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I’ve tried as I might to grasp this new paradigm of Tamara being back on GENERAL HOSPITAL as Kim Nero while someone else plays the part of Carly Corinthos. I’ve tried. Tried to understand the reasoning for bringing Tamara back to play another character when she was so beloved as Carly. Hearing her today say that name to another person who clearly represents everything Tamara strove for four years and eleven months to evolve to another level just boggles my mind. When I see Laura Wright in thirteen years strip all that growth and dignity back to what I’m going to start calling Proto-Carly, I’m just stymied. There are people who actually like this! There are people who love that she’s reduced Carly back to a caricature in a sort of Darwinian nightmare of base level impulses just makes me shake my head in disgust. And I’m not going to hide it anymore. Tell me again when Tamara’s/Kim story is supposed to take off? Tell me again that Tamara is going to drive her own stories as “Kim Nero” much in the same way she drove Club 101, The Panic Room, the aftermath of being shot in the head, Alternate Universe with Alcazar (Ted King), Michael’s Death. Please tell me she’s not going to continue to be a fourth wheel in someone else’s storyline like Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian (William DeVry), or Drew (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco). Please tell me again why Frank Valentini wanted her back? I’m going to say one negative thing to Tamara in hopes she understands it in the spirit in which I hope it comes off.

In a recent interview when asked what made her decide to come back to GENERAL HOSPITAL she said, “I got to play Carly for four years and loved her with all my heart, so I asked my friend who loves soaps for her thoughts on actors returning as different characters,” Braun shares. “She said, ‘If they’ve become a character I love,then I just want to see them — regardless of who they play. You fall in love with the actor.’ And I’ve been getting [on-line] comments from fans saying, ‘Come back as anything!’ So I thought, ‘What the heck? Let’s see how this goes!’” To that I say to Tamara, NO. This isn’t about someone coming back to play someone else after playing a bit part. This is about someone who changed a character so drastically in terms of growth, humanity, humility, vulnerability, and all those qualities you hope a character who has been in a long running drama does. Grow! Tamara changed Carly for all the right reasons. For all the reasons we need to see her remain on the canvas and keep learning those lessons we all learn. As Carly grew under Tamara’s able care, we grew. We loved Carly, we loved her journey… A journey that was cut short when she announced — for good reason — her decision to leave the role in 2005.

I know the deal in soap operas with recasts. Face it Jennifer Bransford was given a shit deal. She was only a placeholder until the Powers That Be were able to bring Wright in after her contract expired from Guiding Light. Jennifer was just a warm body. They just didn’t want to allow Tamara to play out Michael’s (Dylan Cash) homecoming. That was clear. They made sure Jennifer was reviled as Carly so that when Wright assumed the role, the fans would be relieved Carly had been “salvaged” from the Bransford’s “failings”. The ones who failed though was not Jennifer Bransford, it was the powers that be at GENERAL HOSPITAL who thought they could do this in front of our eyes and we’d take whatever shit they threw at us and we’d be grateful Carly was in “able” hands. Today showed they were wrong. So wrong. So like what Robert Guza Jr., Charles Pratt Jr., Jill Farren Phelps, and most of all Brian Frons did in 2005 with their Carly Shell Game, Frank Valentini believes we’ll take lying down because we should be “grateful” he was the one who brought Tamara Braun back home to GENERAL HOSPITAL. I’m calling big time bullshit on that. We saw Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) today. She was talking to this Proto-Carly or Snarlybeast as she’s known on many soap boards, and we saw Tamara in the background. We see what you’re doing and to a lot of us who despise what Frons, Phelps, Guza, Pratt, and Wright have done with the character of Carly Corinthos, we are not amused. We are not entertained. I know for me, once Tamara is done I’m done. GENERAL HOSPITAL has shown me my viewership is not appreciated. And I’m not going to take the whole, “Well Tamara chose to leave so Laura Wright took over and has been playing the part for thirteen years…..” hyperbole. It doesn’t mean squat on this show who has done the ole switcheroo so many times (**cough**Prospect Park**cough**) and the ONE LIFE TO LIVE Three. It can be done again if the will is there. I say it’s time. Let Tamara resume a character she said she, “Loved with her whole heart”. And it showed. It showed in what she brought every single day for four years and eleven months. When Wright said, “I’m going to be playing my Carly closer to the original….” What she meant to say is that she’s going to strip away every single nuance Tamara infused the character with, and reduce her back to the shrieking guttersnipe Carly was as that teenager who came to town way back in 1996. Yeah….that’s acting alright. But then what can one expect from someone who never trained to be an actress and who instead took the easy way in. And I don’t care I said that. Any Laura Wright fans who come here thinking I’m going to be gracious. Think again. I don’t have to be gracious when Wright spoke so negatively about Tamara and Jennifer. And I know some of my visitors will say to me, “So you’re going to take statements Laura Wright said thirteen years ago and use them against her now?” As with the current political climate, people have to be responsible for the words they say. Enough with the snowflakery.

