel the fault falls solely in the poisoned pens of the writers who have forced this down our throats and made this happen. Due to them the transference of hate for Ava due to the shoddy writing has now been put squarely on Tamara Braun by the viewers who want their “safe” place to go. However, Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) outright assassination of Stefano DiMera has been received better in the comments of “she was only defending her family and avenging the death of Bo.” Stefano was sitting in a wheelchair and was infirm, yet what Ava has done is somehow worse? Then having Rafe (Galen Gehring) package up the old man into a bag and carting him off to a building slated to be destroyed…. I don’t know what to say about that except I feel it was too much. But the discussion is all about what crimes and multitude of sins Ava has perpetrated, either perceived or imagined hence the pedophile and rapist comments.

So in closing I’m not sure what to do with all of this confusion and I have to say disgust I feel for this show. I know TAMARA OBSCURA will be here to continue following Tamara into whatever endeavour she puts her huge heart to. That won’t change but if anyone has any suggestions as to what and where to perhaps channel this, this, injustice then please leave them in the comments section. Thanks to you, my visitors and fellow Tamara Braun fans for reading this. I hope we can support our girl and to let her know we value her contribution in anything she does. In closing I wanted to let you know I’m working on a couple of videos I plan on uploading to my Youtube channel. I’ll let you know when those are done so you can see them. One has to do with what the perception of rape is, and the other I’m still working on a theme. I’ll post the links to those when I’m done. And you’ll be able to hear what I sound like. Yeah, that’s a huge moment in your day I know. So for now, take care and be safe. Let’s continue showing our love for Tamara and give her all the positive thoughts we can. Thanks for reading.

11 Responses to “Commentary :: Disheartened & Dismayed”
  1. Pam says:

    I Love this commentary. I was wondering where the caps were I’m waiting on them.

    • tamara obscura says:


      Thank you for your compliment. It makes me feel that I didn’t waste my time with doing it.

      As for the screencaps. I’ll have those up hopefully either later today or tomorrow. I won’t be able to get them up on Thursday, I have a date with my partner to go see the advanced screening of Deadpool and I’ve been waiting for this since last year. So if I don’t get them up tomorrow, it’ll likely be Friday with all this week’s caps. So please hold on. They’ll be up soon.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. CeRon says:

    I was waiting to read your commentary. I have been back and forth with this story. It has truly been difficult to watch live, I actively look for spoilers daily to see if Tamara/Ava will be on, otherwise I do not watch the show, because I’m not interested. There has been zero growth from characters I saw back in 2008, just new faces for some. I’m not sure what’s been going on but the entire “rape” conversation just baffles me. I’m truly sorry to hear of your ordeal Dianne, and I just don’t think that what occurred between Ava and Steve was rape. Was Steve blackmailed? Yes, but as Ava said, he was virile enough to participate willingly. Steve is supposed to be this private investigator type person, yet, his only way to find his wife is to sleep with a female. Please, he wanted to sleep with Ava. I just don’t believe what the writers are shoveling. I do thankfully see some positive remarks toward Tamara on Twitter and some people will reply to my Facebook remarks with positivity toward Ava, but its far too few. I don’t really understand why Ava is still running after Steve, why she seems like she is still being drugged, why she appears to have money and power at her disposal and she went through a mess just to find out that her child died of pneumonia as a baby. Why she has this fabulous wardrobe and it has been wasted on Steve and not that doctor she went to the Basic Black launch with. It just makes me so angry, because though I LOVE seeing Tamara, I feel like my time has been wasted. At this point, I think Kayla and Steve are a waste, an incredibly boring waste, who needed an antagonist so “evil” to make their sugary love interesting. What is apparent in my viewing is Steve’s pathetic sorriness. He has no job, no focus, and all he just wants is to marry Kayla. Yet what he does have is an abusive temper. He has abused Ava continuously. The choking is just too much for me. He keeps putting his hands on a woman, oh but she deserved it, and that is why women put up with the mess they do unfortunately.

    Tamara’s craft and her Emmy win has been so disrespected. That statement could be seen as biased for someone such as myself, since I politely argue otherwise with people on Twitter and Tumblr when they say Kerry Washington is being disrespected when her character Olivia Pope is NOT written to sleep, mope, and run after the President every episode.

    Soapcentral is a ridiculous place. The moderators are senile and most of the posters are worse. They can’t have an articulate, adult conversation to save their lives.

