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These are late getting up. I did clip, cap, convert and upload all with the intent of getting them up on time. The obstacle: Being invited out by a friend.I know I’ll garner a lot of ire from the Bianca fans, but can I state that I’m tired of her constantly reminding Reese how she lied, lied, lied! Asking whether Reese is bi-sexual or if she had sex with other men I thought was terribly out of line. I think what is bothering me is this, if Reese talked to Bianca the way Bianca is talking to Reese, I would bet that Tamara would be out the door faster than a cat in heat. My issue is that how much longer do we have to put up with this? It’s not that I don’t understand the need for it. Certainly it’s that good old standbye excuse, ‘storyline dictated’. Well, stop already. As a Tamara Braun fan, it’s getting tiring. I think I said this before, if I truly want to hear Tamara apologize every other day, I’ll yank out my GH edits and watch Tamara as Carly, grovel to Sonny. I thought this story was going to be told with maturity and with truth. The only truth I see is that of Bianca constantly incredulous that Reese hasn’t told her every single nook and cranny of her private life. I’m half expecting her to ask Reese the results of her last pap smear! Reese had that romantic evening planned for the love of her life, and all that love of her life could do was interrogate Reese. Yeah, real romantic! Chuck Pratt Jr., enough already! I’m tired of it all and please, no more relatives of Reese’s for Bianca to charge off to righteously confront. It’s about time that Reese/Tamara got the storyline that is worthy of her. And not one that she has to constantly apologize for. If this is Reese, I feel it’s more Ava/Carly…rinse, repeat! Just a note, THE TED KING PORTAL is now online and ready for use. With Ted’s upcoming stint on PRISON BREAK coming up, I worked to get the bare bones up so I could begin to chronicle Ted’s role of Downey. Really looking forward to that. Do you think he could put in a good word for Tamara on the show. Could Downey have a wife FOX hadn’t thought of? (snaps fingers) Darn it! [ 334 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 12/17/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 12/17/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN”

  1. cher says:

    I am sorry you are unhappy with it. I agree it seems as if Pratt enjoys having TB grovel everytime she is confronted. I never believed Reece would have kept the secret of Kendall from Bianca. Pratt writing of that is wrong. Unfortunately I have to admit the character of Bianca is exactly how it is being seen. Bianca does that alot to her lovers, it is a Kane thing.Trust me, Bianca, Kendall, and Erica always interrogate their lovers. Bianca although nicer than most in Pine Valley still has that Kane selfish streak in her. I would love to see Reece in scenes defending and protecting her family.I would like for Reece to show some strength, and hopefully we will see it.

  2. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: Could we just get a huge petition together to send to Pratt and tell him what we want to see? Honestly, I really thought this story would be different than Carly. Instead, it's as if Pratt were just writing for Carly when it's Reese. And I'm sorry that I rag on Bianca, but for me, it's not 'pretty' to see Tamara have to play this out time and time again. During her time as Ava Vitali on DOOL, she became the town pariah and I was sick of seeing her have to keep defending herself to those citizens of Salem who had done the same, if not worse, than Ava had done. Those Kane women need a little training on how not to act superior. I've read a lot on message boards about that tendency. I just hoped Pratt would knock it down a notch or two. Now we've got this thing with Kendall coming up later this week. I can only imagine what Bianca and Erica are going to find to punish Reese with. I hazzard to watch. 🙁

  3. Kay says:

    By the way there are some interesting spoilers related to this storyline in the latest Soap Opera Digest and on the website Soap Opera Network in the AMC Previews for next week. I can't blame Bianca that much for her behavior.Some of her questions are out of line.And yes she's being overbearing in typical Kane woman fashion. But I understand where her insecurities are coming from and unfortunately I don't think they are that unfounded. AMC has a history of having Bianca fall for sexually ambiguous, confused or straight woman who hurt her. It's understandable she can't let this go and from a viewers standpoint I thinks its understandable that some don't trust Reese. In the past the powers that be at AMC have demonstrated it's eagerness to find any excuse to dilute her relationships or back away from real same-sex romance.

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