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Carrying on with the Year End review of the soaps, I was finally able to get a hold of a copy of ABC SID’s 2009 YEAR IN SOAPS after enduring a month long transit strike in my city that ended last week that allowed me to make that pilgrimmage to my favourite newsstand. There were a few pages with Tamara, not as many as in past years, but some just the same. Honourable mention went to the Hechian confused Lesbian Reese and the wedding that should have been a daytime first having been preceded by the Reese/Zach pre-nuptial snog. Then there’s a recap of the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards where Tamara won her very first Emmy as Best Supporting Actress for her role of Ava Vitali on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Finally, a page where Tamara mentions her political stance on the rights of same-sex couples to marry. Then there’s a recap of the year on AMC. Just a little note here. Although it’s not a fullblown site, I’ve started a gallery for Tamara’s former DOOL co-star Stephen Nichols here: RENEGADE: STEPHEN NICHOLS ONLINE. With news of Stephen’s role on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, I’m trying to decide whether to go wholehog and expand it to include daily screencaps of Stephen’s work on the soap. I don’t even have a theme for the gallery, which right now is just that, themeless. If any of Stephen’s fans visit TAMARA OBSCURA, please feel free to drop me a line here: RENEGADE: STEPHEN NICHOLS ONLINE and I’ll see what I can do. Yours, Dianne

I thought I’d share with you what I received in the mail today from Tamara’s fan club. It’s her 2009 Christmas Wish to her fans. I’ve tagged the image so that it won’t be disceminated all over the internet. I just wanted those who don’t belong to Tamara’s fan club to see it. I think it’s lovely. On another note, I’m in the process of figuring out what to do with the remaining images Hurley handed over to me from her website. I’ve got something up my sleeve and will let you know when it’s done. As for the remaining GENERAL HOSPITAL screencaps, I’m still working on finishing up the retagging and getting them ready to enter the gallery. I’m also awaiting Hurley’s delivery of the articles of her press section. Again, I’ll let you know when I’ve gotten those up.

I have one more new scan for you. It’s of course, the year-end round up of all the soaps and each magazine has its “Best & Worst” list out. This one is from SOAP OPERA DIGEST and according to them, AMC had one of the worst weddings … if not the only wedding on AMC this year. They cited that the wedding in and of itself was beautiful, but the dramatic turns it took both before and after the nuptials were to say the least … sudsy. The only thing I truly have to take umbrage with is their interpretation of what happened before. They cited: “Reese and Bianca’s lesbian wedding, a daytime first, truly was beautiful, but its emotional impact and integrity were diluted by Reese’s prewedding makeout sesh with Zach (and in fact that they split the next day.” I’m not truly happy with that assessment of what happened between Reese and Zach since she was clearly drunk on the stilettos of Kendall’s rebuke of everything Reese was to Bianca and Bianca not coming to her soon-to-be bride’s side. Once again, Charles Pratt Jr’s contemptable writing and complete disregard for what should have been a respectful depiction of what was a monumental moment in Daytime history. At least both Tamara and Eden Riegel gave it their all.

I’ve added some new scans to the press section in the gallery. They don’t mention Tamara directly, but they have photos of her accompanying the articles. The first is about the recast of Steven Lars Webber with Scott Reeves as Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) brother. The photo that goes with the article is of Tamara as Carly and Shaun Benson as Steven Lars. Remember that Tamara and Shaun were Edie Lowe and Truck Sugar in the fourth season episode The Red and the Blue of the CBS show COLD CASE. There is a slight mention of Tamara as one former Carly on the same page that announces Laura Wright has inked a new deal to remain on GENERAL HOSPITAL as Not-OurCarly. The other is a six-page year-end wrap up of ALL MY CHILDREN in 2009. Included are images of Tamara as Reese and a mention of the Reese/Bianca nuptials and the aftermath of the infamous Reese/Zach kiss. Enjoy.

