Some new press additions for you. I have the latest edition of ABC SOAPS IN DEPTH where GH executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps, denies Tamara is returning to GH. Yeah Jill, be more convincing. I also have two other things that have been backlogged. I still have a ton of stuff to get up in the press section and the scans in the gallery but…. Enjoy. As usual, links in the articles lead to the actual scans in the gallery. However, if you want to see the actual scans, I’ll include the links there in post. Also, I’m currently working on getting July’s DOOL‘s screencaps and clips done and added to the site. Stay tuned.

  • [ 001 ] PRESS ADDITION: 08/02/2011 – INS & OUTS
  • [ 002 ] SCANS: 08/02/2011 – INS & OUTS
  • [ 001 ] PRESS ADDITION: 07/26/2011 – INS & OUTS
  • [ 002 ] SCANS: 07/26/2011 – INS & OUTS
  • [ 001 ] PRESS ADDITION: 07/04/2011 – UP IN THE AIR
  • [ 004 ] SCANS: 07/04/2011 – UP IN THE AIR


  1. Thank you Dianne!!!!!! I wish ABC would just stop playing games. She is returning just say it already. I swear Tamara has some of the most gorgeous eyes ever. She is so gorgeous.

    1. Candice:

      You’re more than welcome. I agree about ABC and Phelps. We all know she’s coming back and as Carly. Just stop the crap and announce it. And a huge YES about Tamara and her eyes. I’ve never seen such beautiful eyes before. I think that was the one thing that drew me to Tamara. She is unique and lovely.

      Thanks for your comment Candice.


  2. love you tamara you are so beautiful i have to ask you this is james scott a good kisser this is why i wish i was playing taylor myself don’t you ever tell james to put his shirt on so you can remember your lines if you know what i mean

    1. Nancy:

      This site is not Tamara’s official one, though I do know her fan club manager checks in occasionally. I hope she sees your comment. Like you, I wish I were Taylor with James. My gosh that guy is gorgeous.

      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.


    1. Alice:

      Sor far, we don’t know. All we have is a ton of speculation without any confirmation from ABC or anyone at GH.


  3. Tamara is fine. She looks so different everytime you see her. She goes from adorable to sexy as chocolate in the blink of an eye. Love it!

    1. Larry:

      This is one of the reasons I love Tamara, her mutability. I truly do wish casting agents would see her as we do.


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