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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: August 15, 2010

Okay, when was the last time one saw a whole day devoted to the return of a non-legacy member of a soap opera? Not! It’s not surprising that with the return of Vanessa Marcil to her much vaunted role of Brenda Barrett (remember the ‘Luminous Brenda’ comment Carly made while stuck in the quicksand?) ABC decided it was going to pre-empt ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE and give that airtime over to three ‘special’ episodes dedicated to three significant parts of Brenda’s life. For Brenda fans, I’m sure it was a joy to see them. For others of other legacy characters like Lucky played originally by Jonathan Jackson, I’m sure it was a major league pain in the …… Given that other shows have had original actresses/actors return to the parts they created like Andrea Evans, the original Tina Lord on OLTL, this came as a major letdown. However, the one upside to it all is that fans of some of the other characters who have either been reduced to occasional appearances like Monica (Leslie Charleson) or even those who have disappeared altogether like STEPHEN NICHOLS who played the part of the Dark Prince Stefan Cassadine or we, Tamara Braun fans, we were able to see those we loved and lost. So thanks to this, I have one episode of GH from October 2002. Tamara was beautiful as Carly and I truly loved the essence of humility and sensuality she brought to the part. I truly do miss her, though I don’t miss the crap they gave her. Thanks to our friend Hurley for the excellent screencaps and to me for the clip. [ 079 ] SCREENCAPS: 10/29/2002 – GENERAL HOSPITAL [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 10/29/2002 – GENERAL HOSPITAL

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: December 23, 2009

Carrying on with the Year End review of the soaps, I was finally able to get a hold of a copy of ABC SID’s 2009 YEAR IN SOAPS after enduring a month long transit strike in my city that ended last week that allowed me to make that pilgrimmage to my favourite newsstand. There were a few pages with Tamara, not as many as in past years, but some just the same. Honourable mention went to the Hechian confused Lesbian Reese and the wedding that should have been a daytime first having been preceded by the Reese/Zach pre-nuptial snog. Then there’s a recap of the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards where Tamara won her very first Emmy as Best Supporting Actress for her role of Ava Vitali on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Finally, a page where Tamara mentions her political stance on the rights of same-sex couples to marry. Then there’s a recap of the year on AMC. Just a little note here. Although it’s not a fullblown site, I’ve started a gallery for Tamara’s former DOOL co-star Stephen Nichols here: RENEGADE: STEPHEN NICHOLS ONLINE. With news of Stephen’s role on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, I’m trying to decide whether to go wholehog and expand it to include daily screencaps of Stephen’s work on the soap. I don’t even have a theme for the gallery, which right now is just that, themeless. If any of Stephen’s fans visit TAMARA OBSCURA, please feel free to drop me a line here: RENEGADE: STEPHEN NICHOLS ONLINE and I’ll see what I can do. Yours, Dianne

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: December 02, 2009

I just got through reading a thread on the SOAPCENTRAL board where they took a poll as to who was the respondents favouriate Carly. Well, out of 114 posters, the numbers broke down like this:TAMARA BRAUN ……….. 45SARAH BROWN …………. 33LAURA WRIGHT …………. 32JENNIFER BRANSFORD ….. 4My interpretation of it is as I have always thought, Tamara made the most impact as Carly. She was THE one to bring Carly into adulthood. While yes, Sarah Brown was the originator, she didn’t have the ability to make Carly truly a character in her own right or one capable of showing the deep humanity and humility Tamara did. To me, I think it’s very wrong that Jennifer Bransford got such a low number. Like Tamara, she was given a Herculean task of following a popular actress. Most of the comments about Tamara’s version is that she had chemistry with everyone she was paired with and more. The other comments were that Tamara was just simply the best Carly. I actually had expected a higher number for Laura Wright’s version considering that she’s the one currently on, but the majority wants Tamara back. I know it’ll never happen due to how they’ve recreated Carly the way Bob Guza wants her. Also, there are so few members of the cast left for Tamara to come back add to that one, the fact they’ve SORASed Michael and Morgan. Tamara simply doesn’t look old enough to be the mother to someone as old as Michael now is. On another GH note, I’m still retagging all the screencaps Hurley sent my way. I’d like to get them all done and up, but I thought I’d take a slower go at it. So just keep track on the gallery and I’ll let you know when they’re all up. Be safe and take care.Dianne

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: October 30, 2009

Just a little note to let you know that for all intents and purposes with the exception of a few stray things here and there, the ALL MY CHILDREN section in the gallery is now complete. I just uploaded all the remaining stills and clips I had in both my and Hurley’s files. I’ve merged hers with what I had, including her clips. So that is it with the exception of getting the clips uploaded to OBSCURE MEDIA. That will be a task for another time. Sorry for the lag in no new uploads to OM. I had intended to get some new things up there, but when Hurley handed her content over to me, I had to revamp my thinking.

