05/27/2019 – Scans

I’ve got some new scans for the gallery and two new articles added to the press section. First is a small interview with Garren Stitt (Oscar Nero) who gave an exit interview on his departure from GENERAL HOSPITAL. Here he shares his love for the fans and for the chance to play this story, but most especially he shares his love for Tamara. Next is an interview with Tamara on filming Oscar’s death scenes and her shared mutual love for Garren and how she’ll miss him. The final two are one page of Tamara with Garren at the NATAS (National Academy and Television Arts & Sciences) event. Lastly a couple of letters mailed into Soap Opera Digest’s Mailbag section on Oscar’s passing. Those last two will remain as just scans since there is no real interview with Tamara. If you want to read the articles without having to click on them to enlarge them in the gallery, please feel free to click on the press section link in the top menu. You’ll find the newer articles at the top of the header section with the blue check mark at the end. Enjoy

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