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Today’s episode was very hard to watch. Hard to watch because I cannot stand Laura Wright and how she plays “her version” of Carly. When I think of when Tamara said, “I loved Carly with my whole heart” and to see how Wright has rolled back all the growth and maturity Tamara infused Carly with in her final few months…. Then seeing them talking about Morgan and remembering how Tamara played out Morgan’s birth in November 2003, I’m even more in the mind that bringing Tamara back as anyone other than Carly was wrong. If you’ll remember that little sneaky thing I did with the video from 2018/03/15 – “General Hospital” Episode #1.14038 when I slipped in the clip of Liz (Rebecca Herbst) seeing Carly in the Panic Room, I would love to slip in the clip of Tamara’s Carly giving birth to Morgan with a bullet in her head. It infuriates me to know that Wright derided Tamara’s portrayal, and now she’s kissing Tamara’s butt knowing full well Tamara is the better actress, yet she’s garnered for herself another Emmy nomination for a role Tamara should have won best actress for before her from the whole 2003 year. I’m further infuriated when I think of how the writing and story is not using Tamara to her fullest. We her fans know what she’s capable of. We know she can play almost everything and anything and make us feel for her. Even playing Ava Vitali on DAYS OF OUR LIVES she made us feel for her to the point that when she was gone, we felt her loss. I have to ask her “fans” one question: Is this what you wanted when you said, “We don’t care who you play, we just want you back on our screens.” Is this what you wanted only to see her on average about six episodes a month? Is this what you wanted to see, her not driving her own stories in the role that without her, Laura Wright wouldn’t still have a job? I know how this is all coming off, but as a fan of Tamara’s I want to see her as Carly. The Carly I grew to love, the Carly I grew to adore because of all of those personal touches Tamara put on her. All of those things Wright, the writing and production have stripped away leaving nothing but a shelled out character with nothing familiar left. I know for me I want to see her as Carly as a doctor working alongside her mother, Bobbie (Jackie Zeman). That’s how Carly should have evolved. Instead they’ve reduced Carly to a sophomoric, brainless shell of her former self. The thing too that is also infuriating is that should Wright eventually walk (which I feel she might) if they keep entwining Tamara into this show in this way, it’ll be harder and harder for her to re-assume Carly should that event arise. And again I know these statements I make might be off putting, but sometimes these words need to be said. I also know I risk making this site unattractive to Tamara’s fans, but again I feel instead of the blindness at which some consume shows like GENERAL HOSPITAL, sometimes reality needs to be interjected. As the great journalist Edward R. Murrow once said, “Goodnight and good luck.”

Here’s what you came for.

2 Responses to “Tamara – 2018/22/03 “General Hospital” Media & Another Commentary”
  1. Poolbaby says:

    I feel you but I’m glad Tamara isn’t back as Carly. the writers and LW have made that character tired and flat. I’m loving Tamara as Kim. She’s fun and fresh. Of course, I wish she were on more but I think that will come. I appreciate that they’re taking the time to weave her into the canvas. The story is starting to build and I’m enjoying watching Tamara create this new character instead of having Carly’s baggage.

    Even if Tamara came back as Carly she wouldn’t all of a sudden be a doctor.

    Tamara seems happy playing Kim and I’m happy for her.

    • tamara braun online says:


      Bringing Tamara back as Carly would freshen the character up considerably, even right her course in a way because of how damn good Tamara is. As for Kim, what exactly is she doing? They’re taking far too much time to “weave” her in. She’s an A-List soap actress. She should have been on more than she’s been. When she was playing Ava on “Days” she was on almost every day throughout her tenure both times. Same with her as Taylor on “Days” and as Reese on “All My Children”. So far on her return to GH, she’s been on in average of about six episodes per month. March is the first month since her return she’s been on more than that six. Again she shouldn’t be weaved in, she should have been dropped like Steve Burton’s Jason through that skylight. Steve had a better return than she did. Having her in scenes with Wright is an insult. That “Carly baggage” Tamara helped make for the better. Imagine what she might be able to do if she were back in the part she said she “loved with her whole heart”.

      As for “suddenly being a doctor” hey, stranger things have happened on this show. You have to stop thinking this show’s producers and writers actually think about what they’re doing. Most of the time it’s ad hock. They hire than fire people like they’re pieces of furniture. It’s ridiculous really. I mean look at the “One Life To Live” three. How many roles has Michael Easton played? Look at Roger Howarth (Todd Manning/Franco). Suddenly he’s not only a “reformed” serial killer, but also a Baldwin. How’s that making any sense? Clearly it’s not. So making Carly a doctor and making her Tamara again wouldn’t be such a stretch for a show that at one point had a weather machine that froze only that city. Not to forget all the mind mapping, face switching…. One would have to believe Arya Stark existed on this show as “No One”. Sorry but the whole premise of the show has hit the ridiculous zone.

      I’m happy to see Tamara again, but this is not what I waited twelve years to see. I waited to see her back on “General Hospital” as Carly Corinthos, not Kim Nero. And again I’ll point out what she said about “loving Carly with my whole heart…..” and leave it at that.


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