About all the speculation on Tamara’s GH return. Garin Wolf has ended some speculation. He stated that the rumoured Woman or Lady in White is NOT Tamara. So I guess with NuKate already cast in Kelly Sullivan and the spec about the aforementioned Woman in White being put to rest, looks like the only rumour not being quashed is the one where Tamara reclaims her role as Carly. My feeling here is that the announcment will come after Labour Day. Why? I think this delay in the announcing Tamara’s definite return has to do with her continuing to air as Taylor on DOOL.

Update on the screencaps and clips: I’m still in the process of getting things caught up. I’m currently building another site for another actor I love and I want to finish that before I get what I do have done up. That will hopefully be the weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

  • [ 001 ] PRESS ADDITION: 09/05/2011 – INS & OUTS
  • [ 001 ] SCANS: 09/05/2011 – INS & OUTS


  1. ..No Kate….No Lady in white..If no Carly…Can we please keep Taylor..I dont see why Tamaras leaving Days…Unless its for something better..

    1. Noreen:

      I personally believe that Ken Corday agreed to let Tamara go in order for her to return to GH. That’s my feeling based on nothing I’ve read. But I can’t see why else she was let go from DOOL. I could see no other reason for it coupled that with the rumours that have been rampant since May when it was announced that Tamara had been let go from DAYS.


  2. I don’t understand why she was let go from Days either if not for the role of Carly. Especially since now Days is diving into Taylor’s past and she just got a brand new job! I wish they would just give us a definite answer already. YES or NO!

    1. CR:

      I totally agree. I wish ABC would tell us or forget it. We know since your Tweet to SON that her return to GH is still on the table.


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