Not only is this the first day of a new year, but it is also Eden Riegel’s birthday. I’m sure all Tamara’s fans wish the mom-to-be and Reese Williams’ lady love a fantastic day and hope that Eden has a great day with Andrew (hubby and daddy-to-be) and Riley (puppy-brother-to-be) a great day. Eden, you deserve it. I also want to say that I’m hoping that Heather (Eden’s character on The Young & The Restless) and Ronan (Jeff Branson) really make it. They shine as a couple and I hope TPTB at the Y&R don’t screw up with this one. They probably will, but I can hope can’t I?

Don’t forget to check out my site for Tamara’s DAYS OF OUR LIVES co-star, Stephen Nichols @ RENEGADE ~ STEPHEN NICHOLS ONLINE. The reason for the plug? Stephen is on the same show as Eden Riegel. Ironic that both of Tamara’s ex on-screen loves are on the same show. Of course on DOOL, Tamara played Ava Vitali, the role in which she won her Emmy for Best Supporting Actress on a Daytime Soap Opera. Now all we need is for Tamara to show up on Y&R as a love interest for both Tucker McCall (Stephen’s character) and Heather Stevens (Eden’s character on the show). Ronan and Ashely (Eileen Davidson) who? Just kidding………


  1. Did anybody receive a xmas card from Tamara in the fan club? Just curious because I have always gotten one in the past and didn’t get one this year.

    1. Charlet:

      My apologies for not seeing this comment. I missed it in the queue.

      I do belong to Tamara’s fan club and no I didn’t receive a Christmas Card this year. I did get my birthday wish in time for my July birthday, but not Christmas this year. I just checked to see if Debby was still handling Tamara at http://www.yournumberonefan.com/site/fanclubs.htm , and it appears she still is.


  2. When I was a member I got a birthday card but no Christmas card. I also tried contacting Debby about something else and never got a response, despite a few efforts made. So I ended up not renewing my membership because I just wasn’t sure what was going on. Perhaps at some point in the future I will sign up again.

    1. Cheryl:

      I too contacted Debby regarding a Facebook page claiming to be Tamara’s offiicial one but I never got a reply either. I’m not sure why no Christmas card was sent. Tamara has been very good about this in terms of her fans. I’m wondering if there is something happening that Tamara has decided to shift her focus. We all know that she once said that if she begins taking it too personal, she’ll quit and go teach. Perhaps that’s what’s happening. Also, there aren’t many roles open for her kind of talent. Most of the crap on TV these days are those stupid reality-based shows and or spin-offs of spin-offs. I was hoping to see Tamara on a cable show like on HBO. That I’d kill for. Right now it’s a little too early in the year to negate anything. She might show up on something and we’ll truly be surprised.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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