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Dead Trigger
playing Gloria Russo
Year: ????
Status: Filming
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Untitled Marvista Entertainment Project
playing Beth
Year: 2016
Status: Post-Production
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Days of our Lives
playing Ava Vitali
Year: 09 December 2015 - 01 March 2016
Status: Archived
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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: December 25, 2010
Merry Christmas to all on behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA and OBSCURE MEDIA. Here’s hoping all your Christmas dreams come true and a special shout out to Tamara who deserves all the best. Take care and be safe. Remember, if you’re going to be drinking make alternative driving arrangements.

Yours, Dianne/Webmaster of Tamara Obscura and Obscure Media

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: December 01, 2010
Well, here it is. Finally! TAMARA OBSCURA‘s new layout. A huge debt of gratitude to Christine @ PINKCHAOS.ORG for the lovely and stunning design. I’d struggled for months with various things that Christine brought together so effortlessly. If anyone needs a quality website designed for them, Christine’s your go-to gal. Thank you so very much Christine. No words can express how thrilled I am with the new design.

One thing though, with Christmas rapidly approaching and some personal issues I have going on right now in terms of family responsibilities, the transferring of the pages in the old website will take some time to transfer here. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to set up the new press section, so until I have that done, I’m going to be using the dropdown section in the top sidebar box for that so you can still read the articles. I also have a whole whack of house cleaning to do behind the scenes in clearing out the old files that once encompassed this site. I hope to have that done throughout December. With so much new here at TAMARA OBSCURA, I’m going to have to take the time to breathe it all in. So for now, I hope you love the changes. I know I do.

As always, take care and be safe.

Yours, Dianne

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: November 27, 2010
The title refers to a Rush song off of their “Snakes & Arrows” album that infers something is up. Something is. I’m going to be doing some monkeying around behind the scenes in getting the gallery fixed, and by fixed I mean, it’s in a shoddy state. Since I put this site up, I’ve gotten more proficient at organizing the galleries of my Stephen Nichols, Ted King and Mitch Pileggi sites. This one I’m afraid I kind of put up on the fly just to get something up on Tamara. I’m really disappointed in the way it looks organizationally for the new layout to go up. Plus, I’m going to be updating the database to a newer more svelt version of Coppermine. So for a time the look will be plain old, plain old. The new layout will be up, fingers crossed, next week, or at the very latest the weekend. So please forgive any hinkiness you might find in the viewing.

Another thing, I’ve been able to get a hold of about a dozen images of Tamara’s last event, the “Faster” premiere in Los Angeles. Hopefully I’ll have those for you sometime tonight. Sorry for the sluggishness of the updates and uploads but there’s been so much to do to prepare the site for the new layouts. My apologies.

Yours, Dianne

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: November 03, 2010
On behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA and OBSCURE MEDIA I’d like to congratulate Eden and her husband, Andrew Miller and little dog, Riley on the announcement of Eden’s first pregnancy. Congrats to the wonderful couple and puppy.
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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: October 30, 2010
I just wanted to let you know that over the next few weeks, there will be some changes that will be happening for TAMARA OBSCURA. Those things will be in the gallery, plus the main site. What those ‘changes’ will be? I’m going to be getting up a new layout to both the main site and gallery, so that will entail me having to update some major things throughout. What this will mean is for a period of two weeks, I’ll be putting up an hiatus page that will effectively block the site from being viewed, but the gallery will remain up as well as OBSCURE MEDIA for you to look at. The gallery will be undergoing a database update to a newer more secure form. But again, it will be active for you to view. I’m hoping the updating will go smoothly though given my proclivity to screw up….. I’ll be moving the site’s main pages and press section over to the new content throughout these two weeks while I”m working on getting the new layout up. I hope you understand and I do promise, the site will not be down long.

Onto other stuff, there is a Facebook page out there @ TAMARA BRAUN that is claiming to be Tamara. It is not. Tamara does not to my knowledge have a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter account. So please be warned.

This person who has set this page up has taken images from my site to be used on this page without asking me. This person is also using my site as ‘Tamara’s’ official website. This is wrong and I did not give this person permission to do so. I’ve posted to this person to kindly remove any images that bear my watermarking and the profile pic as it is directly cropped from my main header banner. This image is not for copying and reposting. I’ve also asked this person to remove the link to my site as it is not Tamara’s official website.

Okay, that’s it for now. As I said, please be advised of the changes going on. If you have a comment, please don’t forget to use the Shoutmix in the sidebar. I’d love to hear from you.