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: September 07, 2009

As promised, I’m back with what I won’t call, the round up on the Emmy Awards. I might have some other images to go up next month. I broke the bank this month. But fear not, at least there will be something to look forward to for next month. I was able to obtain some 73 HI-RES images of Tamara during the various moments throughout her big night. I’ve also decided to create one section within the gallery for all the images: Press, media, etc. Just so there’s a vault of sorts for Tamara’s Emmy win. I’ve also created for OBSCURE MEDIA an omnibus edition of the night’s festivities and press. The link will be in the list of additions, plus the embed here in this post. Enjoy.



Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: August 31, 2009

Here is the Emmy Night roundup. Sorry I didn’t have these up last night. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, and just kind of went to be feeling a little more euphoric than I likely would have. I’m so proud of Tamara. She was humble as always in accepting her award, and I loved she didn’t have anything prepared. It must have been the night for improv reactions. Vincent Irrizary and Darin Brook’s ‘f-bomb’ was just what old-style awards shows used to be about. The spontineity of them all. But in the end, Tamara’s now in a different realm. With that little guy in her possession, the sky’s the limit. I couldn’t be happier that her mother Reneta was there with her. Fitting she’s been with Tamara throughout all the successes. A special shout out to Tamara’s mom for raising such a wonderful daughter. And thank you Tamara for making my night. I’ve got watermarked images from various news photographic sites for you. I might have some HI-RES ones a bit later. I’ll post anew when I get them. I have video of the entire night with Tamara vis a vi OBSCURE MEDIA. Enjoy.

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: August 30, 2009

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can hardly wait to see Tamara on the red carpet tomorrow night. I have my fingers, toes, eyes and tongue crossed for her. I’ve even asked my partner and my mom and my mom’s cat to cross whatever they have for our girl. I’d like any of Tamara’s fans who stop by to post a good luck message to her. Anything as long as it’s positive. I’ll be on tomorrow with as up-to-date information as I can. I’ll even try to have some hot off the presses photos of Tamara and her dress. Next: I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up of the press section. I’m making it sleeker to go with the new layout. I’ve also added new headers to the individual pages. I hope to add more new articles later on tonight. Lastly, I have been trying to get Tamara’s soap opera work on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and ALL MY CHILDREN up-to-date. I’ve got the raw clips on several external devices, so it’s been difficult getting things done. I’m also trying to get the other sections of this site completed. Please bear with me. Good luck Tamara….Yours, Dianne

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: May 15, 2009

On behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA and OBSCURE MEDIA, I’d like to congratulate Tamara on her Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her work as Ava Vitali on the NBC Soap Opera Days of our Lives. I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. This should be her year. She deserved the award in 2003 for her heavy year as Carly on General Hospital for the story arc involving Ric’s rape of Carly, Carly and the Panic Room, the yacht and Morgan’s birth. Here’s hoping the Soap Opera Gods think the way her fans do that she is deserving of this.



Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: March 18, 2009

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong/And I’ll be your friend/I’ll help you carry on/For it won’t be long/’Til I’m gonna need/Somebody to lean on”



Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: March 14, 2009

I have no words for today’s show other than Tamara was just heartbreaking. I cried I was so moved by what she gave us today. When Zach (Thorsten Kaye) was reading that letter, I just about jumped through the screen to hold Reese. I can state categorically, with what Bianca said to Reese before she left and with today’s letter, I can state I really don’t want Reese and Bianca back together. Bianca hasn’t shown any kind of compassion where it comes to Reese. There were two comments during the breakup that made me dislike Bianca and thsoe were the one where she said to Reese, “You’re a disgrace to your family,” and the one about feeling like she’d been raped again, and with how blithely Bianca said what she did about Reese finding peace at some point with her life…. I can state I hate Bianca. I really hope that with Thorsten re-signing, there’s the chance TPTB have reconsidered this ‘happy’ ending for Reese and Bianca. I want a full on Reese and Zach pairing. He’s the only one who seems truly remorseful for what has happened to Reese. Bianca, it seems, is completely clueless to Reese’s feelings and without a huge heaping helping of some mea culpas coming from Binks, I think this couple is done. There is no excuse for those hateful words coming from Bianca’s mouth. It was quite frankly, insulting. I want more for Reese than to have to continue to pay for something she didn’t do. Sure she kissed Zach, but for me Bianca’s self-fulfilling prophecy came true. She tested, pooked and prodded until her fears became realized and she has only herself to blame. I was informed last night that OBSCURE MEDIA has completed its migration. As you can see, I’ve uploaded the video for today. I’m hoping to clip up some of the remaining clips left to do. I’ll post as I get them done.

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