I know, I know, “Girl, you got some splainin’ to do.” As you can tell, I’ve changed the banner layout. I hope you like it as it took me the better part of one and a half months to figure it all out. Parts of it I’m still in the process of tinkering with so I’m going to ask your indulgence until I get all the hinkiness worked out. Until then, I hope you like the new look of TAMARA OBSCURA @ tamara-braun.com. This will be up a while. Yours, Dianne


  1. AO: Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I tried to do something that I hadn\'t done before. I really wanted something unique and knew what I wanted, just not the execution. The final design didn\'t come to me until over the Christmas Holidays. Then I had glitches in the slideshow element. All I know is, I\'m glad it\'s finally up and for Tamara\'s fans to see. Thanks again for commenting. Makes me feel it all was worth it.

  2. Thanks for the great work. I can tell you put a lot of time into the site. I like the new look & the slide show is a unique touch. I think you even changed your colors? I visit here at least 3 times a week, so I look forward to all of your new additions of pics, comments, news etc.

  3. Lori: Thanks so much for your kind compliments. I wanted to show the many roles Tamara has played and this was the only way I could. And nope, the colours are the same as they\\\’ve been. I love them so much I just don\\\’t want to shange them. They\\\’re what I call \\\”Tamara Red\\\”. She looks stunning in red so I guess what you could say is, they\\\’re her colours. Thanks again for visiting. Please take care and be safe.EDITED: Lori, I think I know what you meant by \’changing the colours\’. I did change the background image only. Not the main body colours. I hope that clarified things.

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