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2014 – “Pretty Rosebud” Screencaps, Stills, Behind the Scenes, & Media

2014 – “Pretty Rosebud” Screencaps, Stills, Behind the Scenes, & Media

Here are the screencaps, media, stills, and behind the scenes images for Tamara’s film PRETTY ROSEBUD. She plays the part of Candace and her scene is small. More or less a cameo. Enjoy.

“Pretty Rosebud” Trailer

We are finally getting a look at Tamara’s film PRETTY ROSEBUD. Tamara’s not in it but I thought I’d post it here anyway. Enjoy.


“Pretty Rosebud” 1 Still

I finally have a still from Tamara’s film PRETTY ROSEBUD for you. If anyone from the film sees it, please contact me and we’ll arrange something for me to be able to continue to display it. There is no need to take any negative action. I have provided a link in the sidebar to your Facebook page and will continue to post about the film in order to bring it some awareness, and one thing I know about Tamara’s fans, they have clicking power. You can contact me in many ways through the link in the sidebar. I am on Twitter, Facebook, and there is also the ability to contact me directly through email. So here Tamara is as Candace.

Tamara Braun as Candace in the new film 'Pretty Rosebud' directed by Oscar Torre.


I finally have a release date for Tamara’s film PRETTY ROSEBUD. According to IMDB the release date is 08 June 2013. I’m still not sure what the film is about but I’m still searching. I’ve also been looking for any trailers, so far nada. Sorry.


According to her IMDB page, Tamara has landed a new film. The name is PRETTY ROSEBUD and Tamara’s character’s name is Candace. I’ve tweeted Tamara for any information. I’ll report back when I have something.