As you can tell, I’ve done a site update…or overhaul as the case may be. I know the image of Tamara is from 2004 during her Carly years, but hey, it’s Tamara! I hope you enjoy the new design and the new doodads I’ve added. I’ve still got a lot to replace from the other template, but I’ll be working on that throughout the weekend. I also have some new things to add to the gallery and OBSCURE MEDIA and I’ll be back with those likely Sunday at the latest. I’ve also updated the Featured Video for you. I thought we’d enjoy Tamara’s award winning performance from her indie film LITTLE CHENIER as Marie-Louise LeBauve in preparation for her upcoming role in SAVING GRACE. So enjoy. Yours, Dianne


  1. I just stopped by and the site looks just gorgeous! I love the change to deep forest green and black–very elegant, and the small design details a nice touch. Keep up the great work, Dianne! 🙂

  2. Dianne the site looks beautiful! I love all the changes. You should be proud 🙂 Have a great B-Day!

  3. DS: Thanks for the compliment. This was a hard one. For the longest time I couldn't decide on the colours, I've had the red up for so long. Thanks for stopping buy.

  4. AO: I'm kinda patting myself on the back. I love the new look and it looks fresh and lively. And thanks for the birthday wish. I received my birthday greeting from Tamara so that made my month. Take care.

  5. That's so cool. Hope you had a nice day. 🙂 You should give yourself a pat–two in fact for all the hard work. lol. And I like your title for the new design, 'Verdant'. Very summery and lush and implies her growing career.

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