This is something I saw on another site. It has something to do with an actor or actresses starmeter rating on IMDB and its influence on casting agents and projects gained. Well I was thinking, if we as Tamara’s fans clicked on the link in the sidebar under Current Projects, we might be able to get Tamara’s profile raised. Here’s how it works: Each time you navigate to the person’s IMDB page, it ups their starmeter rating. Now you can do this one of many ways. You can set the person’s page as your homepage and each time you sign into your computer, that registers a ‘vote’ as it were. The next way is to come here and click the button in the sidebar. Another is to Google her page, then click onto it. The last is bookmarking the page wherever is convenient. You can do this as many times a day as you like using one of the many methods mentioned, but the point is to get Tamara’s starmeter rating up. So if you’d like to take part, just do one of the methods so we can start showing casting agents and directors who might see Tamara and consider her for a project, to actually take those steps to cast her. Thanks in advance to anyone who participates.


  1. Hello Again Dianne,
    This sounds like a great idea and I will definately be going to IMDb as often as possible to help get Tamara’s popularity UP! I would really like to see her on my TV screen again and hopefully as a recurring role in either a daytime or primetime series. Let’s hope she’s still interested in acting and is persuing new roles. Nothing has been popping up in the google alerts, but I’m still checking them daily. Have a great weekend and as usual, Thank You for this site.
    Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

    1. Hiya Lori:

      I thought it would at least rise Tamara’s profile so that casting agents et al, would see she still has validity. I’m missing her as well. Where I’d love to see her is on cable somewhere. I’d have killed to have seen her in Deadwood on HBO. Seeing her in the period costume as Virginia in The Magnificent Seven really made me want to see her as either a friend to Alma Garrett Ellsworth (Molly Parker) or a whore in either the Gem Saloon owned by Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) or at the Belle Union owned by Cy Tolliver (Powers Boothe), or even at the Chez Ami owned by Joanie Stubbs (Kim Dickens). Tamara just has this universality to her. She’s comfortable in any genre I think. I’d also love to see her on STARZ Boardwalk Empire. We know how well she looks in flapper attire hence her playing Young Catherine in the New Year’s Eve speakeasy stuff on General Hospital.

      I’ve signed up for the alerts. So far other than the Faster premiere photos, there’s been nothing. Oh, I did catch one of my updates in one. LOL!!!

      And the best to you Lori. I’m so far having a dynamite weekend…and it’s just starting.

      Happy Holidays to you as well. Hope Santy Clause brings you everything you ever wanted and more.


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