As promised, I have a couple of press additions for you. the first is an article Tamara did back in April 2012 from Soap Opera Digest where she discusses her magical time with preparing for her play Tennessee In The Summer, plus her meeting President and Michelle Obama at the White House, her attending the Kennedy Center Honors and the Grammys. She also talks with pride about her grandfather. The other article is from ABC Soaps In Depth from this past July where she talks solely about her role in the play. Enjoy.

To Come: Tamara’s screencaps from her DAYS work as Taylor Walker.


  1. I like Tamara’s stance on returning to daytime. She would be happy to return and create or re-create any role she has done. I think fans have been incredibly vocal about their disappointment and plain dislike of LW in the role of Carly. Sure she’s the longest running “actress” in the role, but it doesn’t mean she’s doing it justice, no offense to those who are her fans. However, with the current OLTL regime, they really have no clue and things will only get worse for the struggling GH. No matter what Tamara does next, she will be great. She has a proven record of likability, skill, and success

    1. CR:

      Tamara is unlike a lot of people who would burn bridges instead of maintaining them. I really wish Carlivati and Valentini would listen to the hoards who are clammouring for Tamara’s return to the role of Carly. I can’t tell you how many soap boards I’ve either perused or posted to who are saying they cannot stand Laura Wright and her supposed ‘take’ on the part. Thing is, is she truly the ‘longest running actress’ to have played the part? We all know it’s not Carly she’s playing, rather, it’s Cassie Winslow from GL. Tamara has forged a path of good intention before her and behind her. No one who has worked with her ever has a bad thing to say about her. That’s praise enough.


  2. I think you are so right. Please bring Tamara back as Carly we really miss her she was the Carly.

    1. Sara:

      From your mouth to the soap god’s ears. To me she was not only the best Carly, but the one who brought the most growth to the part. I miss that.


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