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Welcome to TAMARA BRAUN ONLINE a site dedicated to Emmy Award Winning actress and activist Tamara Braun. Known for her best known roles as Ava Vitali (Days of our Lives), Reese Williams (All My Children) and Carly Corinthos/Dr. Kim Nero (General Hospital). Tamara as quite a few prime time credits to her name including Bosch, CSI, Saving Grace, Supernatural, Freddie, Castle, Without a Trace, House and including the films Little Chenier, Limbo Lounge, Fallen Arches, Pretty Rosebud. Tamara is also an activist lending her name and time to many charities and causes to create change in the world. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS POLICY. To read that please click the link.

I’d like to comment further on the scene from yesterday’s show when Reese and Zach ‘kissed’. First of all, it really wasn’t a ‘kiss’ rather a bit of a nudge and a small peck. My guess from re-watching the scene a couple of times is that Zach whispered something in Reese’s ear when he pulled her close. Though to most, this scene may seem inappropriate, to me it wasn’t. I found the scene to be very sweet. Two people, and eek gads, a man and a woman shared a very sweet moment. I didn’t see anything disgusting or wrong about it. We all know Zach is devoted to Kendall. The scenes of Zach holding his vigil at Kendall’s beside has been evidence enough at that enduring love they have. Being that I’m not a regular watcher of AMC, I would assume that Zach and Kendall are in love. But for me, I feel there is sufficient chemistry between Tamara and Thorsten to warrant a romantic pairing if not for the other issues such as Kendall and Bianca. My comment about the hotness of the scene between Tamara and Thorsten was not to spark a huge debate. It was said because I know what Tamara can do. She’s done it on every soap she’s been on General Hospital with Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), Ted King (Lorenzo/Luis Alcazar), even the less than mediocre pairing with Shaun Benson (Steven Lars). Then to Days with Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson), James Scott (EJ Welles) and Drake Hogestyn (John Black). Given too how really isolated AMC has kept Tamara in not allowing her other scenes outside of those with Zach and Bianca, one cannot help but see the obvious. Again, I’m not saying that there is going to be some big hot and heavy love affair with Zach and Reese. I’m only saying that there are possbilities. NOTE: I erroneously said that Tamara would be on today. My apologies. The show is a repeat of the tornado episode where Zach delievered Gabrielle.

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