On behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA and OBSCURE MEDIA, I’d like to congratulate Tamara on her Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her work as Ava Vitali on the NBC Soap Opera Days of our Lives. I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. This should be her year. She deserved the award in 2003 for her heavy year as Carly on General Hospital for the story arc involving Ric’s rape of Carly, Carly and the Panic Room, the yacht and Morgan’s birth. Here’s hoping the Soap Opera Gods think the way her fans do that she is deserving of this.


  1. "for the story arc involving Ric's rape of Carly, Carly and the Panic Room" Ric never raped Carly. I think Tamara is fantastic. She was my favorite Carly.

  2. Heidi: Thanks for your comment but the way it was written it was rape. Didn\'t matter if it was shown or not. The fact Ric drugged her and took her to that motel room, removed her clothes and put her in that bed…. Do the math. I know that was a rewrite on Guza\'s behalf because Tamara was selling it too good. I think Guza as well as Frons decided to take that away from Tamara. And I resent them from doing it. That whole aspect of Coleman looking into the window and saying nothing happened was just as skeevy as the actual storyline was. As for Tamara being the best Carly…I agree. Though I truly do think Jennifer Bransford deserved more time in the part with steadier writing. She is a very good actress. I have a film of hers and she\'s really good in it. It really bothers me the writers didn\'t introduce her slowly. They believed they could replace Tamara so easily and they were proven wrong. Though none of it was Jennifer\'s fault. All that rests solely in the lap of the porducers, writers and Frons himself. YOurs, Dianne

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