Tamara – 2018/04/05 “General Hospital” Media

We’re finally back. There was some hinkiness going on with the site today. For some reason it was redirecting to my Ted King site. Ghosts in the machinery and all. I have no idea why it was doing that and I should say it was just the main site, not the media, filmography or press section because those are all on the tamarabraun.org domain. So now we’re back I can get the update done. A word about the featured image for both the clip and the post. Tamara is slowly beginning to embrace her inner Carly. In today’s episode she put her hands on her hips a la our Carly.

2 Comments on “Tamara – 2018/04/05 “General Hospital” Media”

  1. I’m enjoying Kim and Julian. Tamara and William have a great connection and chemistry. I also can’t stand Alexis and never have, so I’m ok seeing Julian start over. I don’t watch the LW FauxCarly scenes. I have even missed out on some of the Alzheimer’s story line because I don’t want to see her.

    Thanks for posting Dianne.

    1. CeRon:

      While I think Tamara and William deVry do have chemistry, I’m still not feeling K(arly)im. I liked Alexis when she first came on with Stefan (Stephen Nichols), but they’ve really reduced her character down to a bit of a stupid neurotic. I cannot remember when Alexis first came on if she was this neurotic. I have serious doubts though with the current cover story on ABC Soaps in Depth about them moving Tamara onto Billy Miller/Steve Burton, I’m not seeing Julian in her future.

      Welcome as always CeRon.


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