New Scans Pt1

New press scan. Here is an article from Soap Opera Digest’s Hot Plots section. Here GENERAL HOSPITAL writer Shelly Altman talks about the aftermath of Oscar’s (Garren Lake Stitt) death and his funeral. I’m including the text of the article here instead of putting it in the press section since there is no direct mention of Tamara, or her words.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Oscar’s Life Celebrated

Per Oscar’s wishes, Ned and Olivia put together a memorial to his life. Sets up Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman, “His loved ones, friends and family receive messages to gather and instead of mourn his death, celebrate his life.”

That is a challenge for his parents, Kim and Drew. “It doesn’t matter how much time you have to prepare or how certain the fate is; the loss is profound,” Altman sighs. “They are respecting Oscar’s wishes about how he wants to be put to rest and remembered, but it is a very difficult day for them.” Ditto Josslyn. “She’s a little bit in denial and she resists following Oscar’s instructions from the grave. But ultimately, she needs to be as strong as she’s ever been in her life.” Cameron also summons his inner strength. “He’s having a difficult time, but he receives help from a surprising source to get through it.”

Others present “have lost people close to them and can’t help being reminded of those losses. It is a day of mixed emotions that really runs the gamut. They are all honoring his life, but it was such a short life; they can’t help but be affected by that.”

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