I just recently bought a new 40 inch large screen LCD television and have been making it an issue to revisit some of my favourite films in the larger format. One of the films I decided to watch was Tamara’s LITTLE CHENIER and may I say, it’s a masterpiece. It’s not on the grand scale as say Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, but it has the same elements in its ability to transform you to a place where as we all know, no longer survives. The film is beautifully shot and the acting is so understated and rich. Of course, Tamara shines as Marie-Louise LeBauve, a troubled woman torn between family honour and her heart for a man she truly loves. Tamara brings to Marie-Louise everything she can in terms of pain, love, devotion. She breaks my heart in this movie. Her scenes with the two men in Marie-Louise’s life encapsulate her as an actress. With Johnathon Schaech as Beaux Dupuis, Tamara shows her passion and heart as she loves with all her heart. With Jeremy Davidson as Carl LeBauve, Tamara shows her reserved side, her ability to say so much with so little movement and facial expression, everything emanating through her eyes. I think my only criticism about the film is with Carl LeBauve’s character. I hate him with a passion. Davidson is too good and giving us a true villian. He’s what I have called a malcontent. I think the end of the film is what would be classed as poetic justice. All in all, I love this movie. I’d put it up there with the likes of a film called SINNER with Nick Chinlund and SMOKE SIGNALS with Adam Beach, two very good films I recommend for the true film buff. The selected screencap of Tamara is from the pivotal conclusion of the the film. Enjoy.



    1. Noreen:

      TWO copies?!!!! I agree, this film is an incredible look at a way of life that is now sadly obliterated. The shot at the end of the film where Marie-Louise falls to her knees on that road, then we see what it looks like after Rita tore into it….Just so sad. None of those locations look the same now. I think that is why this film is so important. To give us that look of what was. It’s not only a beautiful film, but a historical document now.


  1. I liked this movie too. Though I have to admit, Marie-Louise is sort of a frustratingly mousy little thing until she decides to finally liberate herself from her circumstances. But there are women like that–and Tamara gave ML more layers that one could understand where she was coming from. It may not be a ‘big’ Hollywood film, but then the crap they turn out sometimes…it was really good just to sit down and watch a more thoughtful, poignant indie with heart and very good acting. 🙂

    To add–I also love Nick Chinlund and Adam Beach! Both sexy-as-hell Scorpio males.
    I’ve begun to watch Combat Hospital and saw Adam as the special ops guy, Snake Eater. Wow! I like the chemistry he has with Michelle Borth. I do hope it comes back next season because I want to see more!

    1. Deb:

      Oh, I so agree. Marie-Louise’s motivations are somewhat frustrating. But one can truly understand her reasons for doing what she does. I think though in the end, her decision to tell Carl’s mother what threat he was keeping over her was a boon to her, but a curse to both Beaux and Pemon. Carl went berserk and poor T-Boy had to end that ‘gator’s’ misery. He was just a plain malcontent like Beaux and P’s father. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. And I so agree about the thoughtfulness of the film. I’m so sick of “Transformers 825”. How many more remakes and sequels do we really need anyway?

      Oh my Nick and Adam. Yes, deleriously amazing Scorpios. And huge YES to “Combat Hospital”. I love Adam as Joe and I’m getting to love Michelle Borth as Rebecca. Michelle reminds me a bit of Tamara. I too would love to see CH back for a second season. Crossing fingers.

      Thanks for your great comments.


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