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I’d like to take this time to wish all of Tamara’s fans a happy and healthy 2011. It’s hard to believe it’s 2011. Here’s hoping that this is Tamara’s year. Take care all. Be safe.

Yours, Dianne

Well, after a hectic and peptic couple of days, OBSCURE-MEDIA is back up and running. A huge sigh of relief from this webmaster in that one of the solutions handed me was the NON-option of rebuilding the site from scratch. That would have been more of a headache than I was willing to endure thank you. My only problem right now is that all my subdomains built under the obscure-media.com main domain aren’t resolving. I have my fingers crossed they’ll be back soon. But a huge YEY that Tamara is back up and running.

Yours, Dianne

I’ve been made aware by my media site host that OBSCURE MEDIA will be down for a bit, likely 48 hours due to some security issues. They’re in the process of moving to a new server and they’ve informed me that it will take that long to get everything done. Please keep checking back and I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Yours, Dianne

Merry Christmas to all on behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA and OBSCURE MEDIA. Here’s hoping all your Christmas dreams come true and a special shout out to Tamara who deserves all the best. Take care and be safe. Remember, if you’re going to be drinking make alternative driving arrangements.

Yours, Dianne/Webmaster of Tamara Obscura and Obscure Media

This is something I saw on another site. It has something to do with an actor or actresses starmeter rating on IMDB and its influence on casting agents and projects gained. Well I was thinking, if we as Tamara’s fans clicked on the link in the sidebar under Current Projects, we might be able to get Tamara’s profile raised. Here’s how it works: Each time you navigate to the person’s IMDB page, it ups their starmeter rating. Now you can do this one of many ways. You can set the person’s page as your homepage and each time you sign into your computer, that registers a ‘vote’ as it were. The next way is to come here and click the button in the sidebar. Another is to Google her page, then click onto it. The last is bookmarking the page wherever is convenient. You can do this as many times a day as you like using one of the many methods mentioned, but the point is to get Tamara’s starmeter rating up. So if you’d like to take part, just do one of the methods so we can start showing casting agents and directors who might see Tamara and consider her for a project, to actually take those steps to cast her. Thanks in advance to anyone who participates.

Well, here it is. Finally! TAMARA OBSCURA‘s new layout. A huge debt of gratitude to Christine @ PINKCHAOS.ORG for the lovely and stunning design. I’d struggled for months with various things that Christine brought together so effortlessly. If anyone needs a quality website designed for them, Christine’s your go-to gal. Thank you so very much Christine. No words can express how thrilled I am with the new design.

One thing though, with Christmas rapidly approaching and some personal issues I have going on right now in terms of family responsibilities, the transferring of the pages in the old website will take some time to transfer here. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to set up the new press section, so until I have that done, I’m going to be using the dropdown section in the top sidebar box for that so you can still read the articles. I also have a whole whack of house cleaning to do behind the scenes in clearing out the old files that once encompassed this site. I hope to have that done throughout December. With so much new here at TAMARA OBSCURA, I’m going to have to take the time to breathe it all in. So for now, I hope you love the changes. I know I do.

As always, take care and be safe.

Yours, Dianne

Okay, I made you wait long enough. Here are the event images of Tamara attending the Los Angeles Premiere of the film “Faster”. They’re a mixture of MQ and HQ. Enjoy. I’m not going to post any thumbs for the album as I’m in the process of getting the site prepared for the new layout.


The title refers to a Rush song off of their “Snakes & Arrows” album that infers something is up. Something is. I’m going to be doing some monkeying around behind the scenes in getting the gallery fixed, and by fixed I mean, it’s in a shoddy state. Since I put this site up, I’ve gotten more proficient at organizing the galleries of my Stephen Nichols, Ted King and Mitch Pileggi sites. This one I’m afraid I kind of put up on the fly just to get something up on Tamara. I’m really disappointed in the way it looks organizationally for the new layout to go up. Plus, I’m going to be updating the database to a newer more svelt version of Coppermine. So for a time the look will be plain old, plain old. The new layout will be up, fingers crossed, next week, or at the very latest the weekend. So please forgive any hinkiness you might find in the viewing.

Another thing, I’ve been able to get a hold of about a dozen images of Tamara’s last event, the “Faster” premiere in Los Angeles. Hopefully I’ll have those for you sometime tonight. Sorry for the sluggishness of the updates and uploads but there’s been so much to do to prepare the site for the new layouts. My apologies.

Yours, Dianne

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