Tamara – 12/17/2020 “Days of our Lives” HD Screencaps & Media

What’s this you say? A post on the day of the episode? What’s this sorcery? Yep, for some reason everything is being normal. I’m not sure if the disk check did the trick or my streams of swear words that did it, but today was so easy to do. Life goals! Charlie (Mike C. Manning) is in full blown nutjob I see. He actually brained Ava. We have one more day this week, what will he wrought? Tune in.

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  1. My one complaint and it is minor: when Mike C. Manning’s Charlie went to go check Ava’s pulse, Tamara Braun slightly lifted her own head and then lowered it again. Again, very minor, but it is those details I do pay attention to. I am not one for hitting children, however, Ava needs to take Charlie over her knee, and smack his behind for what he’s done. And, I hate saying this, but Charlie vs. Tripp is giving me Morgan vs. Michael from General Hospital, in that Charlie feels inferior to Tripp, much like Morgan felt several times where Michael was concerned. This is one of the soap tropes I am going to need Ron Carlivati to drop as a writer.

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