    I will continue to watch until Tamara leaves to support her and I will continue to be a sounding board positively for Ava on social media.

    • tamara obscura says:


      Thank you ever so much for your insightful comment. And I agree with all of it. The fact that no one has moved on since 2008 is a huge blazing beacon to say that either the writers are all written out, or that something is inherently wrong with the show and it needs a severe overhaul. The thing that I kept pointing out to those asshats Steve & Kayla fans on Soapcentral when they kept saying that “Ava needs to be with John” or “Don’t put her with Steve….” Thing is, Ava should never have been with John to begin with. As both Stephen and Tamara pointed out in the article I linked in my commentary:

      What do you think will happen with this trio moving forward?

      STEPHEN: “Quite often, in soaps, the way story is told, there’s an arc and once it’s over, it drops off. Then some of the characters are no longer involved with one another. In this case, Ava is redeemed very quickly and she is going to go here and there in Salem with no real contact with Patch and Kayla. I think it’s a missed opportunity. The aftermath isn’t dealt with. Ava goes off on her merry way and gets involved with some other characters.”

      TAMARA: “What’s going on rather quickly and abruptly for the character is I feel it hasn’t been wrapped with Ava. I mean, how can something that affects someone so much for so long just be wrapped up? There are no more drugs in her system, so now you have to be able to deal with the fall-out from that or whether she deals with it by moving on to somebody else to suppress her feelings her feelings remains to be seen. But that connection is still there with Patch. You know when people go, ‘I’m over it. I’m fine.’ But, you know they are lying?”

      Moving Ava away from Steve and Kayla I feel was a way to placate those rabid fans who were writing in and telling the powers that be to stop this, then they got their knickers in a bunch because Steve and Kayla weren’t on as much. You can’t remove an element of their story without consequences, because after that all Steve and Kayla became were what I call parental units to their kids’ stories. And that’s what happened. Steve and Kayla were servicing Stephanie’s story and not propelling their own. And taking Ava out of that story meant they had no story. I hated that they moved Ava/Tamara into that ridiculous RoboJohn story. Talk about insulting and dishonest. But that this was the only thing they could have done to bring Ava back?!!!!!

      As for what happened to me, I guess it’s what could be called a learning curve. It was tough, but what’s tougher is hearing people refer to a “rape” when clearly it was something else. That Steve and Kayla fans are knocking themselves out to call this rape is a great disservice to those of us who have been raped and or sexually abused. Thing that gets me is they don’t understand that. They just want to have their own agenda and that is to make Ava out to be the most horrible person on the planet and to beat the drum home that Tamara wasn’t needed back on the show despite her Emmy win for the role.

      Ava saying that Steve was virile enough to do the deed. You just know that those “rape” sayers are going to say, “Well, it’s natural for the body to climax because our bodies don’t know if it’s rape or sex.” Thing is I did when I was raped, that’s the confusing part of rape unfortunately. However, the difference here is that Steve didn’t seem to think his life or Kayla’s was in that much danger if he continued to sit in bed beside Ava when she made the call to Joey. And the fact that while still in Salem, he offered to leave Kayla and Joey and be with Ava if she told him where Kayla was. That’s almost like an indecent proposal and more or less told Ava he was more than willing. So saying it was rape when he gave his consent in that moment is a bit disingenuous.

      My take on Ava’s behaviour is this. When I look back on the wedding day with Steve, she looked like a little girl. When she was relating to Martino, her father, that little girl was there. The day Martino was shot by Bo and when they took his body out Ava looked like a little girl. I have a feeling this might be the reason she wants Steve. I think she loves deeply and forever. The relationship with Steve was the most significant male relationship she’s had outside of her father. Sure there was Eddie and Angelo, but for the most part Steve is her all perfect love that was shattered when he ran out of the chapel on their wedding day. So my feeling is that I don’t think Ava knows she doesn’t need Steve, but loves him almost unconditionally.

      As for what you said about Steve and Kayla’s “saccharine” relationship, ditto on that. For me it has to do with changing up the current model. I think these old time “supercouples” have grown tired. I think they need to do something to keep these stories fresh. Bringing Ava back as a valid paramour of Steve’s affections would have been the better play in terms of keeping Steve and Kayla relevant. They made it too easy for them to reunite. There again is the stupidity of this story line. What was the reason Ava helped Joey get them back together again?

