Tamara – 12/28/2020 “Days of our Lives” HD Screencaps & Media

Ava continues to be in a bit of a pickle with Charlie (Mike Manning) continuing to menace and taunt. And can we have an honourable mention to Lucas Adams who plays Tripp? Those scenes with Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Will (Chandler Massey) were just heartbreaking.

My apologies for these not being up on the day, but I woke up on Monday morning with a really bad migraine. It got worse today so I took most of the day to just rest and try to recover. I’m a bit better tonight and thought I’d get this up while the going was good. Further, I had a longer clip prepared, but my hosting company refused to allow it due to it’s file size. In the original clip I had all of Charlie and Claire’s scenes complete, but with the issues I had to edit it down to only Tamara’s scenes that gutted the clip. Sorry again for that.

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