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“You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss….Okay, I can state with absolute certainty that I wish now that Tamara had been brought on for Thorsten Kaye. I know, I’m a traitor to the cause. Given I’m in a same-sex sitiation (spelled wrong by design) myself, one would think I’d be trumpeting this storyline, however, given the hotness I witnessed today….. I want Tamara and Thorsten as a couple as Reese and Zach. I think it might have to do with Thorsten’s initials. What is it about Tamara and her chemistry with those with the TK pursuasion? The other “TK”, in case you don’t know, is Ted King, Tamara’s co-star on GENERAL HOSPITAL. I know, I know, obligatory Ted King reference. But hey, what can I do. I really did love the interchange between Bianca and Reese today. All the Erica angst was cute. The way Eden described how Erica had the book all made up with even a section on candelabras was sweet. You’ll find more screencaps than usual of Eden due to her descriptive dialogue concerning Erica. I’m constantly amazed at the realness both Tamara and Eden infuse Reese and Bianca with. I love the naturalism of this storyline, though I’m getting a bit tired of Reese’s family/fiancee showing up just at the right time. I’m hoping that after Simon departs, we get to see more of Bianca and Reese’s love and devotion. The irony as of this posting: I’m watching an episode of “Eli Stone” from the first season DVD set I received from my mother for Christmas. There is an episode called “Patience” dealing with a same-sex chimpanzee case Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) handed off to Taylor Wethersby (Natasha Henstridge) and Matt Dowd (Sam Jaeger). And those people that would deny same-sex couplings say it’s unnatural. At least Steve and Pete will be together, according to this judge’s ruling. And Prop 8 is still being litigated. Incredible. [ 275 ] SCREENCAPS REESE: 12/30/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN” [ 001 ] VIDEO REESE: 12/30/2008 “ALL MY CHILDREN”

16 Responses to “TAMARA OBSCURA II 12/30/2008”
  1. Cher says:

    😉 You know I am a Bianca fan. Zach kiss on the cheek was entirely inappropiate. Reece talks about missing a kiss with her love and he does that. I am probably bias, but I want no Reese and Zach, ugh. I am glad TB cleared it up before hand. BTW, Happy New Year!

  2. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: I hear ya! But hey, wasn't the kiss hot though? Goes to show what we Tamara Braun fans have always known, Tamara has chemistry with the furniture, sets, cameras…. LOL. And a very Happy New Year to you too. I hope 2009 is the best yet for you and yours. Take care and be safe.

  3. anonymous says:

    A relationship between Zach and Reese would be incredibly unpopular. Given the situation both characters are in I would find a romance between them very offensive and I think most viewers would agree. Unfortunately I think something happening is very possible right now.

  4. Steve says:

    I saw nothing hot at all about that cheek kiss or nudge that Zach laid on Reese. It was creepy and uncalled for. I see much more chemistry between Bianca and Reese. I hope AMC will focus more on Bianca and Reese before their time is up on AMC. This Zach rubbish is highly offensive and inappropriate! I'm glad Tamara cleared the air and set it straight. AMC needs to get back to the Bianca and Reese story before they drive away most of the few fans they have left!

  5. Tamara Obscura says:

    Anon: I know a relationship between the two would be unpopular. But I'm talking from the point of view of a Tamara Braun fan. Nothing else. For me, it's all about what I know Tamara can do with any pairing. She did it on GH as Carly. She did it on DOOL as Ava and I see she's doing it again as Reese. IMO. And I really don't find anything about it offensive. I just find the chemistry with Tamara and Thorsten identical to what CarLo fans did with Ted King and Tamara.

  6. Cher says:

    I'm sorry, but I did not find the kiss hot. I can be neutral in watching AMC. That nudge and kiss was just all wrong. I know TB said it was for dramatic, but for me I see a more contrived chemistry than the honest and more natural chemistry TB has with Eden. For me they have a honest romantic chemistry. Any soap can throw too good looking man and woman together and make it look hot. The Bianca and Reese relationship is the most genuine one I have seen and when the writers give them scenes to be passionate in. They bring a hot chemistry to it. My pet peeve is that they are not giving enough scenes for Bianca and Reese to be intimate and passionate. It is just frustrating because given the right intimate scene, TB and ER can rock it.

  7. Tamara Obscura says:

    Steve: I thought it was hot between actors. It's the chemistry I'm looking at. Not the direction of the story. In a parallel universe, I would have loved to have seen Tamara and Thorsten's characters get together. Again, this isn't saying that I want it on the show. I know what Tamara's feelings on it are and would not want to go against those. But from a viewer's standpoint and watching two actors at the top of their game like I did with Tamara and Ted King on GH, I'd love to see Tamara and Thorsten together as a possible couple. I know about the Zendall fanbase and the growing BReese fanbase, but I can dream.

  8. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: The Reese/Bianca chemistry is what it is. I'm not talking about wrecking it. And I'm sorry, I did see that nudge and kiss as organic to where both characters were at that moment. I'll have more to say on it later when I make today's post because I know Tamara will be on. But for me, and I'm talking solely about ME not anyone else, I felt that kiss and nudge was hot.