It was a difficult decision I grappled with when I decided to write this post. You might have noticed that updates of screencaps have been a little sporadic, if not lacking and I truly have to apologize for that lapse. The reason is because I’m really having a difficult time with Tamara’s return to DAYS OF OUR LIVES in her Emmy Winning role of Ava Vitali. That difficulty has been not with Tamara’s work, but with the story line in general. When word came last July that Tamara was coming back to the show, I was so overjoyed. Considering what happened to me earlier in the year, the death of my mother, being able to see Tamara again was that salve I needed for a wounded soul. So like I know most of you I waited patiently for her December return date. I admit I was a little dismayed at the lack of press for her return. There was once a time when a big return like this would get the full court press and all the remaining soap publications would feature a return article. There was one major interview in SOAP OPERA DIGEST, but for the most part they all have been pretty thin in terms of any excitement. Certainly with the waning interest in soap operas in general, one would have hoped that there would be some modicum of interest given how much Tamara is respected within that community, or that her Emmy win would be reason enough to warrant a few articles instead of just one major one. But then comes this article on Daytime Confidential‘s website about DAYS being told to shut down writing until a deal can be reached.

Days of Our Lives writers, put down your pens, er, keyboards. I’ve learned the team led by Josh Griffith and Dena Higley has been told to stop writing until a new deal is reached between NBC, Sony and Corday Productions. The 50-year-old sudser has been written through September 2016.

Last month, NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt and Entertainment President Jennifer Salke told TVLine they were happy with the soap ahead of starting negotiations this month to keep DAYS on the Peacock network. Here’s hoping a new pact can be reached soon.

Despite the positive hope for renewal there is little to be hopeful for from the message boards I’ve visited and or post(ed) to daily. Some are saying the show is done, and I really can’t say I care. With the exception of the actors, stage hands, and other crew who would be out of work, I have to say with the absolute unoriginality of the current stories as well as the lack of coherency of many of the characters and their motivations, most acting out of character I’m not surprised.

I belonged to the Soapcentral message board until today. After five days of debating whether Ava raped Steve (Stephen Nichols), I’m left with a profound state of ennui. Yes they’re calling it rape. Apparently according to many of the posters most of them Steve and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) fans, they believe that Ava raped Steve. This fills me with both anger and something akin to confusion as to what direction Ava’s return was to go in. Given her previous run as Ava (February 8 2008 – August 04 2008) I was hoping for something for Tamara that would push Ava into a bit of human conflict in who she’d be this time around. With Tamara’s run as Taylor in 2011 and how much that story line fizzled with unfulfilled promises and again from 2008, I had hoped the powers that be at DAYS, NBC and Sony would have realized the gold they have in Tamara and the possibility of an Ava and Steve pairing enough to dare to break up the iconic Steve and Kayla in order to bring together two amazing talents who’d be capable of shaking the show up. Instead was I was given was a sham yet again and a huge sense of disappointment at the end of today’s episode. The utter lack of concern from Steve for Ava and the devastation Ava felt at finding out their son was dead. While Tamara killed it, as she always does, I felt a break in me that has left me feeling very disillusioned.

