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Finally is December 29th’s clip, short as it may be. Overall I thought Tamara was really good, though I’m getting a little tired of her lack of airtime. I’m hoping they start ramping up her story soon. And I’m going to say it, I’m so tired of Laura Wright and her aping. She acts like a perpetual six-year-old. Sorry but I’m so tired of seeing all the comments about “how great an actress she is….” Those who wanted Carly to not advance and be a woman instead of that six-year-old in a woman’s body, shame on you. Seeing Tamara putting on her glasses I couldn’t help but think of Carly doing this. Showing she’s maturing. Instead they’ve got her still scheming and making her “plaaaaaaans”. Sorry for the rip but I’ve had my share of having Tamara torn down in the role. Yep, still people saying she was “miscast”. Some saying she made Carly too refined. I’d like to know what show and character they were watching. All they had to do was look at Tamara from her role of Claire Dunning from THE PRETENDER episode Murder 101. Tamara can play devious. She can also play whacked out as we’ve seen of her as Ava Vitali from DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Just like the Joni Mitchell song, “Took away paradise, and put up a parking lot.” This is why we can’t have nice things. And threads praising Tamara’s performance are still being deleted.

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  1. CeRon says:

    Happy New Year Tamara fans! Thanks Dianne for always providing these clips. Finally caught up. It’s tough sitting through an entire episode to follow a storyline. The show as a whole is so boring, in my opinion. Unfortunately, Tams storyline is just as dull. The scenes in the car with Kim and Drew were cute, but nothing that I felt changed the trajectory of their dynamic. I’m hoping things will move in 2018. GH has this powerhouse actress, who’s got a built-in GH fanbase, and it’s just weird that they just have her on the sidelines.

    If anyone was not able to catch Stalked by my Ex, try to catch the re-airings on the Lifetime Movie channel. Lifetime movies, of course, are predictable, and this one was too, but I was entertained. Tamara was great and looked wonderful. I loved the wardrobe and the character. I’m hoping she gets one of those deals like the Hallmark movies where she gets to do multiple Lifetime movies. It was also well received online, so hopefully, that will work in Tamara’s favor.

    • tamara braun online says:


      Happy New Year to you too. You’re more than welcome. I agree with having to sit through all the other minutiae just to get to Tamara’s scenes. That’s why I PVR the show, then record to my hard drive by fast forwarding through all the other crap and just getting to Tamara’s bits. I agree they haven’t done much with Tamara/Kim. From what I read in a lot of the magazines and soap sites, it looked like she was going to be engaging in the Jason/Drew storyline in a big way. So far, not so big. Agree again on the scenes in the car. I love Billy Miller though. I loved him as Billy Abbott on Y&R. I made up a “Missing Person” poster for Kim and posted it to the site’s Twitter account. The last time we saw her was the 29th of December and hadn’t seen her since. I might just renew my complaint about firing Laura Wright and bringing Tamara back as Carly.

      I have it in my Vudu queue. I haven’t been able to watch it yet due to a lot of work I’ve had, but I’m going to make some time this weekend. From what I’ve seen from the trailer I saw, Tamara looks amazing. I’m not so sure I want her tied to having to make movies like that. I saw “Unwanted Guest” with Ted King and didn’t think much of it. Ted was great, but the movie stunk. Too cliched and not enough topless Ted. Yeah. I went there.

      Thanks for commenting and thanks as always for visiting CeRon.


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