      It is so amazing that no one wants to talk about the escalation of Steve’s violence toward Ava. When it’s mentioned they either soft peddle it or ignore it completely. All they want to see is Ava’s supposed litany of crimes, as if she’s committed more off screen.

      I take it the show you’re referencing is “Scandal”? I’m sorry I don’t have a frame of reference as I don’t watch the show. I’m a “Homeland” girl myself.

      May I give you a standing ovation with what you said about Soapcentral? And yes, I’ll continue to watch as long as Tamara is on. I will quit watching when she leaves, despite the fact that I have the Stephen Nichols site. Right now I’m not sure what to do with it. And yes, we need to continue to voice our thoughts about how Tamara has been disrespected all three times she’s been on this show, and to continue to support Ava no matter what.

      Thanks for your great comments.


  3. Pam says:

    This is one of my favorite sites along with Stephen Nichols Renegade. Wish there was a site like this for Michael Easton.

    • tamara obscura says:


      Thanks for your lovely comments, and thank you for visiting my Stephen Nichols site. As for Michael Easton, I’d build one for him if I really was a fan. I have many sites I run and can’t see to open another. Right now I’m trying to get one together for actor Charlie Cox who plays Matt Murdock/Daredevil on the Netflix show “Daredevil”. With starting up my Youtube channel and getting content up on there and film/tv review site I’m planning, I just don’t have the time.

      By the way, are you BiancaReese on Soapcentral?


  4. Pam says:

    No I”m not my username on soap central is MEPRINCESS. Love these sites wish u were a Michael Easton Fan at least I would have somewhere where I could actually get caps and all. Theres No caps around. Thank you Dianne

    My favorite actors /actresses are Michael Easton, Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Tamara, Maurice Benard and Shemar Moore lol

  5. Jaime says:

    Stephen Nichols created a unique character on Daytime. Unlike most his is not the typical stereotype. Yet the writers and a small band who claim to be fans only promote MBE right now its at a point where they actually trash Steve Johnson and his fans. I am becoming so disenchanted at the sheer hypocrisy of this group.

    • tamara obscura says:


      Thank you for stopping by and for leaving your comment. I have to say I agree totally. Stephen’s characters have always been unique and apart from many of the other typical characters on soap operas. That’s the reason he made me a fan. And I completely agree with what you said about how these fans claiming to love Stephen, yet universally have said how they’re so delighted to know that Kayla is away from Steve and that Steve has to grovel to even be in the same space as “Sweetness”. I’ve seen it on many message boards where they want to “make Steve over”, have him change those unique qualities about Steve that have made him so iconic in the long hair, the leather jacket, jeans… heck they’re even saying they want the eyepatch gone. I wish I’d print screened the nasty and disgusting comments being made about Tamara on Twitter. Most of them when being called out by a couple of my Twitter friends, denied it and deleted their tweets.

      I don’t hate Mary Beth Evans, but I certainly do not think she was deserving of that Emmy. Unlike Tamara MBE has a select group of “go to” cliches in her acting. Certainly not as complex or as deep as Stephen and Tamara’s. Universally I have to say that I’m beginning to dislike Mary Beth because of the favouritism being shown her to the detriment of Stephen and certainly Tamara. As I’ve said before when asked why on my Stephen Nichols site I don’t have anything dedicated to Mary Beth, I’m a fan of Stephen and Tamara’s. I have two sites, one for Stephen the other for Tamara. I have never really liked Mary Beth and this does go back to the Steve and Kayla heyday and when they were Stefan and Katherine on GH. Even on there I wanted Stefan and Tamara’s Carly together. When I found out back in 2008 that Tamara was coming on DOOL as Ava Vitali and she would be paired with Stephen, I thought I’d about died and went to heaven. When I heard she was coming back this time around, I was delighted and considering that Steve and Kayla were apart and divorced, I’d hoped that they would finally, perhaps go with Steve and Ava as a real possibility. Unfortunately they retconned Ava back to before she got off the drugs and made her a liar and a nutcase again. Then made Tamara a target for all the nutbar MBE fans who believed that Kayla’s life was in danger because of Ava…concocting this crap now about this possible tumor being a result of what Ava did. Yet no one talks about the fact that Kayla, as usual, barged into Ava’s room issuing ultimatums and threatening all kinds of crap….. Then that freak Joey kills Ava and somehow it’s Steve’s fault? Unbelievable.

