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Welcome to TAMARA BRAUN ONLINE a site dedicated to Emmy Award Winning actress and activist Tamara Braun. Known for her best known roles as Ava Vitali (Days of our Lives), Reese Williams (All My Children) and Carly Corinthos/Dr. Kim Nero (General Hospital). Tamara as quite a few prime time credits to her name including Bosch, CSI, Saving Grace, Supernatural, Freddie, Castle, Without a Trace, House and including the films Little Chenier, Limbo Lounge, Fallen Arches, Pretty Rosebud. Tamara is also an activist lending her name and time to many charities and causes to create change in the world. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS POLICY. To read that please click the link.

New press scans for the gallery and article for the press section. We are finally getting some direction for K(arly)im in terms of where she might be going. As per the episode on 2018/04/05 where she told Julian (William deVry) her true feelings for Drew (Billy Miller) and on 2018/04/06 where Oscar/Morgan (Garren Lake Stitt) confronted his mother, here’s hoping Tamara is out of storyline limbo. Not too sure what to believe about this spoiler on Celebrity Dirty Laundry but according to them K(arly)im will end up pregnant from her one-night-stand with Julian. So are you going to tell me a woman who is an OBGYN doctor is NOT going to use contrceptives? Is GENERAL HOSPITAL and or Frank Valentini going to further insult our intelligence? Likely. He can’t seem to help himself. Remember though right now those “spoilers” from CDL are just theoretical and not actual fact. But hey….. You can click on the press link in the post to go to the article.

3 Responses to “New Press Scans”
  1. CeRon says:

    The ABC Soaps Indepth graphic artist folks are not slick! I see Tamara and Maurice right next to each other. My eye went right there instead of to Drew and Franco (OMG, can he just go away please, vent over).

    Not sure how I feel about this direction. I really am enjoying Julian and Kim together and I would prefer her to just co-parent platonically with Drew, but it looks like GH can’t help themselves.

    Kim pregnant? Come on, she’s smarter than that …but it is GH…

    But so good to see Tamara in the opening credits! She’s in for the long haul…but not as Carly which is annoying and super frustrating.

  2. Joel says:

    Contraception doesn’t seem to exist on soap operas; I’m over believing that it actually does. It seems to be the taboo of soaps, still, even though it shouldn’t be.

    • Joel says:

      And CDL? Really? Highly unreliable excuse for a “source” as I see it. They’re no better than TMZ or Star, etc.

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