Yours, Dianne

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: September 28, 2010
I wanted to make this post here to honour the life that was Gloria Stuart. Gloria passed away today after a battle with Lung Cancer. For GENERAL HOSPITAL fans, we remember Gloria for her cameo as Old Katherine to Tamara’s Young Katherine in the New Year’s Eve 2002-2003 episode of GH where we got to see what became Carly’s club The Cellar was like back in the swingin’ 1920s when it was a speakeasy where booze, crime and romance ruled Port Charles. It was a lovely couple of episodes where GH finally allowed Tamara to show what she could do in terms of acting. I also remember an interview on Entertainment Tonight with Tamara and Gloria, and dammit I wish I had it, but Gloria really had some nice things to say about Tamara and her future. I’ll always love Gloria for what she said. Thanks Gloria for your spirit and for your youthful dedication to your craft. From TAMARA OBSCURA & OBSCURE MEDIA, I want to offer my sincere condolences to Gloria’s family and to her fans. I know we’re all be a bit darker without her light. Sail on Gloria. You will be missed. In Gloria’s honour, I’d like to remind Tamara fans of the work she did on GH. Here’s my special video I put together. Something I called SPEAKEASY OF FATE. Enjoy.

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: August 15, 2010

Okay, when was the last time one saw a whole day devoted to the return of a non-legacy member of a soap opera? Not! It’s not surprising that with the return of Vanessa Marcil to her much vaunted role of Brenda Barrett (remember the ‘Luminous Brenda’ comment Carly made while stuck in the quicksand?) ABC decided it was going to pre-empt ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE and give that airtime over to three ‘special’ episodes dedicated to three significant parts of Brenda’s life. For Brenda fans, I’m sure it was a joy to see them. For others of other legacy characters like Lucky played originally by Jonathan Jackson, I’m sure it was a major league pain in the …… Given that other shows have had original actresses/actors return to the parts they created like Andrea Evans, the original Tina Lord on OLTL, this came as a major letdown. However, the one upside to it all is that fans of some of the other characters who have either been reduced to occasional appearances like Monica (Leslie Charleson) or even those who have disappeared altogether like STEPHEN NICHOLS who played the part of the Dark Prince Stefan Cassadine or we, Tamara Braun fans, we were able to see those we loved and lost. So thanks to this, I have one episode of GH from October 2002. Tamara was beautiful as Carly and I truly loved the essence of humility and sensuality she brought to the part. I truly do miss her, though I don’t miss the crap they gave her. Thanks to our friend Hurley for the excellent screencaps and to me for the clip. [ 079 ] SCREENCAPS: 10/29/2002 – GENERAL HOSPITAL [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 10/29/2002 – GENERAL HOSPITAL

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: August 06, 2010

I’ve been made aware of some issues regarding the comments section on the posts. Apparently, you can’t comment. Seems something is amiss, but I’m working on it. I’m not sure what happened and hopefully this won’t be a permanent thing. I’ve also been working on getting a new content management system up. Cutenews is really unreliable and it is no longer supported. As I said, I’m currently working on getting a new layout as well as trying to get the site converted to WordPress. In the meantime until I get things in order, please feel free to use the shoutmix in the sidebar to leave a comment or a fast blast. Again, so sorry for the problems but I’m getting tired of Cutenews. Stay tuned.

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: July 20, 2010

My apologies for the site problems you might have been having here. What was the cause? Quite simply, me….In the endeavour to stop that all dreaded hotlinking from other sites to this one, I wrote some code and put it someplace where the sun don’t shine and it really screwed up the site. I wasn’t aware that it was not only stopping people (you know who you are) from viewing the site, but from displaying any images whatsoever. That dastardly code is now history and she’s back to her old faithful self. Again, my apologies. Yours, DiannePS: Still no news on the Tamara front. I’m still keeping an eye out and when I get news, I’ll be the first to blab it here…..Promise.

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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: July 03, 2010

You’ve likely noticed there has been a change over at the GALLERY. I updated that database and adopted a modification to the look of the images and the way the thumbnails are displayed. I’m also in the process of trying to get the site updates in terms of press articles and other images to the gallery. Plus, I’m also still trying to come up with a new design for the overall look and feel of the site. That’s been very slow going. I also wanted to let you know, i just recently wrote to Debby O’Connor, Tamara’s fan club president, and she told me so far Tamara doesn’t have anything lined up. I know it’s been a daught of epic proportions with nothing new coming, but I feel that Tamara deserves this time off. Since she left GENARAL HOSPITAL, she’s been working non-stop. She deserves this time. When something comes I was told by Debby she’d let me know and I’ll post here. Yours, Dianne

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