There’s a poll up at SOAPOPERAFAN.COM about the Taylor recast. Please show up to support Tamara and vote “this is awesome”. Tamara deserves a chance at this role and given all the negative feedback, she needs us. Just click the link above and go support our gal.


  1. Not sure if you’re aware of it or not, but your hyperlink for Soap Opera Digest above is currently leading visitors to a Word Press admin page. I tried going to the site directly after that happened but it is currently under maintenance. WIll try later. Thanks for the heads up on the opinion poll, though.

    1. Cheryl:

      Sorry for the gaffe. I tried to post a comment to the site supporting Tamara due to the negative responses the responders were giving toward her, and each time I tried (4) it wouldn’t take the comment. I’m wondering if this downtime there has anything to do with that error I kept getting there?

      Thanks for the heads up.

      Yours, Dianne

  2. I was able to get through. I voted I think it’s awesome. There is going to be the backlash of course and some won’t give Tams the chance, but when she gets on screen, her talent will change a lot of minds!

    1. Maria:

      Thanks for supporting our girl. And I agree with you on the backlash. I think though after about a month, people will see just how much awesomeness Tamara has. It’s going to be interesting to see how she changes what she does from what she did as Ava.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yours, Dianne

  3. Dianne, thanks for the update. I was able to get through this time and vote in the poll. I think it’s great news but fans get hooked on a character or actress/actor and when the powers that be make changes, it is often taken very personally. Tamara faced the same kind of opposition and even got hate mail when she joined GH. But within a short period of time she won the fans over and I truly believe that will be the case here, too. It’s nice to have her back. Meanwhile, best of luck to Natalie Livingston. She will find a new home soon, I predict.

    1. Cheryl:

      No problems. My pleasure.

      I know about people getting used to a certain actor/actress in the part. Same thing happened to Tamara’s DOOL co-star, Stephen Nichols when he took over the part of Tucker McCall on Y&R from William Russ. Problem there was, Russ had only done 20 episodes, less than a month and people were bellyaching about Stephen not being their Tucker McCall. They’re still saying that Stephen isn’t passing muster even though he’s been on the show more than a year.

      Tamara really rose above the crap when those hate letters turned to love letters at what she was doing with Carly. I think you’re right about this Taylor stuff. I think Natalia is passable, but we all know Tamara’s huge strengths. She didn’t win that Emmy for nothing. I have a feeling people will be happy with what she does with the part. I only hope they give her the chance to prove to them the change was needed. As for Natalia, best of luck to her, but I’m going to say here and now, she’s not in the same league as Tamara. Based on how Natalia was cast in this part [ article you can read here: 01/04/2011 – Late-Breaking News: Livingston on DAYS Role ] I’m not at all surprised that they wanted someone else. TPTB at DAYS shot themselves in their own feet by not having Natty audition. At least they know what they’re getting in Tamara. I know Tamara’s detractors will be surprised.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

      Yours, Dianne

  4. Well I´m for one am a fan of both Tams and Natty and I love them to pieces.I have seen what Tamara can do with the right material so I´m going to give her a chance.I think Days is in the wrong if they are making the switch due to Tamaras Emmy win.If I´m not mistaken,Natalia also brought home a win for GH/ABC Daytime.Correct me if I´m wrong here but I don´t think I am.

    1. Monica:

      Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

      Given this is a Tamara Braun fan site, I’m going to have to stick by my girl. My belief on why the switch happened is because I think Natty couldn’t handle the workload. DAYS tapes two episodes in one day, which is why they couldn’t do the recast sooner. GH tapes one episode per day and less pages. The usual days worth of pages on any soap depending on the predominance of the character is around 60-70 pages. Given a double schedule, that encompasses almost 120-140 pages. Unless you’re working an alternate days, that’s a lot. Unless you can handle that, it’s difficult. While I think Natty is a capable actress, she doesn’t have the training Tamara does. And yes, Natty did win an Emmy, but then so did Vanessa Marcil for six months work. I’m not calling into question their wins, but Brian Frons did campaign heavily for both Natty and Vanessa…not so much for Tamara.

      Again, thanks for stopping by.

      Yours, Dianne

  5. I voted awesome because thats what Tamara is.Cant wait for tamara to take over the role of Taylor.

    1. Noreen:

      Thanks for taking the time to do this. And like you, I can’t wait either. It seems like it’s taking forever for that day to come.

      Take care and be safe.

      Yours, Dianne

    1. Ruth:

      So glad you dropped by. Yes, I’m so looking forward to seeing Tamara again. Hopefully this run is a little longer than her past two on DOOL as Ava and on AMC as Reese. Taylor sounds inteesting and I’m looking forward to bringing the screencaps and clips to you and my other visitors. When Tamara does start airing, all the screencaps will be in HD widescreen. So at that point, Tamara Obscura will have gone HI DEF.

      Thanks for stopping by and for voicing your joy at Tamara’s return. I know her fan club president stops by here on occasion, so I’m hoping she’s passing on all the good wishes to Tamara.

      Yours, Dianne

    1. Maria:

      Thank you so much for this information. I’ve been waiting to be able to post a start date. Now we finally have one! Yeah, it does seem like a long ways away. I know it’s killing me. I really want to get going on her scenes. Chomping at the bit as it were.

      Yours, Dianne

  6. Not sure where else to post this message but can anyone help me. I’ve tried logging in on the Photo Gallery page to leave a message there and it will not recognize my user name and password. So I tried registering with a new name and password and have not heard back from anyone with an approval (it’s been 3 or 4 days). As I recall that was a problem the first time I tried a couple years ago, too. Anyone know what the story is? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

    1. Cheryl:

      You really don’t need to really register at the Gallery unless you plan on commenting on the images. If you want to leave a message for me, you can do so here: https://tamara-braun.com/domain/contact/ . If you’d like to comment on a post, you click where it says: [ No Comments ] or where it says [ XX Comments ] with the ‘XX’ denoting the number of comments to the post. I’ve gone in under the Administration panel and created you a user and password. Those should have been emailed to you. Feel free to go in and change your password to something you would prefer. I’m so sorry you’re having so much trouble. I’ve also gone in to check the settings on new registrations, and everything is set correctly. I really don’t know what’s happening that new registrants can’t. I know I’ve upgraded the gallery package but nothing should have changed in that way. Again, so sorry you’re having such difficulties. It shouldn’t be this hard.

      Take care.

      Yours, Dianne

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