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I’ve added some new scans to the gallery. It’s an article on Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie Spencer) where she discusses her 40 years on GENERAL HOSPITAL. She talks about working with Tony Geary (Luke), Genie Francis (Laura), Kin Shriner (Scotty) and the late Gloria Monty. The pertinent part though is she mentions Tamara being back on the show. I’ll just include that section here, but I’m getting the very real feeling given what she says, Jackie would have loved to have had Tamara return as Carly. She speaks about Tamara with such love and affection of that of a mother with a daughter. I’m thinking the same way. And again I’m going to voice my feelings on the absurdity of having Tamara come back to play some other really needless character when she could have so easily returned as Carly. But can’t upset the Laura Wright fans….. Right? Scans can be found at the gallery link below.

Zeman is downright giddy over the recent GH return of Tamara Braun, who from 2001-05 played her daughter, Carly, and is now playing Kim Nero. “I want scenes with her so bad!” she chuckles. “I just think that would be really fun for the fans, for our viewers and the GH family, to see us two in scenes together, so I do hope that they will give us something to do. I just love her. She is such a talented actress and a really, really special person. I just love her heart, her soul and her spirit.” The pair has kept in touch over the years. “We both love theater, so we’re together a lot, because we go and see pretty much everything that comes to L.A., and we’d get together for lunch every once in a while. It’s just great to have her back.”

2 Responses to “New Press Scan :: Jacklyn Zeman Talks 40 Years & Tamara’s Return”
  1. CeRon says:

    I adore Jacklyn. I truly hope Bobbie and Kim have scenes as well. I personally don’t take Jacklyn’s words for granted. The viewers and fans would enjoy the scenes, especially since just putting these two ladies next to each other would ignite the thoughts of “Are we sure Kim isn’t Carly and she doesn’t remember her life either?”

    Also, has Jacklyn ever waxed poetic about LW like this before in the press? She’s an awesome friend and fan of Tamara! I think Jacklyn would jump at the chance to be in a storyline with her and I could totally see her knocking a reveal out of the park.

    • tamara braun online says:


      Jackie’s a special person indeed. And I love what she had to say about Tamara. And again I agree with you on the seeing them in scenes together. Who can forget the scene at the park where the dedication was going to happen to Michael and Carly and Bobbie had the tearful discussion about Michael and BJ….. I can’t and won’t. I’m still hoping that is the long game.

      I only keep track of the soap books and such when there’s articles on Stephen Nichols, Ted King and Tamara so I’m not up on what Jackie has or hasn’t said about LW. I will certainly take your word for it. I mean in another interview I’ve seen with her, there’s a photo of her and Wright and I cannot tell you how out-of-place Wright looks sitting next to a woman who is supposed to be her mother. My partner has said Wright looks like a soccer mom in her fifties. She looked up at the screen while Tamara and the actor who plays Oscar were on screen and said Tamara doesn’t look old enough to have a son like that. So I have to wonder what TIIC were thinking in bringing Tamara back as this person, yet trying to tell us she’s not Carly. In at least three of her scenes thus far she was using her Carly voice, and giving a Carly look. She never did that as Ava, Reese or Taylor. I don’t know whether being back with everyone on GH has some sort of osmosis effect, but she’s Carly. She’s acting like Carly so Frank Valentini, make her Carly.


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