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Here, finally, is the video for the episode of ZOE, DUNCAN, JACK & JANE I promised. It’s E1X05 – Sympathy for Jack. Enjoy.

A new article to the press section. It’s from CNN and commenting on the state of soaps in light of the news that Eric Braeden of Y&R fame may have taped his last scenes as the venerable Victor Newman. What I loved about it was that the guy mentioned that Tamara was his favourite Carly. Tamara is still making news some four years after vacating the role. I’m warmed by this. I also have uploaded to the gallery screencaps from Tamara’s guest spot on the show ZOE, DUNCAN, JACK & JANE. I had to order all the way to Britain for this. It was well worth it though. I only have the screencaps at this point. I’ll get the video portion up at OBSCURE MEDIA tomorrow. Today is my Canadian Thanksgiving and I have company over. But I’ll get that up for you. Check back. I’m also in the process of finding out when Tamara will air on THREE RIVERS When I have that information, I’ll post.

New article added to the press section. You’ll find it after the cut. It does tell of one update from Tamara herself. She states she’s just booked a new guest starring role on the new CBS show THREE RIVERS. It stars Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Henney (Agent Zero, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE), Katherine Moenning (THE L WORD) and four-time Emmy Award winning actress Alfre Woodard (HILL STREET BLUES, MISS RIVER’S BOYS, STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT). I’ve got an email into Debby O’Connor to find out when Tamara is expected to be on, and when I know, I’ll let you know. Stand by.

Long time, no hear. I know, but I’ve been doing a lot of things to bring the site up to a certain standard while also including things for you guys to make this place as fun and as interactive a place as it can be for you. First is the addition of two new articles for your reading pleasure. The first is a blogger recap of the Emmy Awards and their joy at Tamara’s win. The other is speculation of Tamara’s return to soaps as the recast Victoria on Y&R. Tamara definitely nixes those rumors stating that she has been approached by shows, but not Y&R The link to the article will be in the list update below the cut. She hasn’t said no to the possibility of returning to DAYS though. I’d have to ask what there would be for Ava to do. Stephen Nichols and Drake Hogestyn are both gone, so who would they pair Ava with? Next, there’s that pesky little thing about Ava’s causing the plane to crash and the death of Papa Shawn Brady (Frank Parker). No character can get over that hurdle of being the cause of the death of a beloved character. Look what’s happening on GH with Sarah Brown’s character of Claudia Zacchara and the shooting of Michael (Then Dylan Cash.) The only shows remaining are a return to AMC as Reese, which I think Tamara would rather have a red hot poker put in her eye then to return to Pratt’s version of a lesbian wet dream. The only other shows are OLTL, B&B and As The World Turns… or possibly GH as Carly. I’ve also included a fun section into the site. It’s a really cool thing where you can put together jigsaw puzzles of Tamara. So far, I’ve included only her soap characters of Carly, Ava, and Reese, plus four images of her with her new golden prize. I hope you enjoy. Next, is the addition of a Shout Box located below the featured video in the sidebar. Hope this is fun for you. The last is a search box under the welcome message. Here you can type in what you’d like to find and it’ll lead you to sections within the site that include that search term. You can also do a search from Google. So, I hope you enjoy the new stuff. I should also let you know that I’m going around seeing what needs to be cleaned up in the site. When I began putting it up back in 2006, I kind of just threw up content without really organizing it to any great degree. I’m also replacing old scans from the past several years that are really bad. I recently bought a new scanner with my new computer and I like the result better. You’ll likely be seeing new scans up in the gallery as you peruse it. Anyone who’s a regular visitor to TAMARA OBSCURA will know that I include the scan in the press section articles. What’s happening there is that I’m trying to clear out the backlog of articles I haven’t gotten to in the past three years. It’s the hope that I can get all remaining things up in the press section by the end of the year. Yes, I do have that much. Without further adieu….

You’re likely wondering what is going to become of TAMARA OBSCURA in lighte of news that Hurley over at EVE is now officially archived. Well, I’ll still be here to give you the latest news and headlines on Tamara and her career. I have no intention of saying goodbye. I’m having too much fun doing what I’m doing. In the last couple of days I’ve been busy adding articles to the Press section trying to get the backlog cleaned up. Along with adding articles, there’s a whole influx of scans up at the GALLERY section. I’m also in the midst of getting further sections of the main site up so there will be as comprehensive a collection of information on Tamara and her career. I’m also attempting to clip up all of Tamara’s work on both ALL MY CHILDREN and DAYS OF OUR LIVES up at OBSCURE MEDIA. But please bear with me. I’d like to add a personal shout out to Hurley and to say, that I wish her all the luck in her furhter endeavours. Thank you for giving us six years of your time and your work. It’s been very appreciated by all Tamara’s fans I’m sure. So that’s it for now. Take care and be safe. Yours, Dianne

As promised, I’m back with what I won’t call, the round up on the Emmy Awards. I might have some other images to go up next month. I broke the bank this month. But fear not, at least there will be something to look forward to for next month. I was able to obtain some 73 HI-RES images of Tamara during the various moments throughout her big night. I’ve also decided to create one section within the gallery for all the images: Press, media, etc. Just so there’s a vault of sorts for Tamara’s Emmy win. I’ve also created for OBSCURE MEDIA an omnibus edition of the night’s festivities and press. The link will be in the list of additions, plus the embed here in this post. Enjoy.

Okay, according to The Suds Report at TVGUIDE.COM, Tamara is being touted as a possible replacement for Amelia Heinle for the part of Victoria Newman on the top-rated soap:The Young and the Restless, CBS/Global

Here is the Emmy Night roundup. Sorry I didn’t have these up last night. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, and just kind of went to be feeling a little more euphoric than I likely would have. I’m so proud of Tamara. She was humble as always in accepting her award, and I loved she didn’t have anything prepared. It must have been the night for improv reactions. Vincent Irrizary and Darin Brook’s ‘f-bomb’ was just what old-style awards shows used to be about. The spontineity of them all. But in the end, Tamara’s now in a different realm. With that little guy in her possession, the sky’s the limit. I couldn’t be happier that her mother Reneta was there with her. Fitting she’s been with Tamara throughout all the successes. A special shout out to Tamara’s mom for raising such a wonderful daughter. And thank you Tamara for making my night. I’ve got watermarked images from various news photographic sites for you. I might have some HI-RES ones a bit later. I’ll post anew when I get them. I have video of the entire night with Tamara vis a vi OBSCURE MEDIA. Enjoy.