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Welcome to TAMARA BRAUN ONLINE a site dedicated to Emmy Award Winning actress and activist Tamara Braun. Known for her best known roles as Ava Vitali (Days of our Lives), Reese Williams (All My Children) and Carly Corinthos/Dr. Kim Nero (General Hospital). Tamara as quite a few prime time credits to her name including Bosch, CSI, Saving Grace, Supernatural, Freddie, Castle, Without a Trace, House and including the films Little Chenier, Limbo Lounge, Fallen Arches, Pretty Rosebud. Tamara is also an activist lending her name and time to many charities and causes to create change in the world. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS POLICY. To read that please click the link.

On time for the first time in about two weeks I think. Update on my condition… I’m feeling much better in terms of not as much vertigo. Still not gone by a long stretch. I go to see the doctor beginning of April in a follow up, but so far (touch wood) I’m feeling not too bad. So here is the clip and caps for today.

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  1. CeRon says:

    Thanks, Dianne! Very glad to read that you’re feeling a tad better. One day at a time!

    Now as for Kim…haha…that’s also a one day at a time ordeal. I don’t have much hope for Frank and Co. to make things right. Kim should have a much bigger role, but I just enjoy seeing Tamara even though I don’t believe it’s to her best potential.

    • tamara braun online says:


      You’re welcome. So glad to be up-to-date on postings. I go see the doctor beginning of April, like I said. I have a feeling this might have something to do with my Vitamin B12 deficiency. I have the symptoms. So here’s hoping I get “back to normal” soon after that.

      Interesting that you say what you did about Kim having a much bigger role, or at the very least been given the status Tamara commands in the soap community. This very topic is being discussed on the SoapCentral boards: Where Is The Direction They Are Trying To Go With Kim?. People are universally saying on other message boards and comment sections (two of which I’ve been banned for saying things not quite flattering to Laura Wright) why bother bringing her back if they’re using her so sparingly. I mean she’s had her requisite six episodes this month. Today is the barn buster at seven! ;D Tamara’s best potential is to have her play Carly. Enough with favouring Laura Wright. I said in a comment section this:

      Well from this Tamara Braun fan’s perspective, I feel she’s an epic fail. I love her to bits and was anticipating her return but I wanted her back as Carly. The thinking feeling Carly. The one who’d learned her lessons the hard way and not this bull in a China shop this one is. I wanted them to perhaps do something daring and replace Wright. I wanted them to make Carly a doctor so she could work alongside her mother. Every single time I see her with Garren Stitt, I think of something Tamara said before she left in 2005. And that was she wanted to see Carly be a single mother. She wanted to see her take in a job that was rewarding and something that would nurture and grow her as a woman and character. When I see her with Garren, I see Carly with Morgan. This is the true age Morgan would have been with him being born in 2003. This is Carly raising her son alone having this great career as a doctor. With all the shifting of the OLTL three, it’s not like Valentini couldn’t do it. It can be done and that he didn’t do this speaks volumes.

      According to both Tamara and Valentini, he spoke to her at the 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards where she won Best Supporting Actress for her role of Ava Vitali on “Days of Our Lives”. He told her he’d love to work with her. I have my feelings on why he didn’t make the move to bring her back as Carly, but so far I’ve found her return to be a big letdown. This is part of the reason I keep saying that I feel like my intelligence is being insulted. Bringing her back as anyone else other than Carly was a huge mistake. We know she played Carly. It’s just like Sarah Brown. Instead of making that daring move, they bring us Claudia and now Kim. This is just like watching DOOL where we know Josh Taylor played Chris Kositchek, yet here he is playing Roman Brady. Unless they’re playing twins like Ted King did as Luis/Lorenzo, I feel there should be a one character rule.

      She’s done nothing since her return. She’s not driving any of her own stories. She’s not being given meaty stuff to play. Even the earthquake stuff was underwhelming. She gets probably about six episodes per month. So I’d say she’s done her bit for March. We likely won’t see her again till April. So since she’s not making an impact, why bother? And again I say this as a huge Tamara Braun fan. She’s only so far stood around and listened to Julian and everyone else. She’s that “girl” and that’s it. She’s bouncing between Julian/Alexis and Drew/Sam. Is she really a viable “match” for either Drew or Julian considering Sam and Alexis? I don’t think so.