I just got through reading a thread on the SOAPCENTRAL board where they took a poll as to who was the respondents favouriate Carly. Well, out of 114 posters, the numbers broke down like this:TAMARA BRAUN ……….. 45SARAH BROWN …………. 33LAURA WRIGHT …………. 32JENNIFER BRANSFORD ….. 4My interpretation of it is as I have always thought, Tamara made the most impact as Carly. She was THE one to bring Carly into adulthood. While yes, Sarah Brown was the originator, she didn’t have the ability to make Carly truly a character in her own right or one capable of showing the deep humanity and humility Tamara did. To me, I think it’s very wrong that Jennifer Bransford got such a low number. Like Tamara, she was given a Herculean task of following a popular actress. Most of the comments about Tamara’s version is that she had chemistry with everyone she was paired with and more. The other comments were that Tamara was just simply the best Carly. I actually had expected a higher number for Laura Wright’s version considering that she’s the one currently on, but the majority wants Tamara back. I know it’ll never happen due to how they’ve recreated Carly the way Bob Guza wants her. Also, there are so few members of the cast left for Tamara to come back add to that one, the fact they’ve SORASed Michael and Morgan. Tamara simply doesn’t look old enough to be the mother to someone as old as Michael now is. On another GH note, I’m still retagging all the screencaps Hurley sent my way. I’d like to get them all done and up, but I thought I’d take a slower go at it. So just keep track on the gallery and I’ll let you know when they’re all up. Be safe and take care.Dianne

According to SOAP CENTRAL, Charles Pratt Jr. has been fired by ABC. According to the various message boards I’ve been reading, much of it may stem from the way actors and actresses have more or less left the fold due to Pratt’s uneven, even sloppy writing. All us Reese and Bianca fans know what was done to our couple. My bet is with the relocation to the West Coast, many of the actors Brian Frons had hoped to lure back like Tamara and Eden Riegel all more or less told him their terms. I’m wondering with this having been done, whether Tamara might come back as Reese? Perhaps with a better incentive storyline-wise, there might be some chance we may see Tamara back on daytime. Here’s hoping. Interim head writer will be longtime AMC scribe Lorraine Broderick. According to what I’ve read, she came up under Agnes Nixon and was Nixon’s choice to succeed her as head scribe. Fingers crossed. For those wondering what’s been going on. I’ve been busy getting all the GENERAL HOSPITAL screencaps up in the gallery. What is taking the time is that I want all the file names to be the same as those in the DOOL and AMC sections. With four years to handle, it’s been a bit of a wait. My apologies for that. But keep an eye on the gallery. I’ll be trying to get the rest up throughout this week. Hopefully by next weekend, I’ll have it all complete. That’s it for now. Take care and be safe. Yours, Dianne

I finally have all the media for Tamara’s appearance on THREE RIVERS posted. HQ copies of the screencaps are courtesy of our good friend Hurley. Thank you. The clip is courtesy of AO, and the MQ screencaps are mine. Thanks to all for helping me along with these. My final assessment of Tamara’s role: I loved her. Talk about a viper. As the sales representative for medical devices, Tamara landed the aspect of the work Samantha would do. To echo what AO said in a comment she made below, the chemistry between Tamara and Daniel Henney as Dr. Lee was just hawt! I was soooooo hoping we’d see the two hitting the sheets. I never thought our girl would be acting alongside Agent Zero from X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. But like everyone and everything else with Tamara, she has chemistry with anyone, whether it be with men, women, dogs, tree limbs (wooden leg reference here), splinters of wood…… Well, I think you get the point. She was flirty, sexy, and dynamic. I would really love to see Ms. Krauser back and hopefully, those bedroom scenes with Dr. Lee would manifest themselves. Yeah, I’m that shallow. [ 153 ] MQ SCREENCAPS SAMANTHA: “THREE RIVERS” E1X06 WHERE WE LIE

Hi guys. Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the party, but I was having computer problems in the form of the device I use to record to my computer went frizty on me. I had to un-install, and re-install about three times to get it to do what I wanted it to do. Unfortunately, the quality wasn’t all I’d hoped. I got some pretty fair screencaps, but nothing close to what I wanted. I have a friend who has recorded a HI-DEF version who has burned a disc with the episode, and I’ll be getting that later today. I’ll be redoing the screencaps along with getting the clip done and uploaded to OBSCURE MEDIA. I will post anew when I have that. The embed will be available in the sidebar. Also too, the program didn’t start on time in my area. It was about twenty minutes late coming on. I was able to record it to my PVR. Yours, Dianne