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A new letter in Soap Opera Digest from someone saying the same thing I’ve been saying for years since Tamara first debuted on DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Ava Vitali. That is the chemistry between Tamara and Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson). This person, a fellow Canadian, sees the same thing I do in the amount of hotness between the two. Now a lot of the Stayla fans will contend it was rape what Ava did to Steve. Not when he jumped on the bed and was very voracious in the amount of lust he had for her. This wasn’t an Outlander case of Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) raping Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). That was clearly rape. Some would say like Jamie Steve couldn’t consent. Jamie did to save Claire (Caitriona Balfe), but he didn’t jump on Black Jack’s bones when he did it. Steve on the other hand was a little too willing. And again I’ll say Steve had other alternatives to sleeping with Ava who went willingly to Indonesia to find Tripp (Lucas Adams). Jamie was held captive in a dungeon for at least two days while Black Jack broke him down in both Wentwoth Prison and To Ransom A Man’s Soul. Steve had the ability to walk out the door and return to Salem at anytime to find Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). Unlike Jamie who was chained to a wall and completely under Black Jack’s hand. Ah well, people will still say it was rape because of the personal stake in the Stayla pairing. Here’s the letter…..

Back In Action

I’m just writing about a recent article in your magazine. I’m very, very, ecstatic that Ava is returning to DAYS. I know when she comes to the show that DAYS is can’t-miss! Tamara Braun is an amazing actress anyway, and with her and Stephen Nichols [Steve] in scenes together, those two have so much chemistry, it’s on fire. Steve can be telling her he hates her, but they still have it, for days.

Shelley J,. Vancouver, BC

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