Behind again! Mucho sorry….. Reese: I like Erica.Greenlee: I don’t, let her rip!I loved that interchange yesterday between Reese and Greenlee. It’s so funny, I really wasn’t too thrilled with Rebecca Budig given how ABC and Brian Frons handled the whole “Real Greenlee” campaign and how Ms. Budig’s predecessor Sabine Singh was treated so unfairly in light of Rebecca’s return, but I can truly say I’m loving this alliance between Greenlee and Reese. Finally, Reese has a supporter on her side. And I love how supportive Ryan (Cameron Matthison) is being of both Reese and Bianca. I know, I know…this is Ryan The Thongman. I get it, but I love how Ryan and Greenlee are more or less helping Reese and Bianca and I loved how Ryan told Bianca not to do what she’s going to be doing in testing Reese and Zach. I personally think it’s juvenile of Bianca to do this. While I do understand her reasons for believing that Reese will take off on her or at the very least, turn straight on her, I cannot understand the reasoning for writing this story. It does a great disservice to this ‘groundbreaking’ story in terms of making it seem as if gay/les/bi people are somehow more fickle than straight people. Of course, it’s ‘soap operaish’ to do this, but come on, Bianca believing she has to set a trap for the two people she claims to love! For further background on this week, read this article: LATE BREAKING NEWS: AMCS BIANCA SETS A TRAP FOR ZACH AND REESE. I’ll include four images from yesterday and today since Tamara was wearing the same clothes and had the same hair. BTW, llike her turn as Ava on Days of our Lives, I’m loving how the All My Children clothes, hair and makeup people are doing with Tamara. I’d have to give he edge to AMC’s people because I’m loving the sophistication they’re giving to Reese. Just love it. [ 181 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 01/08/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 01/08/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN [ 265 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 01/07/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 01/07/2009 “ALL MY CHILDREN

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  1. I never got to see Tamara as Carly on GH. I am not a soap watcher and only tune in when Bianca returns. I just love how she is playing Reece and a lesbian character. She has done an excellent job in that she has shown no hesitation but giving it her all. I feel bad that there are still posters who refuse to see her as anything but Carly. Or that she is not believable as a lesbian. I see a character madly in love with another and TB is amazing in it. I have learned alot about TB from your site and she has a new fan in me.

  2. I love Tamara in that outfit! 🙂 Can I smack Erica Kane? lol. I know she is just being an overbearing mom, but really, her reaction to Reese has been unjustified. Bianca's a mother of two kids, and is an adult, she isn't a baby anymore….grrrr. I loved that look though that Tamara as Reese gave when Erica was going on about her, that was priceless! :tongue:

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