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“Take another piece of my heart now baby….”

4 Responses to “TAMARA OBSCURA II 02/16/2009”
  1. Rox says:

    I hate seeing all this happening to Reese too especially when not everything is her fault. Others blame her for everything and act like the ones who also deserve blame are innocent. In the beginning I was ready and willing to support Rianca, but when it played out I was reminding of every reason I always disliked Bianca. She has gone above and beyond in her cruelty. How can she take Reese's children away knowing what it did to her own mother when Travis took her away as a child? She's just following in the footsteps of her spiteful father. I have no interest in seeing Eden Riegal come back or to see Bianca and Reese reunite. My hope is for a new love interest to be cast for Reese.

  2. cher says:

    I am still hopeful for Bianca and Reese. Bianca did not say those hurtful things to a Reese she fell in love with. She said it to a Reese she feels she does not know. For Bianca it is as if Reese was 2 different people. One person with Bianca and another with Zach. Bianca did make a mistake taking the girls from Reese, but she feels that if Reese is still confused as to who she is and what she wants then the girls are going to be hurt somehow. This reaction from Bianca comes from Maggie her past love who Miranda grew to love as a second mom but Maggie had an affair and left Bianca and Miranda alone. Bianca mentioned Miranda being upset and confused at losing Maggie. So I do not like Bianca's talk to Reese but it is coming from a deep pain or always bad experiences in love. But, Tamara is doing a great job playing a blind person. I do hope for Tamara and Eden that they get the happy ending that makes them happy. Because AMC really treated both badly concerning the storyline. I am happy that Tamara and Eden have found a great friendship and glad to watch Tamara's work on AMC.

  3. Tamara Obscura says:

    Rox: Having not seen Bianca before beginning to watch with Tamara\'s casting, I\'ve read enough on other boards to know that this isn\'t new behaviour from Bianca. It\'s also well in line with Kane Woman behaviour. My issues with a reunion between Reese and Bianca is that Bianca said some pretty disgusting things to Reese. I don\'t see how those words can be stuffed back in the bottle for a \'happy\' ending. I just can\'t see it. I see more of a future for Reese and Zach than I do for Reese and Bianca. Zach is actually atoning for what he did and said to Reese. That letter Zach read to Reese from Bianca I think, was the nail in the coffin of this \'groundbreaking\' storyline. It was too cold and too remote It also shows that Bianca still doesn\'t understand her complicity in what went down to the lead up to the kiss. Meaning, her always siding with Erica and Kendall against Reese, the supposed love of her life. There\'s just no remedy for Bianca\'s cruelty. And she didn\'t even want to listen to Reese\'s side of the issue. She took Ryan\'s word on sight, rather than try to understand what lead to the kiss or rather, the despiration that lead Reese to find whatever solace she could in Zach\'s kiss. And she didn\'t even get it when Zach told her she\'d become her mother. Talk about oblivious.

  4. Tamara Obscura says:

    Cher: Bianca has no basis in thinking Reese is two separate people. She lept to conclusions that weren\'t hers to leap to. When she happened upon the converstaion between Reese and Zach at the Casino during the rebuilding, she was on accusatory mode, not understanding mode. She automatically was confrontational with Reese instead of subtly and lovingly asking Reese what went down with her family. After Reese explained herself and what happened with her mother and father, the last thing Bianca should have done was ran off to talk to Forrest at the hotel…against Reese\'s wishes. After Reese found out Bianca went and talked to Forrest, Bianca threw it back at Reese with her, \"What\'s wrong with you?\" comment. Almost as if Bianca doesn\'t have to live by the rules others follow. Then there\'s the issues of Bianca always siding with Kendall and Erica instead of Reese. Bianca didn\'t confront her mother when Erica kept intimating something nefarious between Zach and Reese. She went on her own paranoia and \'tested\' the two of them. At the hospital after the car crack up, Bianca was less than giving to Reese who told her bluntly that there was nothing between she and Zach. Bianca fulfilled her own self-propelled prophecy by actually pushing Reese and Zach together. She had only herself to blame, not Reese. She seems to have forgiving Zach somewhat, but Reese is almost like a stranger to her. Yet Reese never changed, Bianca did with her suspicions and her accusations. As for her relationship with Maggie. I could give a squat what happened between the two of them. Bianca\'s juvenile-like behaviour toward Reese based on Maggie\'s betrayal is just that, juvenile. Bianca has failed to do that one thing that she needs to do in order to be in an adult relationship: LISTEN! She didn\'t care about what Reese had to say or the reasons Reese went off and got her self in Tamara\'s words \"drunkety, drunk, drunk, drunk.\" Reese wouldn\'t have had to do that had Bianca called Kendall out during her scathing roast of Reese. Sure she went after Reese, but she took Kendall\'s side. And there was a rooting in Reese\'s kissing Zach from a couple days prior to the wedding. That conversation where Reese said something about it being better had Kendall …., and Bianca jumped to the conclusion that Reese was going to say \"never woke up.\" She was hostile toward Reese. Reese didn\'t even get the chance to complete her statement because as always, Bianca runs over top of Reese without allowing her to finish what she is saying. How did Bianca know that Reese wasn\'t going to say, \"I wish Kendall had never been injured in that tornado.\" For Bianca to even think that Reese would have said something that cruel speaks more to Bianca\'s psyche rather than Reese\'s incomplete statement. As for Bianca\'s past love experiences. It\'s not up to Reese to hold her hand. If that happens, Reese becomes more of a second mother than a lover. No future in that one. And if Bianca is going to fly off the handle with every single potential love interest, than perhaps she shouldn\'t be a mother or lover. She\'s obviously not mature enough to handle a grown up relationship. I\'ve noticed how Eden plays Bianca, always with rose-coloured glasses on, not wanting to see the world as it is, rather with her Kane Woman shiny sheen on things. Sure she went through the rape with Michael Cambias, but she didn\'t grow or learn with that. Instead, the people around her keep her contained in this little bubble where nothing can harm or upset Binx. That\'s not realistic. It\'s nauseating. I do agree with everything you said about Tamara. She\'s kocking her scenes out of the park, and it\'s so nice to see her acting with someone who is her intellectual equal, as well as professional equal. Thorsten and Tamara have the same theatre background and it shows. They alaways bring their A-Game whenever they\'re in a scene. And I love that Tamara has a new friend in Eden. I just don\'t think I can support Reese and Bianca as a couple anymore. Too much damage done with too many words from Bianca for me to care anymore. And I have to agree strongly with Rox\'s comment above.

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