  9. FleurdeMal says:

    Quite frankly, I think Eden Riegel is a nice girl, but talent wise, I feel myself that she is lacking as an actress compared to Tamara. There is something too fey and flat with Eden. When Tamara is acting her heart out, showing dimension and making the scene more than what is on the page, Eden is sugary, melodramatic, very one-dimensional. Now as a couple they are cute enough, but I don't feel it is very convincing in the long run. Tamara and Thorsten are far more compatible intellectually, and the chemistry is dark and through the roof whenever they are together. I know Tamara was brought on for the same-sex relationship, and is doing a fine job, but like Tamara Obscura's opinion, I think realistically there IS more chemistry between Kaye and Braun.

  10. Tamara Obscura says:

    Fleur: Lovely name by the way. For me, I like Eden. I think she\’s a lovely person from all I\’ve read of her. But I can state categorically, without Tamara, I\’d never have started watching AMC. I\’m just off of soap operas. I\’m still not seeing the chemistry there between Tamara and Eden. There\’s still a stiltedness in their kissing scenes. I\’m not sure if that has anything to do with the fact they\’d never met before Tamara started, but I know it\’s working from Tamara\’s side. But that nudge and small peck between Tamara and Thorsten was HOT! Reminded me of the first kiss between Ted King and Tamara on GH. And that was way off of the charts as far as chemistry goes. TnT struck twice, and in both cases. Tamara was one of the \’T\’s. Shows what she can do when she\’s on a show. While talent is subjective, but for me…and again solely for ME, I prefer Thorsten over Eden. I\’d rather see a relationship between Zach and Reese. Again, this is only MY opinion. No one else has to agree with me. But this is a Tamara Braun site, so from the webmaster\’s viewpoint, it will be heavily weighted on Tamara\’s side. And I know what she did in the past with her various pairings on GH and on DOOL. And she\’s making Reese and Bianca work…as I knew she would.

  11. AO says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (I know it's about eleven hours too early, but what the heck…) :tongue: I think as long as the networks are ruled by the advert revenues, thereby the public demand, and the public demand being still very conservative, a relationship like what AMC is trying to convey, and I have to hand it to them to at least TRY, can and will not ever be allowed to fly. A lot of hair twirling, cuddling, kissing and words of devotion are sweet, but feels to me as a viewer, like it is a star-crossed 'crush' between two women, not a full-out woman-to-woman relationship including sex. It's just not "allowed" yet. But as I said, at least they are trying–and perhaps getting people used to seeing two women kissing at all is the first step to social acceptance. ??? Baby steps I guess are better than none. 🙂

  12. Tamara Obscura says:

    AO: Happy New Year to you too!!!! As for what you said. I seriously doubt we'll ever get anything like Rachel Crawford or and Pascale Bussieres in "When Night Is Falling" or anything close to Michelle Clunie and Thea Gill on SHOWTIME'S "Queer as Folk" as Melanie and Lindsay. Ia gree with you on everything you said. Baby steps, but I would have at least hoped that Pratt would have given us a love scene. In the past two weeks, I've seen Frankie and Randi get it on, and in no less than a week, David and Krystal and Ryan and Greenlee share many intimate scenes. Yet no intimate love-making between Reese and Bianca. I'm not sure how invested we can become in a couple where we've not seen them convey their most deep feelings through the act of lovemaking. I've been on enough message boards enough to know that this storyline has been mostly a dud because it was so quickly set up. No long courtship and the whole Gabby issue has turned a lot of people off. And I'm sick at that. Tamara's exuberence at this 'groundbreaking' storyline has been largely quashed because of its setup. With Kendall due to wake up in the coming weeks, we can expect that there will be more blood spilled because the fans aren't invested in this, which I blame solely on the writers and the lack of preparation for this 'groundbreaking' story. Makes me sad for Tamara because she was so excited about it.

  13. anonymous says:

    I don't think Zach and Reese will ever be a real couple. I don't anything more than a brief affair would happen. But even that is unlikely. That's why I don't see the reason for AMC implying that Reese may be attracted to Zach. Why ruin what could be a groundbreaking storyline for something that will never result in a real relationship anyways?

  14. Tamara Obscura says:

    Anon: I've never said they'd be a real couple. I was only commenting on what I was seeing on my screen. And Tamara and Thorsten do have chemistry. I know what the reason is for Tamara being on the show and I'm glad this story IS happening. It is groundbreaking, but they still haven't gone far enough for my liking. I need to see that this couple is being treated like all the others on the show. The first actual love scene between a same-sex couple on a soap opera would go a very long way to giving equality and a voice to a segment of society that has largely been shunned. Again, I did not say that there should be a story between Reese and Zach. I only mentioned that there is definite chemistry there between Tamara and Thorsten and all the promise that might have presented by itself, not in light of the story being told.

  15. anonymous says:

    Oh I know you weren't necessarily saying a pairing should happen.Sorry if I sounded harsh. I was just voicing my opinion on the whole idea of Zach and Reese as a couple, how it would go over and how the story has gone so far.

  16. Tamara Obscura says:

    Anon: I gotcha! 🙂 It wasn't my intention to make anyone mad over my statements. Having seen Tamara in almost everything she's been in, she's got IT with everyone. And I just love Thorsten's acting. It's so much like Tamara's and I thought, "IF!" Only a thought though.

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