As you can see, I’ve changed out the banner for the holidays. When I saw Tamara wearing that elf hat, I thought to myself that I just HAD to do something with it. Tamara looked just too cute with that on to not do something. I hope all is well with Tamara’s fans and you have the greatest Christmas ever. This banner will remain up until after New Year’s, during which time, I’ll be working on a fresh new banner for 2009. Not sure I’ll change the colours. I love the feel of these too much. As most of Tamara’s fans know, Tamara just looks stunning in red, or shades of. I do hope you stick around though and see what will be coming in the New Year. If anyone is wondering why Rudolph is in the picture, I remember Tamara telling the story of when she was a kid, sneaking downstairs to see “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year” on television, but being ordered back to bed by her mother. She said later she bought the tape and would watch it whenever she liked. So Rudolph is for Tamara…I also think she kinda looks like him a bit…the big eyes, the brown hair, red nose. :smile:I’m also working on getting the remainder of Tamara’s scenes on ALL MY CHILDREN completed and uploaded to OBSCURE MEDIA. I will update when those are done. JUST A REMINDER: This upcoming week is supposed to be a good one for Tamara’s character of Reese. Keep glued to the television.


  1. Tamara looks ADORABLE!!! This is a really cute banner, Dianne! Well done, and fun for the season. 🙂 I will agree that she looks a bit like Rudolph, except for the red nose! More pale and subtley freckled. lol. Anyhow, hope you and all other fans of Tamara have a safe holiday season. Joyeux Noel mon cher. 😡

  2. AO: WOW!!! That was quick. Thanks for the reply. It was fun to do it. I really did think when I saw Tamara with that elf hat on that I had to do something with it for the holiday season. Just had to. And don\'t you see the shiny nose? Exactly like Rudolph. LOL!!! Yes, I do hope all Tamara\'s fans have a happy and safe Christmas. You as well. Take care.

  3. I guess it's red then…in the spirit of the season, lol. Tamara does look really cute in that hat, she makes for a good 'hat' person, considering she also looked great in that little cap on Freddie too. 😉 Have a great Holiday season. 🙂

  4. It\'s a cute red! Yeah, Tamara does wear hats very well. That one she had on when Zach and Reese returned from getting the Christmas tree was cute too. I also loved that one she had on in \"The Italian Job\" on Freddie. So sweet. Thanks, and you too.

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