      Then I said this:

      Thank you for your intelligent and thought out response. So now I’ll address some of what you said here. You said that LW is playing a Carly before Sarah’s version. I call this “version” of Carly, Proto-Carly. The reason she’s playing even before Tamara’s and Jennifer’s time is that Wright said herself she was, “…..playing my Carly closer to the original….” And this is the issue I have with Wright. She has never taken into consideration how far both Tamara and Jennifer brought Carly. I don’t care that she’s been playing the part the longest. I’ve said many times both here and on other forums that my definition of who earned the part is the one who brought the character the furthest in terms of their depth of character. And that person was Tamara Braun. She brought Carly to that place of not only growth, but awareness of what and why she did things. She learned so much after the Kristina reveal. Heck what Tamara did in the Panic Room story is what made me her all time fan. I believe Jennifer could have done what she did, but I don’t think either Sarah or Wright could. And there are reasons but I’m not going to say here because of the obvious “non bashing” rules here. I don’t feel Wright has earned the part or the “right” to stay in the part because she elected to stay. I feel Tamara deserves to take the part back because she chose to leave. She left because she could see the writing on the wall of her always being used as the “fall-back” girl when another of Sonny’s pairings tanked. Like I said above, Tamara wanted Carly to be a single mother for a while. Raising her boys while embarking on a career. She knew that’s not where they were going to go with the character so she left. No one can blame her for that. And I’ll say what I’ve said before, in a long running show like soaps or other shows like say “Grey’s Anatomy” where you have characters that have been on for a long time, you either expand and evolve the character, or you cut your losses and get rid of that character.

      As for what is happening now, I watch the days she’s on but each and every moment she’s on I want her desperately as Carly as a doctor with her son. I’m not entirely invested in her story because of that obvious fact she’s being used solely to get my eyes on the show, not giving me what I waited twelve years for. To me that Wright was so dismissive of what Tamara did in the part for four effing years, speaks loudly to my seeing her as not Carly, but as a transplanted Cassie Winslow. I have other reasons for not caring for Wright, but again not allowed here. I mean in that scene where she was trying to revive Oscar, I wanted that to be Carly trying to save the son she almost died giving birth to. I remember that night in that house when she gave birth. I remember the Panic Room and I hate what they’ve done to this once amazing character.

      Then this to another poster:

      Quote Originally Posted by NuttyAboutSoaps View Post
      1) First, it really doesn’t matter what Tamara wanted them to write for Carly. To me, the show tends to suffer when actors have that type of input (i.e. the Tony Geary situation).

      2) Second, I don’t think that Laura Wright has “dismissed” anything that Tamara has done. She simply took the character in a different direction (I assume, with the approval of TPTB).

      That being said, I understand how frustrating it is when this type of thing happens. But, unless Laura willingly chose to leave, I can’t envision any scenario in which they would replace her with Tamara. She is deeply entrenched in this role – and she has a following.

      But, then, I am a rarity: I have liked all of the actresses who played Carly. Certainly, they are all different. But, they all made it work in their own distinctive way.

      To your first point: 1) Sometimes actors can offer things that might help in terms of the oftentimes myopia of the writers who sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. As for what happened with Geary, that only proves that Geary has no insight at all into Luke nor his own soul to understand what his deconstruction of the character has done. Ted King said once, “I have no idea why they have Lorenzo all in Sonny’s face all the time. He didn’t kill his niece, son, brother…..” Ergo writer’s myopia as to false feuds and rivalries.

      2) By Wright stating: “I’m playing my Carly closer to the original” means she completely wiped off the map all the strides Tamara made in making Carly a three dimensional being. By stating you’re taking a character back to the original means you are removing all the growth and life lessons learned by that character. In soap operas there’s supposed to be a bible the writers follow in terms of long standing character. Stripping a character’s growth under another actress means you negate that prior actress’ contribution. Long standing characters when stripped of those life lessons learned tend to be less memorable due to that. Removing those valuable lessons is what fans of Days’ heroes Bo Brady and Steve Johnson railed against when writing made them in effect dead beat dads, when the fans knew differently about who they were and that they would never have done what the writers (insert writers with an agenda) did to those characters. I’ll insert in this case, writers with a clear agenda to make viewers forget a certain actress’ contribution was the prominent point here.

      As for whether Wright would willingly leave, it’s not up to her as you stated about Tamara’s input. It’s up to those 13 or 26 week cycles. Do you think Genie Francis had a choice as to whether or not she wanted to go or stay? She had a choice, certainly, but not the ability to say, “I’m not leaving. I’m staying right here and you have to write for me.” Actress Diane Neal who played ADA Casey Novak on “Law & Order: SVU” and CGIS Abigail Borin on “NCIS” keeps being asked on her Twitter feed when she’ll be coming back to either of the shows. She states, “I can’t hire myself or make them write for me….” Succinct. But Wright can be fired at any point. When Valentini knew he had Tamara he should have made the choice there and then. He didn’t and thus we have this Kim character who is basically doing nothing.

      As for liking all the actresses who have played the part. I’ve only liked two: Tamara Braun and Jennifer Bransford. But then I always root for the underdogs.

      As you can see most of the posters are making excuses for why Tamara wasn’t brought back as Carly. The differences in how they played the characters is glaring in terms of seeing Wright strut around like Cujo (one of the fond nicknames they call her on Soapzone) to how Tamara could be playing Carly. I think what it is with me I just don’t have that much investment in Kim. I don’t like her or hate her. I’m just sort of bleh, on her because after twelve years of wanting her back on GH as Carly, we got this. And I’m going to say what I feel needs to be said, if Laura Wright hadn’t won that Emmy in 2011, wouldn’t you have bet they’d have signed off on the replacement knowing they had Tamara back?


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