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Welcome to TAMARA BRAUN ONLINE a site dedicated to Emmy Award Winning actress and activist Tamara Braun. Known for her best known roles as Ava Vitali (Days of our Lives), Reese Williams (All My Children) and Carly Corinthos/Dr. Kim Nero (General Hospital). Tamara as quite a few prime time credits to her name including Bosch, CSI, Saving Grace, Supernatural, Freddie, Castle, Without a Trace, House and including the films Little Chenier, Limbo Lounge, Fallen Arches, Pretty Rosebud. Tamara is also an activist lending her name and time to many charities and causes to create change in the world. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS POLICY. To read that please click the link.
Tamara & TLC: Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind

Tamara has graciously given her time and efforts to The Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind or T L C. What is TLC? Simply put, TLC is a residential living center for blind people with multiple diabilities. TLC provides residential, day and after school programs for those with such disabilities, to help them to work on self-care skills, grooming, cooking with an impetus on developing independent living skills. The end result is instilling a sense of pride in fostering that independence.

Tamara On TLC


[ Braun brought Wally Kurth (Ned) and his 1 DAY WITH … crew to TLC during her shoot for the SOAPnet series. ]

[ Seeing Braun interact with TLC residents, “reaffirmed what I already knew in my heart,” Kurth shares. “It’s a gift just being in their presence.” ]

[ Braun and Kurth inteview TLC founder Bernice Pearleman. ]

Tamara Braun (Carly) brings a little TLC into her life

for Tamara Braun (Carly, GENERAL HOSPITAL), TLC means more thatn “tender loving care.” It stands for the Therapeutic Living Centers For the Blind, a residential community serving those with developmental disabilities. The actress says that there is a lot of the other kind of TLC going on behind the center’s doors. It’s the organization that she believes in most — not just because of what she can give them, but because of what they give back.

Reaching Out
“It’s a happy, positive environment,” Braun says of the San Fernando Vally, CA-based community that offers living space and group programs for those with multiple limitations. “They’re so uninhibited. When you’re with these people, they want the exact same things that we do, but they don’t have the walls up that we learn to acquire through life. It’s all about love. Everyone wants to touch you and hold your hand. And what a hug does! When you give somebody a hug, you’re getting that hug right back. They’re proud of their accomplishments and who they are. They are encouraged to connect with others and to talk about their feelings.

“Every man and woman in the world should be doing that!” Braun professes.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Braun met Bernice “Bunny” Pearlman, one of TLC‘s founders, a few years back and instantly took a liking to her. “She and her husband were looking for places to put their son, Larry, for permanent care because she had been doing it for 20 years,” Braun explains. “They went around to these state institutions and they next one was worse than the one before. So they said, ‘We have to do something because we can’t be the only ones out there who need help.’ And TLC was born.

“This is a wonderful place, and they do such important work,” Braun adds. “These people are filled with love and joy and aren’t ashamed to show it.” For information about Therapeutic Living Centers For The Blind visit their Web site at TLC4blind.org.