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According to LIMBO LOUNGE’s official website, the film will be getting it’s world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Saturday, 24 April 2010 at 5:15 PM. Cast and crew will be in attendence. I’m hoping I can get ahold of some images from the premiere. If I do, you’ll find them here. For anyone lucky enough to be in the area, you can purchase tickets here: NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL: LIMBO LOUNGE TICKETS. If anyone is lucky enough to see the film. drop by TAMARA OBSCURA to let us know how Tamara was. Yours, Dianne

On behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA and OBSCURE MEDIA, I’d like to wish Tamara the happiest of days. She turns 39 today. It’s my hope that Tamara has a wonderful day today with her family and little Barley. Today is also the fourth anniversary of the launching of TAMARA OBSCURA. It had been my hope to have a new layout and such for the main site, gallery and OBSCURE MEDIA, however, family issues have put that on a delay. I am working on getting that rectified. My apologies for not having had that completed. Please have a great day and here’s hoping Tamara’s enjoying her day. Yours, Dianne

For the past couple of weeks, WE LOVE SOAPS has been compiling a list of their top actresses and actors on the daytime soap. This week, they’ve put together a 50 Greatest Actress Honourable List, and Tamara made it. Click on the link above to see who else is on the list with Tamara. So sorry for the lack of further updates, it’s just there’s no news. Tamara has sort of gone under the wire for the most part. With the exception of LIMBO LOUNGE and her completing her role as Renee Ellen this summer on SAVING GRACE, there really isn’t a lot out there to report. I’m still in the process of updating the GENERAL HOSPITAL section with the screencaps I received from Hurley. I’ve also received EVE’s press section, so I’m also updating the press section here. I’m also trying out a new idea with how to archive the press section….so far, not so good. Yours, Dianne

Some news about LIMBO LOUNGE. I have one more still for you and some news about when the film will finally get its premiere. I found out through the film’s Facebook page that the film will get its premiere at the SAN FRANCISCO INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL from February 4 thru to the 18th, 2010. For more information, you can go to the SFIFF webpage for the film [ HERE ] for showtimes. So if you’re in the San Francisco area, check it out. And if you do, drop us a line here at TAMARA OBSCURA and let us know how Tamara was. [ 001 ] NEW STILL: LIMBO LOUNGE

I’m honing my Photoshop prowess with some new icons and signatures I’ve created. Hope you like them. [ 004 ] CUSTOM SIGNATURES: TAMARA [ 005 ] CUSTOM ICONS: TAMARA

I wanted to give the heads up on a site I’ve put together on Tamara’s DOOL co-star, Stephen Nichols. With his new role on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as the new Tucker McCall, I wanted to put together something for his fans, as well as a little guilty pleasure for me. So if you’d like to see Stephen in his new role, feel free to join me here:Thanks.Yours, Dianne

A major LIMBO LOUNGE update. I’ve uploaded four new stills of Tamara from the film as the temptress Anya to the gallery. Plus, I’ve been able to obtain HI-RES screencaps from the official trailer that’s been released, and, the embed of the official trailer for the film featuring our girl in some major scenes. Enjoy. I know I did when I saw it. I’m so excited for Tamara and given what director Tom Pankratz said about Tamara in this role, I’m sure we’ll never think the same about Tamara again…. Or we will, the next film role she gets. Still no news of the ‘official’ release date, but my guess is from talking to someone attached to the film, it’s going to be making the rounds of the film festivals before any official release date. Keep an eye out here for further updates. [ 004 ] NEW STILLS: LIMBO LOUNGE [ 132 ] SCREENCAPS: LIMBO LOUNGE OFFICIAL TRAILER [ 001 ] OBSCURE MEDIA: OFFICIAL TRAILER LIMBO LOUNGELIMBO LOUNGE OFFICIAL TRAILERSTILLSSELECTED TRAILER SCREENCAPS

On behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA and OBSCURE MEDIA, I’d like to wish all of my visitors and Tamara’s fans the brightest of holiday wishes. Please be safe and take care. Yours, Dianne

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