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I’ve been extremely remiss at getting these up. It seems whenever I’ve gone to I’ve gone a little blonde and forgotten what I was going to do. So I finally have remembered. One of TAMARA OBSCURA‘s long time visitors and commenters has graciously given me permission to post a couple of pictures of her and Tamara. Noreen Smith went to see Tamara’s play TENNESSEE IN THE SUMMER in May and came back saying she was brilliant. Could there be any doubt of that? Noreen said that Tamara was so good and was really happy to greet her fans afterward and even allowed Noreen to share these images with TAMARA OBSCURA and her fans. So thanks so much Noreen for sharing these. I’ve marked them as belonging to Noreen. So I hope you enjoy them. Thanks to Noreen for sharing and to Tamara for allowing them to be taken. I can’t imagine after completing a show how tired she must have been. As always Tamara is a treasure. I believe the date was May 18 because Noreen said she was back home by the 24th. If I’m wrong Noreen please correct in comment. Thanks so much Noreen.



Happy Birthday Tamara! As we all know, Tamara was born on this day 41 years ago in a small village named Evanston. From there she journeyed out into the world to give us her talent and her beauty both internal and external. On behalf of TAMARA OBSCURA, OBSCURE MEDIA and TAMARA SOAP MEDIA I’m wishing a happy and wonderful day for our girl. Hoping she spends it with the people and puppy who mean the most to her. Thank you Tamara for all you’ve brought to our lives and for what you will bring. It’s been a joy thus far. Continued good wishes for a successful run of TENNESSEE IN THE SUMMER.


I know I’ve not made updates for the past week, and I’m so terribly sorry for that. There’s been an emotional upheaval in my life and it’s caused my auto-immune disorder Fibromyalgia to rear its ugly head in force. There’s also some issues going on with my apartment building that isn’t helping in the least and that’s why I’ve been generally just checking messages and such. I hope to have updates done sometime next week. Please be patient. In the meantime, I’ve reactivated the TAMARA OBSCURA FORUM. You can find it at the link in the menu at the top of the page. One thing, if you’re going to sign up, please try to keep it as a name I recognize so that I can activate your subscription. I’ve had to keep the forum strictly moderated due to the amount of spam and bot signups that only are there to post porn or other insideous things that are hard to get rid of. I’ve had to strip the forum of at least 700 posts from porn sites and erection aids in order to scrub it clean. So that’s the skinny. I’m hoping the issue with my apartment settles itself soon. I really need som peace for a while.


I know I haven’t posted the newest screencaps or media, but my media sites are still wonked up. What do I mean by “wonked up”? I just cannot get into the admin panels in order to upload the media to the sites. Until that time, I’m afraid I’ll be a bit behind. As if the downtime wasn’t enough, this insult is added to injury. I know you want the latest media up….alas. I also wanted to issue an invitation to those of you who posted on the SONY board to come on over to my old/new Facebook page. I set it up a while ago with another URL but changed it to use for my own personal account there. I’m hoping it will be the clearing house for all my sites where updates will be posted to the individual sites I own, plus sharing various things like minutae found on the internet. I’m hoping you’ll all come aboard and join me.



You might have noticed there’s a new navigation menu at the top of the header. I want to thank Christine at PINKCHAOS.ORG for rejiggering the coding and providing text links instead of the visual ones. My fault, not hers. I found I wanted something that could be augmented as the site evolves and changes instead of the static links I intially asked for. Thanks ever so much Christine for agreeing to do this for me. Again, I’m very thankful for the work you’ve done for me on this and my Diane Neal site.


I wanted to give the heads up on a site I’ve put together on Tamara’s DOOL co-star, Stephen Nichols. With his new role on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as the new Tucker McCall, I wanted to put together something for his fans, as well as a little guilty pleasure for me. So if you’d like to see Stephen in his new role, feel free to join me here:Thanks.Yours, Dianne