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Late again. That will be my epitaph on my gravestone, “Here lies Dianne….Late Again!” I mean it!

Haven’t Tamara and James been utterly breathtaking. I’m thoroughly enjoying their scenes. He looks so happy and animated. It’s good to see a man enjoying his work. There’s something James had to say on EJ’s love life and the loves of his life. It’s a Youtube video [ LINK HERE ]. I love that he says that Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Nicole (Arianne Zuker) are like games to EJ. He did say that EJ needed someone new in his life. And we all know who that someone is….Our girl! [ insert a lot of squeeeeeeeeeing here ].

Okay, I have a bit of a Keith Olbermann inspired commentary to make here. I will warn you, I’m likely to piss off some people but this is something I want to get off my chest. Since this is my space and my dime, I’m going to vent. So here we go……

I’ve been pretty pissed off at the various message boards I visit daily to test the air of those watching this current storyline with Tamara’s Taylor and about her having taken over the role. And may I say I’m so disappointed. What I’m disappointed in is the amount of bellyaching about the loss of Natalia Livingston. The most common thing being said is how they (the individual posters) are ::air quote:: disappointed ::close air quote:: angry at the way Natalia was ‘carted off’ by the powers that be and the fact that the character as she set down has changed. I say, of course Taylor has changed. There’s a different actress playing her now, a different vibe entirely. The thing most reiterrated has been they want the sweetness and innocence to remain. I say why? Why should those things remain when the character originally played by Katherine Ellis, didn’t have that doe-eyed gullibility to her. After watching various clips of Katherine’s work as Taylor from August 1998-May 1999, I can now see why this recast was warranted. Natalia, while a nice person, wasn’t playing what the producer and writers wanted in the character as scripted. So they excercised their option and hired another actress who could bring to the table what they wanted.

There’s only so long one can remain like a babe in the woods. Those kinds of characters get eaten up and spit out quickly. Tamara coming in to play a more layerd and worldly Taylor is what this part needed…as Katherine Ellis had in her portrayal. Remember Taylor went to work in that orphanage in Romania. One doesn’t go to a shithole like that and not come back with a different aspect on life. One cannot see what Taylor likely saw there, experienced in terms of the military regimes and not KNOW the world. Natalia’s saccharine sweet portrayal of Taylor would have ended up raped or dead in a place like that being a Westerner. So here’s my question to all the Taylor ‘fans’ who think that Natalia’s Taylor was the best: Do you believe she could have been in a country like Ramania and still be so sickeningly sweet and innocent?

I’ll answer it from my perspective, no she can’t. Tamara’s version is far more worldly and far more experienced in the way things work than NL’s could ever have portrayed. If the writing for Taylor….THIS Taylor were better and we got her backstory while she was away from Salem, I think THIS Taylor’s detractors would be singing a different tune. For me it’s all about who can portray the character the best and considering what was laid down with Katherine Ellis, Natalia Livingston was falling short of who Taylor was supposed to be. Kind, not sweet. Experienced, but not jaded. Worldly, this aspect most of all. This is not supposed to be a Disney cartoon of Taylor singing: “Some day my prince will come…..” All the while being surrounded by butterflies and birdies. This is about a woman who is supposed to have gone out into the world and done work in the real world. Natalia’s Taylor was plainly a combination of Cindarella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty all rolled into one. I for one don’t care to see another woman depicted like that on a soap. I want to see what blood Tamara will bring to this character. What meat she will add to the bones Natalia failed to populate. Taylor is supposed to be what now, mid 30s…not some flighty 16. Taylor is supposed to be a educated in the business world. One cannot be that naiveé and not know how things work.