      Thanks for stopping by Jaime. Glad to have heard what you had to say.


  6. Jaime says:

    I appreciate your replying. While I do not hate MBE, I have always felt Stephen had created a more unique character. Kayla was the girl next door, now a stereotype of a professional who feels she should be always in control. I feel like Kayla has treated Steve since return 2 more as a child than respect for a man. She wants to make all decisions, emasculate him, turn him into the little house husband and if her rebels send him away. She sought out a replacement aptly in a man who works for her and thus she remains the boss. However, this so called aged Kayla seems to be devoid of the heart, seems lacking in an ability to listen, to respect Steve for who he is. That the writers prop her endlessly and allow Steve to be continually demoted irks me to no end. As for the emmy, I thought the bromance of Steve and Bo was far more compelling and again unique. Im not sure just crying about the brother should have made for an emmy. Stephen’s past scenes always passed over, from the reveal of the fire as a child, to the feelings of being different were so heartfelt – the closet scene was ok but not really due to MBE. Add to that Stephen’s scenes on GH with Helena were incredible and yet passed over. The emmys now seem to be just the producers choice. Im saddened to see Stephen taking a back step when he should be prominent.

    • tamara obscura says:


      Once again, I agree completely. I said on a couple of message boards something that MBE’s fans took offense to despite the fact that it’s true. I don’t know if it’s because Stephen and Mary Beth are longtime friends, but it seems like their performances are coming off as more siblings, then anything denoting lovers or past lovers. For me it’s always been a fact that Stephen was more talented, yet that Emmy has eluded him. He should have one at least as many as Tony Geary has for largely phoning it in for the last ten years. Stephen whether he’s playing Steve, Stefan or Tucker is a way better actor than MBE. I’ll always say that and it shouldn’t be cause for the MBE fans to be defensive because we don’t like her. I know I don’t like her and haven’t since I started watching this time around. I came back only for Stephen and Tamara, but it seemed as though in all her scenes Kayla was in full bitch mode. The one scene that I really had to laugh at was the one where Steve tells her what happened in Indonesia with Ava. It was all camp as far as I was concerned. Stephen was acting his heart out and MBE was overacting. And yes, Kayla is acting more as his mother than a so-called lover. I noticed that writer propping as well. No one could be harmed more than Kayla. That Ava didn’t even have a voice in it all just left me sitting there with my mouth agape. The hate sex scene was the most alive I’ve seen Stephen since his scenes with Eileen Davidson on “The Young & The Restless”. He’s never like that with MBE. And yes, everything about Steve and Bo was far more compelling than anything with Kayla. The “prison break” and the plane stuff with Stephen and Peter, pure magic. Everything with both Kristian and Mary Beth has been a joke. If that closet scene is the one Mary Beth submitted, then I’d have to say what a low standard the Emmy’s have in they actually awarded her for something that trivial. I remember when Tamara won hers back in 2009, it was for the scene where Ava told what happened after Steve left her at the altar. Talk about drop dead compelling if not heartbreaking. But nothing Mary Beth has done since I began watching when Stephen came back was THAT Emmy worthy. In fact if that’s all it takes to win one of those things, then I should have a dozen or so by now.

      The one scene with Helena on GH that made me love Stefan was the one on the plane when he gave his mother that lingering kiss on the lips! My god, that was not only compelling, but indicative of the stage acting both Stephen and Constance Towers have done.

      As for what you said about The Emmy’s being “producer’s choice” you couldn’t be more correct. I remember back in 2003 when Tamara was on GH as Carly. That whole year Tamara put in some solid performances through the Ric Lansing rape, kidnapping, Panic Room, South American swing with Alcazar, being shot in the head, the alternative storyline with Alcazar and everything after that. That should have been her year to win in the Best Actress category. Who won though? Michelle Stafford! What did she do that was more compelling than that entire year of solid work from Tamara? That was the reason again I was so delighted to see that Tamara was coming on to DOOL back in 2008 and would be working with Stephen.

      I’m just so disappointed in DOOL this time around for not giving Bo the proper send off, or not even bringing him back at all for what we got, to the notion that what happened between Steve and Ava was “rape” as some Mary Beth fans have called it.

      Thanks again.


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