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Author: tamara braun online | Posted On: April 26, 2011
So sorry this took me so long to get up, but I had a personal issue come up just as I was going to work and for some reason both my editing software and the program I use to upload to my sites crashed. They’re both fixed and working better. I also had another issue when capping up Tamara’s debut episode. I had wanted to have a clean copy in terms of HD so I could screencap, however, the show I recorded didn’t key in until about half way into the opening, thus I couldn’t get screencaps from it. I then decided to get the beginning from the clip I uploaded yesterday for those scenes where Tamara first came in. I then continued on with the better quality ones. It’s a mixed bag today. The clip is from the Canadian day ahead version.

  • [ 558 ] SCREENCAPS: 04/26/2011 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 04/26/2011 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES
  • [ 001 ] MEDIA CLIP: 04/27/2011 – DAYS OF OUR LIVES

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  1. Lynda, 26 April, 2011:

    Dianne words can’t express how GREAT Tamara is as an actress WOW only her second day as Taylor forget that there ever was another Taylor (Nothing against NL’s Taylor)just that Tamara is so wonderful in this role it is like it was made for her!! GREAT Job Tamara and Taylor and EJ talk about chemistry WOW fireworks, magic those two are HOT i can’t get enough i can’t wait to see more Taylor and EJ!
    Dianne you are the best!! Thank you for everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. tamara obscura, 26 April, 2011:


    Vindication is a nice thing. Mind if I savor it a bit? I wish to a certain degree that Tamara had been hired from the outset. Nothing against Natalia, but Tamara brought it…in spades. Funny, when Tamara and James were Ava and EJ, I thought something just ‘clicked’ between them. I often wish that after the whole Steve and Ava thing went south instead of Ava and John, they’d gone with Ava and EJ. I think Tamara might have stayed the first time around. But this is sublime. I knew my girl could do it. Was there any doubt?

    You’re more than welcome Lynda. It was my pleasure.


  3. Maria, 26 April, 2011:

    WOW!!! Tamara and James have it! What a great scene between the two. I’m going to have to get behind EJ and Taylor now!

  4. tamara obscura, 26 April, 2011:


    Thanks for your comment. It was beautiful, wasn’t it? Tamara and James have it. I love that.

    Take care.


  5. noreen, 26 April, 2011:

    Thanks Dianne ..I will be taping those scenes tomorrow… Tamara can sure set the screen on fire..I loved Carly, Ava, Reese, and already loving Taylor..

  6. tamara obscura, 26 April, 2011:


    You’re welcome. Our girl can do anything and make it seem easy. Considering some of her scenes with Ted on GH and with Stephen Nichols her first go around on DOOL, she can heat up anything she touches. Just look at James Scott.


  7. DarkSoliton, 26 April, 2011:

    Looking back on the caps of Tamara as Ava, and now as Taylor, she has recreated herself fully as an entirely different character. Amazing how a skilled actor can harden or soften their look not just with makeup and lighting but also attitude and demeanor. But then, this is Tamara Braun: Why should I be surprised? lol. She’s working this role completely!

  8. tamara obscura, 26 April, 2011:


    Yes, it is amazing. I’ve often found with Tamara as Ava she did something with her face to harden it, particularly when Ava was still on Daddy’s cocktail. That’s something Tamara has always been good at. Good actors can make themselves into whatever the role calls for. She isn’t even Carly here. This IS Taylor and I believe she IS Taylor. I agree totally on what you said, “But then, this is Tamara Braun”. I agree.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  9. DarkSoliton, 26 April, 2011:

    Added note:
    I also love how the passion has come back into James Scott, and no doubt it’s because he has found someone to play with who is his equal in skill and presence. Bravo to the both of them!

  10. tamara obscura, 26 April, 2011:


    Again, I agree totally. James looks like he’s having fun. It looks like he doesn’t have to do someone else’s homework….so to speak. Both he and Tamara are on fire. I haven’t loved a couple like this since Carly and Lorenzo. James and Tamara are comparable to Ted and Tamara. Though I’d give the edge to Ted and Tamara. Just the evil naughty in me.


  11. DarkSoliton, 26 April, 2011:

    No problem. lol. I just had to add my two cents worth, since seeing now two days of her work on DOOL’s.

  12. tamara obscura, 26 April, 2011:


    Glad you did. I’ll have to go and check to see how much inflation that two cents is worth. LOL!!!


  13. DarkSoliton, 26 April, 2011:

    And the evil double naughty in me would love an imaginary scene where EJ says to Taylor…do I know you? lol. Just a joke though as that would be high camp. But truly, I know what you mean, I have seen that the actors working with Tamara all look so happy to have her around! I liked the girly stuff with the ladies and the newfound fire within EJ for this incarnation of Taylor. Nothing bad in Natalia L’s direction as a person, but as an actress she leaves me cold…I don’t know if it’s nervousness/insecurity or what, but she gives off a flat, remote vibe. Tamara immediately gives the role warmth and fire and ‘blood in her cheeks’…do you know what I mean?

  14. tamara obscura, 26 April, 2011:


    That’s not the evil double naughty, that’s just plain coinkadinkleness. Yeah, that would be funny. What I’d love for EJ to say is this, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be at your family’s villa in Tuscany?” And have Taylor say, “That was a lifetime ago.”

    And I do agree with what you said about Natalia. She’s a lovely person, I’m sure, but I just didn’t feel her if you know what I mean. And I agree totally about this ‘new found fire’ within both James and EJ. Tamara and Ari are so much fun to watch. After Nicole viewing that kiss though, watch the fur fly…and not Pookie’s. I think what it is about Tamara’s Taylor is she doesn’t seem like she’s about to lie down. She wants what she wants and that kiss is just the beginning. Tamara attacks her roles with intelligence and a straight forward attitude that has no bottom or top. That’s why I love her. And I agree with what you said about Natty.


  15. Sandy, 27 April, 2011:

    Wow! Tamara can sure just work a role and make it her own! First Carly and now Taylor. That’s pretty amazing.

  16. tamara obscura, 27 April, 2011:


    Tamara’s the best. We all know that.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.


  17. terrifictam, 28 April, 2011:

    Wow Tams!
    Everrr time she cries she tugs at my heartstrings. She is the reason I became a daytime fan and she is the reason I remain one.
    Thanks Dianne ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. tamara obscura, 29 April, 2011:


    I am in total lock step with you. Tamara’s expressive eyes just dig deep into one’s soul and pulls everything out of you. When she cries it just puts that little extra sugar on her ability to pull you into where she is right at that moment. There’s just something she has that is beyond anything I’ve really seen on daytime. I cannot express how happy I am she’s back on our screens again. She’s been missed.

    Thanks for your ‘terrific’ comments And I hope your trip went well. Glad you’re back!


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