Tamara – “General Hospital” 11/28/2017 Media & Press Additions

Here is today’s media for Tamara’s episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL. Not much here and the clip is very short, but hey, it’s Tamara. There is also some scans added to the press section. As always you’ll find the links under the requisite visual links. Just click on those to get you to where you want to go. After Thursday’s episode though, I won’t be posting the video here on the main site. The link will point to the section in the video section where you can watch the day’s clips. So get your clickers ready.

2 Comments on “Tamara – “General Hospital” 11/28/2017 Media & Press Additions”

  1. Loving how incredible Tamara has been in the role of Kim Nero; it’s a new role for her, being a doctor, so it’s refreshing to see her in a role such as Kim! Hoping to see her developed more as the weeks and months go on!

    1. Joel:

      Imagine how much better she’d be as Carly. I’m watching yesterday’s show right now and when she had that scene with Becky Herbst and they were introducing themselves. I yelled at the screen, “PANIC ROOM PANIC ROOM PANIC ROOM!” No matter much you and others want to say she’s “Kim”. I’ll still counter with Carly. She should be Carly.


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