My main reason for being this angry at what has transpired is following on the heels of two recent portrayls of women on soaps. They are Susan Haskell (Marty Saybrooke, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) and Emily O’Brien (Jana, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS). Both Marty and Jana were made to go whacko, kidnapping babies and generally becoming unrecognizable in light of who they were before. In Marty’s case, a doctor who had been gang raped and survived. Jana had been cured of a brain aneurysm, yet was given another and suddenly her silicon chip got switched to overload due to being kidnapped and held for a series of weeks. Both actresses were assets to the shows they worked on, yet both have been reduced to nothing. One, O’Brien, is now gone from her show, Jana having died of her brain tumor. Haskell is yet to see her last day, but given the way this storyline has been going, it won’t be long now. And of all things, Tamara’s leading man, Ted King as Tomas Delgado has been dispatched to be the one to do the deed. I’ve yet to see any male character written off as a nutjob. No, they go down as heroes or are resurrected as some kind of god worthy of having maidens fall at his feet in awe. This has to stop. There was a line in the James Bond film CASINO ROYALE (2006) offered by the ill fated Vesper Lynd played by the stunning Eva Green. It goes like this: “You think of women as disposable pleasures, rather than meaningful pursuits…” That seems to be the feeling these days with writers who write for women on soaps. They’ve become appendages of their men instead of individuals on their own merit. One only has to look at Tamara’s wishes for Carly after the final divorce from Sonny (Maurice Benard). Tamara wanted Carly to go off on her own for a while with her sons, Michael and Morgan, and just be a mom. She also wanted Carly to have a career of her own, something she could be proud of and build without a man. We all know how that turned out. And this is the heart of what I’m talking about. If anything comes of the firing of Dena Higley, head writer of DOOL, please oh please oh please Ken Corday, hire someone who can and is willing to write strong women capable of being their own forces of nature rather than bitches who concern themselves with make up, nails, catty retorts with other women, or the usual device used to delineate women on soaps these days, mud wrestlers with clevage and little else. Zwinkie’s who resemble something of an MKULtra project gone wrong.

I’m sorry if this has offended, but I’m sick of seeing Tamara Braun and Katherine Ellis marginalized for the whiney Natalia Livingston fans who don’t like it that their girl was fired.

I was going to say, “Rant over,” but I think I’m going to say point proven. I’m hoping to get some press scans added to the gallery and the articles up in the press section this weekend now the backlog in episodes are done. Wish me luck…..

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My apologies for not having anything for you. I had a dentist appointment early in the morning then had to go to my mother’s to take care of some things for her. She’s 87 about to be 88 this June. She’s had a lot of health problems in the last couple of months and …. I think it’s called prioritization. I hope to have everything done and up for the weekend. I have some personal errands to run tomorrow and likely won’t get to anything much before late in the evening. As I said in my posting of 04/27/2011, I have to try to find out a better way to streamline this process. I don’t know whether to just go with the day of clips and caps, or cap the day ahead. I don’t like the non-HD quality of the day ahead episodes….so I don’t know. Anyway, all episodes will be done and up for the weekend inlcluding Monday’s day ahead so you can get the jump on the US airing.

I’m posting this to make an appeal to someone who keeps signing the Welcome Back Tamara page with different names and emails. I will no longer be approving your posts. Why? While I understand how enthusiastic you are at Tamara’s return to DAYS, I do not want to provide you the further ability to spam the page. And that is what you’re doing. You are spamming. How do I know it’s you? Each time you sign anything on a blog or message board, you leave behind a physical manifestation of it by your IP address. That is your computer’s address that was assigned to you when you signed up for internet service through your provider. When I set up this page for Tamara’s fans to tell Tamara how they feel about her return to daytime, it wasn’t meant for one person to habitually sign in and leave the same message, within a few changed words to try and make it look like it’s not the same person, again and again and again. While I understand you are happy about Tamara’s return, as most of her fans are, what does it serve to keep leaving the same message over and over again? All it does is dilute the meaning. So as of now your continued postings will not be approved. And if you continue to spam this site, because like it or not that’s what you are doing, I will be forced to ban your IP from viewing. In the history of this website, I’ve never had to do this to anyone and I don’t much like having to do it. You would also be banned from viewing anything on OBSCURE MEDIA and a new media site I’m setting up for Tamara’s soap opera work. Please don’t make me have to do that.

