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Welcome to TAMARA BRAUN ONLINE a site dedicated to Emmy Award Winning actress and activist Tamara Braun. Known for her best known roles as Ava Vitali (Days of our Lives), Reese Williams (All My Children) and Carly Corinthos/Dr. Kim Nero (General Hospital). Tamara as quite a few prime time credits to her name including Bosch, CSI, Saving Grace, Supernatural, Freddie, Castle, Without a Trace, House and including the films Little Chenier, Limbo Lounge, Fallen Arches, Pretty Rosebud. Tamara is also an activist lending her name and time to many charities and causes to create change in the world. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS POLICY. To read that please click the link.

I know this is all I seem to post these days, however, here are some new scans for the gallery. Both focus in on Tamara’s role as Kim on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Both have to do with Kim’s grief over losing Oscar (Garren Lake Stitt) and her wish for another baby. I have my issues with this story, however, I’ll keep those to myself. Links to the gallery are below. Click on the images to get to the relevant section in the gallery. Links to the Press section are below those. for those click on the newspaper symbol.

Soaps She Knows has posted that both Tamara and Billy Miller (Drew Cain) will be off canvas for a while. Not sure what exactly that means or how long, but that might give me the time to get caught up on her episode. Hopefully. But I’m hoping she won’t be gone long. The story below.

Billy Miller (Drew Cain) and Tamara Braun (Kim Nero) will temporarily be off-screen from General Hospital for storyline reasons. Recently Soaps.com reported that Garren Stitt exited General Hospital as their son Oscar Nero, who died from a brain tumor. Stay tuned as more information is released.

– Dustin Cushman

ABC Soaps In Depth gave Tamara a Gold Star for her heartbreaking performance as Kim during Oscar’s (Garren Lake Stitt) health decline and death. But then it should be no shock to us, her fans. During her portrayal of my Carly, Tamara received many such honourable mentions for the many ups and downs during her tenure as the one and only Carly Corinthos. Finally glad to see her getting more praise for her acting. We all know she’s a powerhouse. The actual print part can be found in the press section in the new articles link in the header under Gold Star. Click on the image to take you there.

Today’s episode. There’s one thing I would like to point out for a bit of consideration or speculation. This is two days in a row we got Tamara in scenes with someone or someones who are in Carly’s life. The first was Joss (Eden McCoy), the second were Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Mike (Max Gail). Could we dare to dream, perhaps, they might be pulling a slip on us? Could we dare to dream what a regular visitor/commenter here to the site CeRon and I have discussed that perhaps there might be a tale of Two Carly’s? With there being the tale of two Jasons (Steve Burton/Billy Miller) supposedly about to wrap up, could we hopefully be given a storyline where we find out “Kim” is really Carly with some mind mapping? Please?

Sorry for the day’s delay in getting this up. I was having upload issues with my host and they had to be fixed. I do apologize for that. I have to say I did love Oscar’s (Garren Lake Stitt) comment to Drew (Billy Millar) about what they could do for the weekend. The part about watching the documentary on “global warming and mass extinction”. The featured image is how Tamara as Kim reacted to that comment. It’s as if she were saying, “I know my kid….” Nothing like a quip about The Sixth Extinction of Man to make a humorous moment. Cute.

Here is the clip and screencaps for today. Nice scenes between Tamara and Billy Miller (Drew Caine). I also wanted to let you know as I did in my Twitter post, I’ve added a comment box to the video section for you to leave your comments/remarks on the videos I post. Please make sure your comments are respectful, don’t spam the comments or you will be banned from commenting, and most of all have fun.

These scenes were hard to watch. Loving Tamara for so long as Carly in scenes with Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) I was remembering all of their scenes from Tamara’s time as Carly. The parts I was remembering were the scenes where Carly and Jason went out to the island to rescue Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Brenda (Vanessa Marcel) from Luis Alcazar (Ted King). When Sonny and Jason rescued Carly from South America when Lorenzo (Ted King) had taken her there. The scenes where Sonny told Carly about Michael (then Dylan Cash) and what happened to him. The scene in the park where the playground was being named in Michael’s honour and the discussion Carly and Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) had about the deaths of children. Such heartbreaking and funny scenes. This one just made me so sad we don’t have that dynamic when it was so clear Tamara was being Carly…without the barging into Jason’s place.

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