Here is Tamara’s first look as Taylor. Enjoy.

  • [ 056 ] SCREENCAPS: 04/26/2011 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES PREVIEW
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 04/26/2011 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES PREVIEW

10 Comments on “TAMARA OBSCURA || 04/26/2011 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES PREVIEW”

  1. Thank you so much for posting Dianne!!! OMG Tamara looks beautiful i can’t wait to see her on the show on Tuesday!!!

    1. Lynda:

      My pleasure. That’s what I’m here for ya know! I’m glad you’re enjoying seeing her. I kept screwing up the coding in the post because I was so excited to get everything up. Imagine that!


  2. Tamara looks great! More of a ‘softer’ look for Taylor than Ava, lol. I will look forward to seeing her on a daily basis again–though I know it entails more work for you, lol. 🙂

    1. DS:

      See, this is what I mean by how good Tamara is. She had that really hard, almost bitch-on-wheels look as Ava, but in this preview she looks so much softer. Almost like she did as Kate Douglas in “Without a Trace”. And like you, I’ll look more forward to seeing her.

      The work? Yeah, I’ve got Ted King and Stephen Nichols to do as well, but hey…I’m a glutton for punishment. Also it keeps me out of trouble. LOL!!!

      Thanks for posting.


  3. Thank you Dianne….looking forward to seeing Tamara on my screen on tuesday..I did not see that preview on friday..so thats a nice treat.

    1. Noreen:

      It was my pleasure. I’ll have her first actual airdate up on Monday, since we here in Canada get the episodes a day ahead. So be sure to come back.

      Take care.


  4. Thanks Dianne I am in Canada also…in B.C..So monday we get to see Tams…I have butterflies already..

    1. Noreen:

      Lucky us, right? Like I said to Lynda, I was all nervous when I was adding the screencaps and media to the gallery and the media site. I also forgot how to code the post! I was so wanting to bring this to Tamara’s fans. On Monday hopefully I’ll be a little more cool headed….. Not likely!

      Take care.


  5. Thanks Dianne!
    I can’t believe I am leaving town just as our Tam’s comes back on our screens. Looking forward to watching all the scenes I’ve missed when I get back 🙂 Keep up the fabulous work. I appreciate it! xoxo

    1. TerrificTam:

      You’re more than welcome there hun. You know how I feel about you! TAMARA OBSCURA will always be here for you. No doubt. Enjoy when you get back.

      Take care and stay safe.


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