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Welcome to TAMARA BRAUN ONLINE a site dedicated to Emmy Award Winning actress and activist Tamara Braun. Known for her best known roles as Ava Vitali (Days of our Lives), Reese Williams (All My Children) and Carly Corinthos/Dr. Kim Nero (General Hospital). Tamara as quite a few prime time credits to her name including Bosch, CSI, Saving Grace, Supernatural, Freddie, Castle, Without a Trace, House and including the films Little Chenier, Limbo Lounge, Fallen Arches, Pretty Rosebud. Tamara is also an activist lending her name and time to many charities and causes to create change in the world. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS POLICY. To read that please click the link.
Tamara The Biography


  • FULL GIVEN NAME: Tamara Eve Braun
  • BIRTHDATE: Sunday, 18 April, 1971
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Aries
  • ORIGINS: German/Jewish
  • BIRTHPLACE: Evanston, Illinois; USA
  • CURRENTLY RESIDES: Los Angeles, California; USA
  • FATHER: Bennett O. Braun (psychiatrist)
  • MOTHER: Renata E. Dubrow Braun (psychologist)
  • SIBLINGS: Eric Braun (full older brother), two half sisters, one half brother, a step sister and two stepbrothers.
  • MARITAL STATUS: Live-in Boyfriend (unknown)
  • EDUCATION: Evanston Township High School, Evanston, Illinois; University of Madison, Wisconsin; The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art London, England.
  • EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown
  • HAIR COLOUR: Chestnut/Blonde/Golden Brown
  • HEIGHT: 5 ft, 5in
  • WEIGHT: 110 lbs


  • Has been a vegetarian for some time.
  • Worked as a banquet organizer at The Four Seasons Hotel.
  • Was about to quit acting for good days prior to getting the coveted role of Carly Corinthos on the hit ABC soap opera Gnereal Hospital.
  • Is four credits shy of becoming a licensed massage therapist.
  • Does not eat dairy products.
  • Hosted the annual Evening with the Stars benefiting The Desi Geestman Foundation with ex-costars Cynthia Preston and Alicia Leigh Willis.
  • As a child, wanted to be a magician.
  • Name in Hebrew means “Palm Tree.”
  • Did several Industrial films while still living in Chicago. Among them, “Discovery Zone,” “Boston Chicken” and “Household Finance.”
  • First name is pronounced ‘Tam-Ra’ like ‘Cam-Ra’
  • ‘Other’ skills: Horseback riding, alpine skiing, various dialects, stage combat and can belch on command.
  • Does NOT liked to be called Tammy
  • Dressed up as a Can Can girl to pass out flyers for a French Film Festival on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. “For once time in my life,” she cracks, “I was happy my breast were small.”
  • GH is first continuous regular job.
  • Play[ed]s the piano but hated practicing.
  • Would have loved to have met Vivien Leigh or Laurence Olivier.
  • The skirt worn the 40th GH Anniversary, she also wore to her screen test with Maurice Benard.
  • In high school, was the school mascot, Willie the Wildkit!
  • Used to baby sit since she was 12 years old.
  • Has been to Australia and used to go mountain climbing with her family!
  • Went back packing through Europe



Tamara Eve Braun was born April 18, 1971, in Evanston, Illinois, a beautiful suburb located near Chicago. As a child, Tamara always aspired to act, but being the daughter of a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist, her father and mother had other expectations for her. Instead of pursuing to explore and improve her innate acting skills, she entered college as a psychology major, a decision that was heavily influenced by her parents. Ideally by doing this, Tamara hoped to become a therapist for deaf children; however, Tamara knew that she would only attain happiness if she followed what she knew was her true calling: acting. While she pursued her life dream, she was able to attend a summer course at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, where she took up a keen interest for Shakespearean literature. Her first acting job, interestingly enough, was a training video for the Discovery Zone; and it can be assured that Tamara was more than happy to take part in its creation. After a disappointing two year dry spell, Tamara started taking the rejection to heart, something she refused and dreaded to do in the business. Although she loved Los Angeles, she refused to stay at a place that reminded her of her failed dreams. Feeling dejected, she told her boyfriend of over four years that she was finished with acting. But before all hope was lost, Tamara’s manager telephoned her with the good news: General Hospital wanted her for a screen-test for the role of ‘Sarah.’ Mislead by her mother’s friends, who are long time watches of General Hospital, Tamara was under the false impression that she would be playing the role of ‘Sarah’ Webber, Liz Webber’s older sister. Little did she know that her role was actually to replace Sarah Brown, who originated the role of Carly Roberts Corinthos! Quoting Tamara from the Soaps in Depth, February 19, 2002 edition, “Lo and behold…I’m Mrs. Carly Corinthos.”

