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I’m honing my Photoshop prowess with some new icons and signatures I’ve created. Hope you like them. [ 004 ] CUSTOM SIGNATURES: TAMARA [ 005 ] CUSTOM ICONS: TAMARA

I wanted to give the heads up on a site I’ve put together on Tamara’s DOOL co-star, Stephen Nichols. With his new role on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as the new Tucker McCall, I wanted to put together something for his fans, as well as a little guilty pleasure for me. So if you’d like to see Stephen in his new role, feel free to join me here:Thanks.Yours, Dianne

On behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA and OBSCURE MEDIA, I’d like to wish all of my visitors and Tamara’s fans the brightest of holiday wishes. Please be safe and take care. Yours, Dianne

I know this has nothing whatsoever to do with Tamara or the site, but I wanted to take a little space to wish my partner of over 20 years a very Happy Birthday today. I won’t mention her name, we met in 1980 as friends and became something more. So some 29 years later, we’re still together. So just for today, I want to wish her my very best on this her day. With Love, Dianne

I want to say a special thank you a million times over to Hurley of EVE for thinking of TAMARA OBSCURA as the inheritor of her hard work, love and devotion to Tamara over these past six years. My gretitude is endless. It’s going to be a daunting task to incorporate all of EVE’s content into this website in the best way. So what I’ve decided to do is do it slowly. Over the course of the next week, there will be a lot of uploads to the gallery, and you might find some things missing as I update and replace some of my screencaps with Hurley’s HQ ones. I’ve also made a change in the form of a fresh new banner to bring into TAMARA OBSCURA, EVE’s feel. The colours will remain the same but the banner as well as a name change will take place. The new name for this consolidated space will be TAMARA OBSCURA || VEILLE DE MINUIT or in English for the linquistically challenged TAMARA OBSCURA || MIDNIGHT EVE. I hope you like it. I’ll also be making tweaks to the gallery and forum headers.On a personal note, I want to wish Hurley all the best in her future endeavors. I’m sure all Tamara fans appreciate your pioneering Tamara’s spirit all the way back to carlycorinthos.net. Thank you. Yours, Dianne

I just wanted to let you know, I’ll have some amazing news for you guys. Stay tuned…..

Long time, no hear. I know, but I’ve been doing a lot of things to bring the site up to a certain standard while also including things for you guys to make this place as fun and as interactive a place as it can be for you. First is the addition of two new articles for your reading pleasure. The first is a blogger recap of the Emmy Awards and their joy at Tamara’s win. The other is speculation of Tamara’s return to soaps as the recast Victoria on Y&R. Tamara definitely nixes those rumors stating that she has been approached by shows, but not Y&R The link to the article will be in the list update below the cut. She hasn’t said no to the possibility of returning to DAYS though. I’d have to ask what there would be for Ava to do. Stephen Nichols and Drake Hogestyn are both gone, so who would they pair Ava with? Next, there’s that pesky little thing about Ava’s causing the plane to crash and the death of Papa Shawn Brady (Frank Parker). No character can get over that hurdle of being the cause of the death of a beloved character. Look what’s happening on GH with Sarah Brown’s character of Claudia Zacchara and the shooting of Michael (Then Dylan Cash.) The only shows remaining are a return to AMC as Reese, which I think Tamara would rather have a red hot poker put in her eye then to return to Pratt’s version of a lesbian wet dream. The only other shows are OLTL, B&B and As The World Turns… or possibly GH as Carly. I’ve also included a fun section into the site. It’s a really cool thing where you can put together jigsaw puzzles of Tamara. So far, I’ve included only her soap characters of Carly, Ava, and Reese, plus four images of her with her new golden prize. I hope you enjoy. Next, is the addition of a Shout Box located below the featured video in the sidebar. Hope this is fun for you. The last is a search box under the welcome message. Here you can type in what you’d like to find and it’ll lead you to sections within the site that include that search term. You can also do a search from Google. So, I hope you enjoy the new stuff. I should also let you know that I’m going around seeing what needs to be cleaned up in the site. When I began putting it up back in 2006, I kind of just threw up content without really organizing it to any great degree. I’m also replacing old scans from the past several years that are really bad. I recently bought a new scanner with my new computer and I like the result better. You’ll likely be seeing new scans up in the gallery as you peruse it. Anyone who’s a regular visitor to TAMARA OBSCURA will know that I include the scan in the press section articles. What’s happening there is that I’m trying to clear out the backlog of articles I haven’t gotten to in the past three years. It’s the hope that I can get all remaining things up in the press section by the end of the year. Yes, I do have that much. Without further adieu….

You’re likely wondering what is going to become of TAMARA OBSCURA in lighte of news that Hurley over at EVE is now officially archived. Well, I’ll still be here to give you the latest news and headlines on Tamara and her career. I have no intention of saying goodbye. I’m having too much fun doing what I’m doing. In the last couple of days I’ve been busy adding articles to the Press section trying to get the backlog cleaned up. Along with adding articles, there’s a whole influx of scans up at the GALLERY section. I’m also in the midst of getting further sections of the main site up so there will be as comprehensive a collection of information on Tamara and her career. I’m also attempting to clip up all of Tamara’s work on both ALL MY CHILDREN and DAYS OF OUR LIVES up at OBSCURE MEDIA. But please bear with me. I’d like to add a personal shout out to Hurley and to say, that I wish her all the luck in her furhter endeavours. Thank you for giving us six years of your time and your work. It’s been very appreciated by all Tamara’s fans I’m sure. So that’s it for now. Take care and be safe. Yours, Dianne

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