For the past couple of weeks, WE LOVE SOAPS has been compiling a list of their top actresses and actors on the daytime soap. This week, they’ve put together a 50 Greatest Actress Honourable List, and Tamara made it. Click on the link above to see who else is on the list with Tamara. So sorry for the lack of further updates, it’s just there’s no news. Tamara has sort of gone under the wire for the most part. With the exception of LIMBO LOUNGE and her completing her role as Renee Ellen this summer on SAVING GRACE, there really isn’t a lot out there to report. I’m still in the process of updating the GENERAL HOSPITAL section with the screencaps I received from Hurley. I’ve also received EVE’s press section, so I’m also updating the press section here. I’m also trying out a new idea with how to archive the press section….so far, not so good. Yours, Dianne


  1. Congrats to Tamara for making the top 50. I think it's well-deserved. Dianne…You are so right about her going under the wire. I miss reading things about her acting career and also miss seeing her, but truth is…it has been few and far between for a long time. Looking forward to seeing her on 'Saving Grace'. Just hope she gets a lot of screen time. I did see a pic of her with a fan at something Eden was involved with recently (Witness Uganda). I'll try posting the link of the pic here: http://tweetphoto.com/11748054 Really hope to see more of Tamara and thanks for all the hard work you put into keeping this site up. Who knows…maybe Tamara visits here occasionally even though the word is that she's not a computer person 😉 Take Care, Lori

  2. Hiya Lori: Tamara didn't make the top 50. She made honourable mention. As far as I'm concerned, she should have been ahead of Sarah Brown. Tamara is constantly taking on challenges. Ava for instance, was a really huge stretch for her. Sarah just does the same thing over and over again. I'm really sorry I don't have anything new on her. I've been trying to find out what she is doing by searches on the internet. So far, nothing. The link you provided to the picture is the first I've seen of her since her Emmy win and "Three Rivers" appearance. Thanks for the link. It's most appreciated. As far as Tamara not being a 'computer' person, she's a pretty good emailer, hence her interview on SoapTalk (http://www.obscure-media.com/view/49/tamara-soap-talk-03212006/_). Too, if she needs some help, her brother Eric is pretty good at computers. And if I found out she looked at my site, I'd likely keel over in giddy delight. LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by Lori. Be safe. Yours, Dianne

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