“Dead Trigger: Unkilled” Screencaps & Media

I have finally been able to get Tamara’s film DEAD TRIGGER: UNKILLED. After about four times in going through and screencapping, and as many times trying to clip it up for the media section, they’re done. The film is based on the first person shooter game Dead Trigger about the zombie apocalypse and her company’s attempts to stop the virus by developing a video game to try to solve the problem. Tamara plays the role of Gloria Russo. She is not a nice one in this. In fact she’s downright evil. I’m reminded of her role as Claire Dunning in THE PRETENDER episode Murder 101. This role is what perhaps Claire would be in the corporate world. Not promising if you ask me. She looks amazing as always, and her wardrobe is to die for. Please hit the images below to get to the relevant sections for the screencaps and media clip.

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