So Nikki Ann, Jeana, Trisha, Candy, Alyssa and any other names you plan on using, you’re on notice. Anymore spamming and you’ll be banned from this site and this ban will be permanent.

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong/And I’ll be your friend/I’ll help you carry on/For it won’t be long/’Til I’m gonna need/Somebody to lean on”

I’m about to pull my best Keith Olbermann or Ben Affleck here, so here it goes…..I know there are some who’ve been wanting me to comment on the recent rumors floating around the net about the status of Tamara’s contract with ALL MY CHILDREN and the news that Eden Riegel is leaving this month when her contract ends, but Tamara is staying on. I’ve been asked what this means in terms of the ‘groundbreaking’ storyline AMC is trying to tell. This is all I know, according to SOAP OPERA DIGEST, this is what will happen:Bianca/Reese/Greenlee Cover Story Everyone is in Connecticut for the double wedding of Bianca/Reese & Greenlee/Ryan. Kendall refuses to attend unless Bianca & Reese agree to leave PV. They do. So Kendall attends. Kendall lashes out at Bianca, Reese, & Zach at the wedding rehearsal & gives a nasty toast. Bianca and Reese get into a fight & Reese storms out. Reese starts getting drunk. Zach finds Reese and starts comforting her & they give into a passionate kiss. Ryan sees. Ryan leaves & goes back to Greenlee whose staying at a neighboring inn & tells her what he saw & that he thinks Zach & Reese had sex. Zach & Reese however didn’t & know the kiss was wrong. Ryan tells Greenlee that he doesn’t want to get married next to a couple (Bianca & Reese) that are filled with lies & have secrets between them. Greenlee agrees & in her wdding dress, she decides to go see Zach because she just can’t believe he’d ever cheat on Kendall & knows there’s an explanation. Bianca tells Erica that she refuses to leave PV because Kendall said to & Kendall says then she wants no part of the wedding. Kendall jumps into her car & Zach jumps in with her. Though Zach, Kendall, Ryan, & Greenlee are no shows, Bianca & Reese wed. Kendall & Zach are in her car fighting & Kendall is on the wrong side of the road. Greenlee is on her motorcycle driving to the church & Kendall hits Greenlee, sending her flying over a cliff. The rapid waters sweep Greenlee away and she is presumed dead. The last airdate for an alive Greenlee is the 16th. Greenlee’s final airdate is the 17th, when Kendall has a vision of her freind. Budig says she’ll miss Cammy & Alicia the most. She says she was trying to see how living bi coastal would work & it was very hard. She would like to move back to N.Y., but she has to sort it out before she can move back to NY. She hopes they never find Greenlee’s body so she can have the option of returning. I emboldened the relevant portions. The thing is, Reese and Bianca do marry. So the wedding that does take place is that of Reese and Bianca. Now, what that means in terms of longterm for this couple, I don’t know. But I want it known, I really could care less about Bianca’s character, my only focus as a webmaster for THIS website is for Tamara Braun and HER story. I’m so sick of the villainization of Reese to the point there’s no sense to what is being thrown around on the internet about her. She’s been called ‘shifty’ and ‘secretive’ though there has been nothing in Tamara’s performance to denote anything of the sort. Now to the controversial stuff. Given how quickly her story changed on Days of our Lives, what with all the Steve & Kayla fans who were bellyaching about Ava Vitali’s intrusion into their story, I’m only concerned with what Reese’s story and direction is. Like Ava, I’m feeling that Reese is crumbling due to shoddy writing and lack of vision on behalf of the writer(s) on this show. Goodness knows, Charles Pratt Jr. cannot be trusted to write a lesbian story from a woman’s perspective and his allowing this flip-flopping is disrespectful to lesbians and the bi-sexual community. I’m a bi-sexual and it didn’t take me more than to the age of four to know I liked both sexes. Why not call it what it is Mr. Pratt? Reese is a bi-sexual woman. Plain and simple. Why not tell that story instead of screwing around with this whole hate campaign from Erica and now Kendall toward Reese. Hearing that both Erica and Kendall are going to be ‘ripping’ into Reese does not make me feel as if my time invested these past few months has been worth it. What particularly galls me is that people are seeing stuff that isn’t there in order to validate their feelings on Reese. It’s not ‘cool’ to set up that Reese is this professional woman who is in love with Bianca then drop in this bomb. And it is a bomb, and I have the feeling this was planned from the beginning and I really have to wonder if Tamara knew this was going to happen. And what of her decision to stay beyond what is Reese and Bianca? I’m hoping that if Tamara is slated to have someting with Zach, it is a bonafide storyline. Given how some of us were deprived of what was supposed to be Ava and Patch, I’m not interested in something that will only result in more Reese villification. Been there, done that. If the impetus is to try out a Reese/Zach pairing, then AMC, do it right. Don’t give us Kendall and Erica being allowed to tear into her without Reese’s voice being heard. Allow her to have her say, state her case. If Reese is bi-sexual, tell us she is. Don’t give us the continued ‘is she, isn’t she’ mantra. Again, if the desire is to push a Zach and Reese pairing, do it. Don’t shy away from it because you may face a backlash, but don’t continue to tell us this is a ‘groundbreaking’ storyline when in all fact, it’s just a ploy to gain ratings. Yes, this couple needs drama, but not this kind. Not like this Mr. Pratt. I think the gay/les/bi community deserve better than this. My big belief here is that Mr. Pratt was watching the groundsmashing show “Queer as Folk” with the lesbian couple of Melanie Marcus (Michelle Clunie) and Lindsay Peterson (Thea Gill) and thought, “Oh, yeah. We should do that!” Problem is, it was cheap when Ron Cowan and Daniel Lipman did it on that show, having Lindsay have a one night stand that bordered on rape with an avant garde artist, then come home to face Melanie and have that family break up because of a stupid plot point. There was no desire to have Lindsay actually take up with the artist, it was all for nothing. So if the desire here is to have a little fling between Zach and Reese, I say don’t! There’s no need to screw this up further by having Reese again take the fall for all that is wrong in Pine Valley. I’m just waiting for Erica and Kendall to blame the tornadoes that hit Pine Valley on Reese as if she’s some sort of conjuring witch with evil powers. I personally would like to think Reese is more Serafina Pekkala from “The Golden Compass” than Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz”. Mr. Pratt, you pitched this story to Tamara. You told her it would be groundbreaking. You got her to sign on the dotted line. Don’t pull a Bob Guza and make Tamara the fool.