It seemed like a challenging and overbearing task at first when Tamara first started playing Carly, as others would tell her how Sarah did things, and not allow her to do things her way. Elizabeth Korte, of General Hospital’s head writing team, eased some of the stress by reviewing over ten pages of back history on Carly, filling Tamara in on all the details of her character’s life. She began the role on May 3, 2001. Soon enough, through her diligence and hard work, Tamara became accepted by the fans, which was a huge personal triumph in her life- she felt as if she passed a test, and she felt truly touched. Nine months into her role as Carly she was finally comfortable with doing things her way, but happy that she was able to keep Carly as her erratic self.

Tamara’s been given acting tips by many co-workers, but has received the greatest advice from her leading man, Maurice Benard. “Forget what people are telling you about how Sarah [Brown] did it. You make your own,” Maurice stated in the article Her Better Half in the Soaps in Depth February 19, 2002 edition.

During an interview with Carolyn Hinsley, Tamara was asked if she was one of those complaining actors, she replied very eloquently that she would only approach a producer when she did not understand something, and whenever she needed their help to see the big picture. She has also always vocalized how much she appreciates all her fan base attention. Tamara also holds herself confidently, gracefully, humbly in public- If an interviewer would try to dig and get her to say something negative, she would retort that she loves how passionate they are, or that a reaction is best because they are into what is going on. She is always a gem during interviews.

On March 4, 2004, Tamara Braun was nominated for lead actress in a Drama Series, her first nomination. Tamara attended the event in a plum Roberto Cavalla creation. For the 2003 Emmy’s she was presented the Best Outstanding Younger Actor Emmy to Jordi Vilasuso along side Alicia Leigh Willis.

In Early 2005, Tamara received a pre-nomination in the Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress along with co-star Nancy Lee Grahn. In the February 22, 2005 issue of Soap Opera Digest it was announced that Tamara won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. In February 2005 Soapdom INC announced the winners in their Cybby Awards; Ms Braun was award five awards including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

When the March 8, 2005 issue of Soap Opera Digest hit the stands; fans of Tamara were shocked and saddened by her decision to leave General Hospital in pursuit of other roles, but once everyone calmed maybe looked forward to seeing spread her wings. Tamara’s last air date as Carly Corinthos was April 15, 2005. A few months later it was announced that she had landed a role in the Indie film Little Chenier, set to tape in Louisiana. Wrap up for the film ended days before the devastating Hurricane Wilma and the cast and crew made it out safely. The movie was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival October 17th. She also was the surprise guest at the Evening With the Stars but left early because she had an audition early the next day as well as she was sick. No sooner then that Tamara announced she was hired for a two part episode on ABC’s comedy Freddie playing Rose the baker where the ratings for the programmed increased and Freddie enjoyed working with her so much that he told her he would like her back if the show was picked up for a full season. She also was entered in the pre-nominations for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Later fans found that Freddie was picked up for a full season and fans eagerly awaited news that she would be returning for more episodes. In the January 2006 issue of ABC Soaps In Depth they announced she has in fact been contacted to do two more episodes.

In February of 2008, Tamara joined the cast of Days of Our Lives to portray the ex lover of Patch and mob princess Ava Vitali – Tamara left the role in August of the same year. She later joined All My Children as Bianca Montgomery’s lesbian fiancee, Reese Williams, who is also an accomplished architect.