I finally have some event images for you. Tamara looked just stunning at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. I’m trying to get a hold of some of Tamara’s other event images from 2011 and some from 2010, but my HI-RES source has dried up. I was lucky to get these. Also I wanted to let you know I’m working on a new layout. This one has been up a long time and I think the site needs a refresher. I’m hoping to have it done by Tamara’s birthday on April 18. Keep your fingers crossed. Hope you enjoy these.


I’d also like to introduce you to one of my newest sites. It’s dedicated to actor Keir Dullea who starred in the 1968 Stanley Kubrick masterpiece 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. The site is called ODYSSEY ~ KEIR DULLEA ONLINE. I hope you come by just to take a look. I know I’m proud of it. I know what you might be thinking, “An old guy! What’s this about?” Yeah, I can see what you’re saying but for me I’ve been an admirer of Keir’s work for some time now. He’s one of the most underrated actors who like Tamara is a Yoga enthusiast having begun doing it back in 1968 and still looks amazing even though he’ll be 76 the end of May. Keir is also classically trained and loves the stage and doing independent films. He’s due to be seen in the indie film ISN’T IT DELICIOUS with his wife, the actress Mia Dillon. So if you’d like to check out a real actor’s work, feel free to click the image below.

Odyssey ~ Keir Dullea Online @ keirdulle.org featured at Tamara Obscura

4 Comments on “TAMARA OBSCURA || 02/11/2012 – CLIVE DAVIS PRE-GRAMMY GALA”

  1. Thank you Diane ..the photos of Tamara are just beautiful…Wish she was on T.V…What happend to Pretty Rosebud…

    1. Noreen:

      You’re most welcome m’dear. Tamara has that figure I’d kill for. and yes, I wish she were back on GH or on a primetime show. I’m missing her terribly.


    1. CeRon:

      Couldn’t agree more. Tamara just looks luminous. That melon colour just flatters her perfectness perfectly.


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