I’d like to comment further on the scene from yesterday’s show when Reese and Zach ‘kissed’. First of all, it really wasn’t a ‘kiss’ rather a bit of a nudge and a small peck. My guess from re-watching the scene a couple of times is that Zach whispered something in Reese’s ear when he pulled her close. Though to most, this scene may seem inappropriate, to me it wasn’t. I found the scene to be very sweet. Two people, and eek gads, a man and a woman shared a very sweet moment. I didn’t see anything disgusting or wrong about it. We all know Zach is devoted to Kendall. The scenes of Zach holding his vigil at Kendall’s beside has been evidence enough at that enduring love they have. Being that I’m not a regular watcher of AMC, I would assume that Zach and Kendall are in love. But for me, I feel there is sufficient chemistry between Tamara and Thorsten to warrant a romantic pairing if not for the other issues such as Kendall and Bianca. My comment about the hotness of the scene between Tamara and Thorsten was not to spark a huge debate. It was said because I know what Tamara can do. She’s done it on every soap she’s been on General Hospital with Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), Ted King (Lorenzo/Luis Alcazar), even the less than mediocre pairing with Shaun Benson (Steven Lars). Then to Days with Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson), James Scott (EJ Welles) and Drake Hogestyn (John Black). Given too how really isolated AMC has kept Tamara in not allowing her other scenes outside of those with Zach and Bianca, one cannot help but see the obvious. Again, I’m not saying that there is going to be some big hot and heavy love affair with Zach and Reese. I’m only saying that there are possbilities. NOTE: I erroneously said that Tamara would be on today. My apologies. The show is a repeat of the tornado episode where Zach delievered Gabrielle.

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