According to Soap Opera Digest Online Tamara has been let go as Taylor. Apparently Ken Corday courts her for two years to come back and then cans her. You can read the news at the above link. This is sad news. I was getting used to seeing her again.

More Exits From DAYS!
By SOD • Posted: Jun 7, 2011

The bloodbath continues: Soap Opera Digest has learned Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Tamara Braun (Taylor) and Bren Foster (Quinn) have been let go as part of the cast trimming Executive Producer Ken Corday talked about in the issue currently on sale.

I’m thinking to write to Corday and perhaps make him change his decision. Here are some contact addresses:

Ken Corday
Executive Producer, Days of Our Lives
c/o NBC Studios
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA. 91523

Ken Corday
Executive Producer, Days of Our Lives
c/o Corday Productions
3400 West Olive Avenue, Suite 170
Burbank, CA. 91505

Noel Maxam
Supervising Producer
Days of Our Lives, c/o NBC-TV
3000 W. Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA. 91523

Marlene McPherson
Co-Head Writer, Days of Our Lives
c/o NBC Studios
3000 W. Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA. 91523
Twitter: MarelenMcP

Days of Our Lives
c/o NBC Burbank Studio
3000 W. Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA. 91523

DAYS Comment Line: (818)840-2067
DAYS Hotline in New York: (212) 664-2333
Publicity Number: (818)840-2810
NBC Switchboard: (818)840-4444
Corday Productions: (818)295-2821
Fax Number: (818)840-4968

Come on Ejaylor fans, let’s show them we’re not to be trifled with.


  1. I am beyond upset that Tamara has been let go. And to think that he really seemed to want Tam back. If the issue is the character of Taylor and she’s not a hit or has been he could have brought her back as Ava. He got so many of us Tamara fans so excited only for this. But in the end Tamara will be the one laughing when she goes on to better and bigger things.

    1. Sandy:

      I feel your pain. That’s why I posted all the contact information. This storyline was just getting started. With the spoilers coming up that EJ was going to propose to Taylor…. I’m heartbroken. All of this press for this non-starter? I don’t get it.


  2. Oh No…Dool is so mean…It takes a while for a charactor to find its feet..I guess the Soaps just want the great ones as a drawing card to get an audience …well Tamara leaves so do I…

    1. Noreen:

      I agree. And this is the reason soaps are a dying breen. No loyalty. I don’t care how many people think Tamara’s Taylor was a bad mistake, she has her fans and I’m afraid a lot are going to be walking after Tamara’s last airdate.


  3. I am really disappointed about this. Tamara was is a breath of fresh air to this show. She brought her great acting skills to the role and really brought the character to life. I enjoyed her and James together they work so well with each other, their scenes are so natural and seamless. I was really looking forward to seeing much more with them. I think they were golden together and Day’s had a real opportunity for something big, but they have just blown it. Tamara is a to notch actor and was an asset to the show. I really don’t understand Ken Corday’s courting Tamara so long just to let her go like this. I am very unhappy about this.

    1. Marina:

      I feel your pain. I am so disappointed too. I agree about that breath of fresh air that Tamara brought to the stale dated DOOL. It makes one truly scratch their heads as to the reason Corday brought Tamara back in the first place. I know it does me. I agree too on James and Tamara’s seamlessness. They had the real possibility to become a new supercouple. I have the contact numbers up in the post. If you feel so inclined, voice your displeasure. I know I have. This was plainly stupid.


  4. Oh I sure did voice my displeasure and I pretty much told them just how stupid it was. I have tweeted and I will be sending KC an email. His disrespect for Tamara and her fans has me livid she deserves better, she is a class act. Anyway thanks for this website I know it is a lot of work but is is greatly appreciated.

  5. My goodness they just cast her on the show and now there letting her go..what is wrong with them..im soo sad by this news

  6. I really enjoyed Ms. Braun on DOOL as Ava. The storyline of Taylor was just not well thought out. TB is a strong actress. The show should have brought her in as Ava’s cousin. The new head of the crime family. Then at a meeting is where she meets EJ and let the fireworks begin. The Taylor character is a wimp. No actress could have pulled off the crap that was being written. The chemisty between Ava and Nicole was really cool. The show is bringing John back. What a story line if they would have had Ava’s cousin and John perhaps teaming up. They should have left the other actress in the and created something worthwhile for TB.

    1. Jeanne:

      What they should have done was just bring Ava back. Have it that Ava was apprehended while entering some country that has an extradiction treaty with the US and have her returned to Salem. Had it that when Ava came back EJ defended his client and manages to get her cleared. Then the fireworks could begin.

      I hated with a passion Ava and John because Ava and Steve weren’t finished. Even both Stephen and Tamara said that. But a big no to John.

      As for Taylor….she’s not a bad character. There was so much potential there had they bothered to actually conceive of a story. Tamara has been rocking her scenes as Taylor. The scene http://tamarasoaps.obscure-media.com/view/59/taylor-days-of-our-lives-ii-06152011/ with Joseph Mascolo as Stefano proved what an asset Tamara is to this show and how she ups everyone’s A-Game. I just feel Corday made a hasty decision he’s going to regret.


  7. I cant believe they let Tamara Braun go. I started watch DAYS because of TAMARA i wont be watching days after TAMARA leaves.I think Ken Corday should rethink it.

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